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2006-05-29 Will Creative's patent suit sour Apple's core
Creative recently filed a patent suit against Apple, claiming the user interface in the iPod directly infringes upon a patent used in its own portable media players
2006-08-31 Japan orders Apple to investigate faulty laptop batteries
Japanese authorities confirmed that an Apple laptop has caught fire in Japan and asked the troubled computer maker to investigate the faulty Sony batteries and report back within a week.
2007-01-11 Greenpeace spoils Apple's party
Greenpeace activists projected giant images of the Asian scrapyards at Apple's downtown San Francisco store during the expected announcement of iPhone
2005-08-30 Freescale to supply Apple with PowerPC to '08
Apple Computer Inc.'s transition to Intel Corp.'s microprocessors may not happen as fast as expected, as the computer maker reported that it has signed a microprocessor supply agreement with Freescale Semiconductor Inc. that lasts through 2008.
2006-05-18 Creative sues Apple for patent infringement
Creative Technology filed a lawsuit against Apple Computer for allegedly infringing on its patent governing the user interface in PMPs.
2006-04-26 Court questions Apple on trade secrets
Apple Computer was questioned on April 20 as it argued its case to identify those who leaked trade secrets.
2006-06-07 Chipmakers struggle to play Apple's iPod game
Chip vendors are having a difficult time in scoring a coveted design win for Apple's popular iPod MP3 player. Despite news of Samsung's "punishment," SigmaTel is still not assured
2005-10-18 Apple, Samsung memory fab plan killed, says report
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has blamed the South Korean Fair Trade Commission (FTC) for killing a deal it was putting together to build a $3.8 billion joint-venture flash memory wafer fab with Apple Computer Inc., according to a Korea Times online report.
2006-08-04 Apple, PC notebooks might be vulnerable to wireless attack
Wireless device drivers for computers running both Apple Computer and Microsoft operating systems appear to be full of holes, and a prominent security researcher recommends turning off wireless cards until the holes can be fixed.
2002-02-18 Apple, Ericsson, Sun package MPEG-4 delivery approach
Apple, Ericsson and Sun Microsystems announced Feb. 12 a relationship based on MPEG-4 that is designed to allow carriers and operators to bridge the gap between content providers and wireless consumers
2007-02-05 Apple, Cisco to resolve iPhone trademark suit
Apple and Cisco are nearing an agreement that could resolve their dispute over rights to the iPhone name in an out-of-court settlement
2006-02-17 Apple's Intel notebooks to be faster than expected
Apple Computer will start shipping its first Intel-based notebook this week, but with faster processors than originally announced when Steve Jobs introduced the new Macs last month.
2007-01-15 Apple unlikely to go to trial over iPhone trademark suit
Apple Computer is more likely to reach a deal with Cisco Systems than to risk losing a trademark suit over the use of the name iPhone, experts say.
2007-06-08 Apple TV animates living room experience
The Apple TV marches on toward the living room with one goal: to move digital media from the "lean forward" world of the computer to the "lean back" environment of the home television.
2006-10-20 Apple turns iPod into iWorm
Apple Computer on warned that some of its recently-shipped music players contained a worm that infected Windows PCs.
2002-08-13 Apple tries software spark to ignite Firewire
Trying to ignite more market activity around the Firewire interface it helped define, Apple Computer Inc. will provide a free software stack to device makers implementing the high-speed interconnect.
2006-08-25 Apple to pay Singapore's Creative $100M for MP3 dispute
The bitter dispute between Apple Computer Inc. and Singapore's Creative Technology Ltd will cost the former some $100 million as part of a broad, out-of-court settlement over MP3 technology.
2006-04-06 Apple to buy 20% of Hynix NAND through 2010
Apple Computer has agreed to buy at least 20 percent of South Korean chip maker Hynix Semiconductor's NAND flash memory until 2010.
2007-01-19 Apple records $7B revenue in Q1
Apple posted revenue of $7.1 billion and recorded net quarterly profit of $1 billion in the Q1
2006-08-28 Apple recalls 1.8 million laptop batteries
Apple Computer recalled 1.8 million Sony-based, rechargeable Li-ion battery packs for a number of its iBook G4 and PowerBook G4 notebook computers.
2006-06-02 Apple punishes Samsung for iPod 'gaffe
After an apparent "gaffe" by a Samsung executive, Apple "punished" the South Korean semiconductor giant by maintaining its MP3 chip alliance with SigmaTel
2006-07-21 Apple posts Q2 growth despite iPod sales dip
Apple Computer posted a net income of $472 million on sales of $4.37 billion for Q3 of its fiscal 2006 despite a slight dip in iPod sales.
2002-01-04 Apple polishes dual-processor, LCD-based desktops
Apple Computer Inc. is expected to sprinkle flat-panel displays and dual-processor configurations across its iMac desktop product line this year.
2005-06-07 Apple parts with IBM, plans to use x86-based MPUs
Apple Computer Inc. plans to announce that it will use Intel Corp.'s x86-based microprocessors for its Mac computers, thereby ending its MPU partnership with IBM, according to a report from CNET on June 3
2006-07-04 Apple is next in stock option issue
Apple Computer is the latest company to be implicated in the ongoing scandal over historical stock option grants.
2005-09-30 Apple fesses up to Nano screen problems
Apple Computer cried "uncle" Tuesday, and promised it would replace defective iPod nano screens that have cracked.
2002-01-10 Apple debuts lamp-like iMac as consumer digital hub
Sticking to its roots by innovating around easy-to-use multimedia software and advanced design, Apple Computer Inc. rolled out a major update of its iMac computer Monday (Jan. 7) at Macworld.
2006-05-23 Apple countersues Creative
Apple Computer countersued Creative Technology, retaliating for a patent suit by the latter alleging Apple of MP3 player patents violation.
2006-05-19 Apple completes shift to Intel chips with MacBook
Apple Computer announced it has finished its shift to Intel processors in its portable line as it introduced a trio of MacBook models that replaced the aged PowerPC-based iBook.
2005-11-22 Apple aids $5 billion Intel, Micron flash venture
Micron Technology Inc. and Intel Corp. have announced plans to create a joint venture to manufacture NAND flash memory for use in consumer electronics, removable storage and handheld communications devices, and in particular to manufacture for Apple Computer Inc.
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