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2013-12-06 China's LTE unification plan to benefit Apple, industry
The country assigned TDD-LTE licenses to all three cellular operators: China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom as a step toward China's long-term effort to unify nationwide cellular operations.
2014-08-08 China sanctions US with Apple products ban
The Chinese government excluded certain Apple products from its official list of public purchases released last month, which stemmed from claims of hacking and cyberspying by the United States.
2008-03-05 China Mobile, Apple not (yet) reopening iPhone talks
Belying speculations spreading during the past week, China Mobile on Monday denied it has renewed talks with Apple Inc. regarding the distribution of iPhone handsets in China.
2012-12-07 Boosted by China Mobile, Nokia gains ground on Apple
Nokia's TD-SCDMA phones, which are available to China Mobile's 700 million subscribers, have a leg up against iPhone, which is only sold through China Unicom and China Telecom.
2007-07-09 Blog buzz: Is iPhone Nano in Apple's game plan?
Apple's patent application on July 5 sparked speculation among bloggers that the computer maker may be planning an iPhone light that would focus only on voice communications and music.
2010-02-23 Barclays: Apple, software drive mobile market
Apple and software are in the driver's seat in the mobile market but platform fragmentation may be ahead, according to analysts from Barclays Capital who shared their observations from the Mobile World Congress.
2007-10-17 Bad Apple, Greenpeace says of iPhone
iPhone is one rotten apple, claims Greenpeace, after uncovering two kinds of hazardous substances in the much-hyped mobile phone.
2012-04-13 Apple/Foxconn probe overhauls electronics mfg
The FLA investigation has revealed serious workers' issues, which warrant increased focus on complianceas well as rising costs for electronics brands.
2014-09-16 Apple-Samsung rivalry expands to 20nm chips
The two prominent smartphone makers are set to ship their latest smartphone models powered by their own mobile processors in the 20nm node, which Apple and Samsung used in radically different ways.
2007-08-31 Apple, Volkswagen to co-develop 'iCar', says report
Apple and Volkswagen are reportedly considering to team up for 'iCar,' a completely novel car model aiming to attract young customers.
2011-03-11 Apple, TSMC strengthen foundry alliance
Under the expanded alliance, TSMC will make the A5 dual-core processor on a foundry basis for Apple's iPad 2, while Apple will use TSMC's 40nm process for the A5 and work with TSMC on 28nm processes.
2011-04-11 Apple, TSMC forge foundry alliance, says analyst
While quietly qualifying TSMC as a foundry partner, Apple has reportedly commissioned the chipmaker to produce the A5 dual-core processor and follow-on devices on a foundry basis for its iPad 2.
2012-08-14 Apple, Samsung still top MEMS buyers, says report
A recent IHS market report shows that Apple and Samsung remain entrenched at the top two spots of Mobile MEMS buyers.
2014-10-14 Apple, Samsung set fingerprint sensor growth in motion
The two biggest smartphone vendors will drive the value of fingerprint sensor market fourfold to $1.7 billion by 2020, especially since mobile payment is rapidly picking up steam.
2005-10-18 Apple, Samsung memory fab plan killed, says report
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has blamed the South Korean Fair Trade Commission (FTC) for killing a deal it was putting together to build a $3.8 billion joint-venture flash memory wafer fab with Apple Computer Inc., according to a Korea Times online report.
2016-02-01 Apple, Samsung lead global chip consumption in 2015
Gartner said the two companies combined to consume about $59 billion worth of chips in 2015, up $800 million from 2014, accounting for nearly 18 per cent of chips last year.
2012-08-28 Apple, Samsung each score home court win in patent suit
U.S. court ruled in favor of Apple saying it did not infringe on Samsung design and utility patents while South Korea judges say otherwise.
2012-08-15 Apple, Samsung accuse each other of deceitful courtroom tactics
Legal team for both parties claim that one is playing the other in trial procedures.
2006-08-04 Apple, PC notebooks might be vulnerable to wireless attack
Wireless device drivers for computers running both Apple Computer and Microsoft operating systems appear to be full of holes, and a prominent security researcher recommends turning off wireless cards until the holes can be fixed.
2011-06-23 Apple, Nordic join Bluetooth SIG
The Bluetooth SIG added Apple and Nordic as associates of the organization's board of directors with hopes of expanding their Bluetooth-enabled devices to include TVs remote controls.
2012-11-15 Apple, HTC end patent dispute with licensing deal
Apple settled its patent litigation with HTC to the tune of reportedly $280 million per year.
2014-12-29 Apple, GTAT debacle: Underlining OEM-supplier negotiations
What started out as a supposedly win-win situation for both Apple and GT Advanced resulted in a horrible falling-out as negotiations crumbled that eventually led to the supplier filing for bankruptcy.
2008-02-19 Apple, Google, Nokia spark shift in carrier market
Apple's iPhone, Google's Android OS platform and Nokia's Maps 2.0 GPS technology may have just taken the reigns out of the hands of cellular network operators on services, applications, device definitions and most of allprices.
2002-02-18 Apple, Ericsson, Sun package MPEG-4 delivery approach
Apple, Ericsson and Sun Microsystems announced Feb. 12 a relationship based on MPEG-4 that is designed to allow carriers and operators to bridge the gap between content providers and wireless consumers.
2007-02-05 Apple, Cisco to resolve iPhone trademark suit
Apple and Cisco are nearing an agreement that could resolve their dispute over rights to the iPhone name in an out-of-court settlement.
2007-02-08 Apple, Cisco to keep iPhone duel outside court
Apple Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc. jointly announced that both companies will settle their iPhone trademark and interoperability battle via negotiations.
2008-01-17 Apple, China Mobile cease iPhone talks
China Mobile disclosed Jan. 14 that talks with Apple Inc. over the launch of iPhone handsets in China have been called off, according to an Associated Press report.
2015-09-30 Apple's thin-film battery start-up buy seen as long shot
Of the recent high-profile deals, only Xerox's tie-up with smart packaging developer, Thin Film Electronics, represents a clear winning transaction, according to Lux Research.
2011-08-25 Apple's Steve Jobs steps down as CEO
Apple's CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs has announced his resignation as CEO of the company citing lingering health issues.
2015-02-05 Apple's smartphone marketshare hits 14% in 4Q14
Out of the 515 million mobile phone units shipped in 4Q14 that climbed from 481.5 million units in 4Q13, Apple achieved the largest growth, thanks to the U.S. and China markets, said Strategy Analytics.
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