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2015-09-22 Apple's recent court victory over Samsung raises some issues
The case has never clearly found what technology patents actually mean, since innovations are usually built on top of older ideas and designs, but at what point can a company patent something?
2012-10-30 Apple's Q3 smartphone shipments only half of Samsung's
Samsung's lead over Apple in smartphone shipments has expanded in the past year thanks to Samsung's range of offerings andÿthe popularity of its newer models such as the GALAXY S III.
2013-08-13 Apple's pure-play foundry shift lifts IC market
Apple's shift in chip manufacturing strategy is expected to boost the semiconductor foundry market this year, says IHS.
2008-05-22 Apple's PA Semi buyout under review
The U.S. Department of Defense is reviewing Apple's acquisition of embedded PowerPC designer PA Semi.
2008-04-28 Apple's PA Semi buyout may hit roadblock
Apple may have to deal with the U.S. Department of Defense on its acquisition of PA Semi since the startup's PWRficient processor is designed into the department's programs in every major branch of the armed services.
2016-03-14 Apple's medical monitor detects emergencies
Apple has filed a patent for a medical monitor to sound alerts in case of medical emergencies, irregularities in a user's temperature, heart rate, oxygen level or blood pressure.
2007-06-14 Apple's Jobs: Developers could get their apps on iPhone
Steve Jobs announced Apple Inc. plans to let developers build Web 2.0 applications for the iPhone, a move that slightly opens the door to a mostly closed environment.
2006-08-09 Apple's Jobs unveils Xeon-based Mac, tips next OS
Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced new Apple desktop and server computers based on two dual-core 64-bit Intel Xeon processors.
2015-11-09 Apple's investments prove to be unsustainable
Good Electronics Network revealed that some investments large electronic goods corporations are making turn out to be unproductive and may have adverse societal impact.
2016-03-24 Apple's intro event leaves little surprises
Apple's "Let Us Loop You In" intro event last Monday leaves very little new to patrons with the introduction of the iPhone SE being tagged as 'iPhone 6s in iPhone 5s clothing.'
2006-02-17 Apple's Intel notebooks to be faster than expected
Apple Computer will start shipping its first Intel-based notebook this week, but with faster processors than originally announced when Steve Jobs introduced the new Macs last month.
2011-06-07 Apple's iCloud challenges Google
Apple's iCloud service brings Apple in close competition with a lot of services Google is offering.
2014-02-19 Apple's Flexible Displays patent reveals future bezel-free devices
Apple has filed a patent that reduces the border on the display of a device.
2014-05-14 Apple's Beats buy signals bolstered wearables push
The potential acquisition, said to be worth $3.2 billion, is indicative of how Apple is likely to do a lot more with headsets and wearables, possibly around health, according to Analysys Mason.
2015-05-06 Apple Watch: What's hot, what's not?
Developers have been busy preparing apps, and the Apple Watch is primed to be a big hit. There's a concerning report about the glass, however, that may cause problems for Apple.
2015-03-11 Apple Watch: The much-awaited smart watch pick-me-up?
Despite the hubbub created by smart watches, consumer take-up is still conservative at best, which leads many to ask if there is actually a need for these wearables.
2015-05-15 Apple Watch: Does it give enough bang for your buck?
Despite the anticipation leading to the Apple Watch release last April 24, the supposedly game-changing wearables has failed to tip the scales the way the iPhone did when it first came out.
2015-01-09 Apple Watch battery life hits a snag
Apple did not reveal how its Apple Watch will be powered, but most likely it will use lithium-ion batteries with cobalt-oxide electrodes, which would still require users to charge the device everyday.
2012-08-23 Apple vs. Samsung: What must a jury do?
Take a peek into what the nine-member jury in the U.S. Apple vs. Samsung case must answer, and the instructions given them for providing the answers.
2012-08-02 Apple vs Samsung innovation tirades heat up
The thin line between benchmarking and infringing takes center stage in the patent war between Apple and Samsung.
2008-04-29 Apple ventures into the IC world
Apple has acquired embedded PowerPC designer PA Semi for a reported $278 million last week without saying a word to investors or even PA Semi's customers about what it has in mind for the startup.
2008-03-21 Apple unveils 802.11n mobile base station for iTunes
Apple has unveiled its AirPort Express mobile base station, a tiny 6.7-ounce device packed with a built-in capability for downloading iTunes content.
2007-01-15 Apple unlikely to go to trial over iPhone trademark suit
Apple Computer is more likely to reach a deal with Cisco Systems than to risk losing a trademark suit over the use of the name iPhone, experts say.
2007-05-21 Apple TV: A work in progress
Apple TV will certainly appeal to Apple addicts, design enthusiasts and hackers. But the rest of us will be waiting to see what happens next before we plunk down our cash.
2007-02-28 Apple TV to miss February debut
Apple Inc. will delay the release of its consumer wireless media hub that connects PC and TV contentthe Apple TVuntil the middle of next month.
2010-10-07 Apple TV teardown reveals same parts as iPad, iPod Touch
A teardown of Apple. Inc's second-generation Apple TV revealed a $61.98 BOM consisting of parts similar to the iPad and iPod Touch.
2007-06-08 Apple TV animates living room experience
The Apple TV marches on toward the living room with one goal: to move digital media from the "lean forward" world of the computer to the "lean back" environment of the home television.
2015-11-19 Apple turns to renewable energy for Singapore operations
Apple is set to become the first company in Singapore to run exclusively on renewable energy.
2006-10-20 Apple turns iPod into iWorm
Apple Computer on warned that some of its recently-shipped music players contained a worm that infected Windows PCs.
2002-08-13 Apple tries software spark to ignite Firewire
Trying to ignite more market activity around the Firewire interface it helped define, Apple Computer Inc. will provide a free software stack to device makers implementing the high-speed interconnect.
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