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2011-07-26 Taiwan IC industry to benefit from Apple
Many Taiwan semiconductor companies, as well as packaging companies, are set to benefit from Apple's spending cycle.
2013-10-23 Tablet sales up 53% as Apple releases 5th Gen iPad
Gartner's latest report found that the sales of traditional PCs and Notebooks will decline by 11.2 per cent while tablet sales will go up to 53.4 per cent.
2015-10-20 Spotlight on the Apple A9 processor: Samsung vs. TSMC
Test revealed that while the chip from both foundries are supposed to perform identically, the manufacturing processes used by TSMC and Samsung are not the same.
2007-06-19 Sony fields Apple TV challenger
Sony has announced plans to ship a device for streaming Web video to an HDTV, launching the company's first challenger to the Apple TV.
2015-12-16 Secret Apple lab in Taiwan develops new displays
The new Apple facility in Longtan employs at least 50 engineers and other workers developing new screens for iPhone, iPads and other Apple devices, according to Bloomberg's unnamed sources.
2012-08-09 Samsung, Apple war touches icon confusion
Despite allegations that Samsung devices have icons that are somewhat similar to Apple's, a Samsung attorney said a majority of the icons used differ noticeably from each device.
2011-05-04 Samsung, Apple step up pace in cellphone race
Apple and Samsung both posted record cellphone shipments in the first quarter to tighten their hold on the fourth and second spots, respectively, on IDC's Top 5 cellphone vendors list.
2013-07-30 Samsung, Apple retain lead in mobile handset market
According to ABI Research, smartphone shipments maintained a healthy growth rate of 5.5 per cent and nearly 44 per cent YoY amid the 0.5 per cent sequential growth of handset shipments.
2012-08-24 Samsung's foundry sales boost aided by Apple
The McClean Report revealed that Samsung is expected to be the largest of only three IDM foundries in the 2012 ranking with almost 8x the sales of IBM, the second-largest IDM foundry.
2011-07-01 Samsung takes Apple battle to the ITC
As a result of a series of patent infringement litigation between Samsung and Apple, a complaint has been filed by the former to ITC.
2015-05-04 Samsung steals smartphone lead from Apple
The South Korean company saw a surge in handset shipments during Q1 that catapulted it ahead of Apple, which Strategy Analytics pegged shipments at 83.2 million, beating 61 million for Apple's iPhones.
2012-08-10 Samsung shows Apple's emails
When covering multibillion dollar patent infringement cases like that of Apple vs. Samsung, emails of industry executives are made public. et's start with the short message that's generated a lot of buzz...
2012-05-18 Samsung shares plummet on report that Elpida nabs Apple contract
The report speculated that Apple is looking to cut its reliance on Samsung memory chips and turn increasingly to Japanese chipmaker Elpida.
2014-04-21 Samsung seeks to undermine Apple's 'conjoint analysis'
Samsung's defence on day three of its trial versus Apple focused on how mere semblance of the contested features in their mobile devices does not constitute patent infringement.
2011-10-19 Samsung ramps A6 production for Apple
Apple still continues to rely on Samsung's foundry operations for the production of its A6 processor.
2014-07-11 Samsung out, TSMC in as Apple's mobile processor supplier
TSMC reportedly signed a deal with iPhone maker Apple last year to supply mobile processors using its FinFET process at the 16nm and 10nm nodes.
2014-04-10 Samsung must pay $2.1B, says Apple
Apple makes an argument for seeking over $2 billion in damages over an alleged wilful infringement by Samsung in the recent testimony of economist Christopher Vellturo.
2016-04-20 Samsung inks deal with Apple for iPhone's OLED display
Samsung is forecast supply an annual 100 million OLED panels, worth $2.6 billion, to Apple from the 2Q17 for three years.
2012-07-26 Samsung gives up Qualcomm deal for Apple war
The Korean firm had an agreement with Qualcomm made back in 1993 wherein Samsung would not sue Qualcomm or its customers for infringement on 3G patents.
2011-04-27 Samsung fights back with countersuit against Apple
Filing its own patent suits in South Korea and Germany, Samsung accuses Apple of infringing on 10 of its mobile technology patents in the production of the iPad and iPhone.
2012-08-02 Samsung details countersuit against Apple in patent dispute
Samsung provided a detailed outline of its countersuit case against Apple in its opening statements. The company began by showing prior art on all the patents that Apple claims it infringes.
2014-04-23 Samsung declares Apple's $2.2B claim an exaggeration
Judith Chevalier testified for Samsung with calculations that lowered Apple's damage claim to a mere $38 million, assuming it broke patent laws. The Korean company also accused Apple of infringing its patents including a compression technology and Hitachi's digital image management system.
2011-10-10 Samsung bites Apple
The South Korean company filed a patent infringement case to block the sale of iPhone 4S in France and Italy.
2011-07-21 Rising iPad demand too much for Apple?
Apple is still unable to meet consumer demand for its iPad tablet, this according to the company, is a "good problem" for them.
2012-09-12 Report: TSMC to supply Apple processors
TSMC released mixed earnings forecasts as demand remains unstable and is reportedly planning to raise its capex next year to expand its capacity to supply processors for Apple.
2009-01-14 Report: LG to provide flat panels to Apple
LG Display Co. will supply flat panels to Apple Inc., as stated in their long-term deal, according to an AP report.
2005-05-25 Report: Apple explores use of Intel chips
In what would be a major shift in the computer world, Apple reportedly is talking with Intel about using its chips in its Macintosh line.
2008-07-02 Report: 'Apple effect' no impact in NAND market
Semico's reports claimed that the NAND market has not experienced the 'Apple effect' seen in previous years, despite the upcoming 3G iPhone and the SSD option for the MacBook Air.
2013-10-18 Qualcomm, Apple still ahead in mobile apps processors market
Qualcomm, Apple, MediaTek, Samsung and Spreadtrum captured the top five revenue share spots in the smartphone apps processor market in 2Q13.
2005-01-31 PCI graphics card supports Apple Cinema HD Display under Windows
Matrox Graphics has a new graphics card that supports very high-resolution dual-link monitors under Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
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