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2015-09-10 Apple touts A9 chips for new iPad, iPhone
The iPad Pro will be available in November and the new iPhones (6s and 6s Plus) will be available Sept. 25. The mobile devices were announced alongside a new Apple TV that uses an A8 processor.
2011-08-03 Apple tops mobile handset operating profits
Apple took 57 percent of the overall cellular handset operating profits for the second quarter of 2011, says analyst T. Michael Walkley.
2012-07-27 Apple tops global chip purchasing
Securing its influence over the electronics supply chain worldwide, Apple this year is expected to buy nearly $28 billion worth of semiconductors, up 15 percent from $24 billion last year.
2012-01-26 Apple tops 2011 chip buyer list
Those companies that gained share in the smartphone market, such as Apple, Samsung Electronics and HTC, increased their semiconductor demand.
2011-06-09 Apple tops 2010 chip buyers list
According to IHS iSuppli, Apple overtook HP as the largest chip buyer in 2010 and is forecasted to exceed HP's spending this year, as well.
2005-06-08 Apple to use Intel processors next year, Jobs confirms
Apple confirmed Monday (June 6) that it will start using x86-based microprocessors from Intel in its Macintosh computers, beginning next year
2011-07-18 Apple to use both Samsung, TSMC?
Apple could possibly qualify both Samsung and TSMC as second-sources for its iPad processors. With this strategy, Apple could move orders between the suppliers to maintain downward price pressure.
2011-03-22 Apple to rule tablet touch screen space in 2011-2012
The tablet PC touch screen market will continue to be ruled by Apple this year and next. Meanwhile, touch screen shipments could soar to 260 million units in 2016 from just 60 million units in 2011.
2006-08-25 Apple to pay Singapore's Creative $100M for MP3 dispute
The bitter dispute between Apple Computer Inc. and Singapore's Creative Technology Ltd will cost the former some $100 million as part of a broad, out-of-court settlement over MP3 technology.
2011-06-16 Apple to pay Nokia licensing fees
Apple has agreed to pay Nokia licensing fees to put an end to the companies' litigations.
2014-06-03 Apple to make home appliances talk to iPhone
The IoT scheme leverages a wireless chip and an MCU, as well as the MFi program, which comprises of third-party hardware accessories running Apple's licensed technology to connect electronically to iPhone, iPad or iPod.
2014-03-06 Apple to integrate smartphone apps in cars
Apple debuted CarPlay, a tool that brings the iPhone user interface to the automobile dashboard, allowing drivers to easily control iPhone apps from the car's native interface.
2012-09-13 Apple to decrease proportion of orders from Samsung
After Micron acquired Elpida Memory, the global DRAM and NAND flash market have begun to shift toward a new direction, with Apple now increasing the proportion of purchases from DRAM vendors other than Samsung.
2011-12-15 Apple to buy NAND flash firm
The iPhone-maker is reported to be eyeing to buy Anobit Technologies, the producer of NAND flash devices used in iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air.
2006-04-06 Apple to buy 20% of Hynix NAND through 2010
Apple Computer has agreed to buy at least 20 percent of South Korean chip maker Hynix Semiconductor's NAND flash memory until 2010.
2008-06-19 Apple tips OpenCL for parallel programming
Apple Inc. has submitted the Open Compute Language (OpenCL) to an ad hoc industry group that aims to define a programming environment for applications running across both x86 and graphics chips.
2006-08-09 Apple teams up with car makers for seamless iPod integration
Apple today announced it has teamed up with Ford Motor, General Motors and Mazda to deliver seamless iPod integration across the majority of their brands and models.
2016-04-25 Apple taps Samsung for next-gen iPhone displays
Samsung displays are slated to replace the LCD panels used in the current iPhones that are produced by LG Display, which had been producing almost 40 per cent of the iPhone display panels.
2014-01-24 Apple taps Samsung 28nm HKMG process for A7
Chipworks' Sinjin Dixon-Warren dissects the front end of line transistor structure used in the A7, with comparison to advanced technologies used by both Apple and other vendors.
2011-02-18 Apple taps new foundry partner, says report
According to Digitmes, Apple will assign production of its A4 processor and other ARM-based chips to TSMC, a job formerly held by Samsung Electronics.
2015-10-23 Apple takes green initiatives in China
Apple's green initiative in China will avoid over 20 million metric tons of greenhouse gas pollution between now and 2020, equivalent to taking nearly four million cars off the road for one year.
2013-05-06 Apple suppliers top MEMS microphone rankings
IHS noted that suppliers that had significant sales to Apple occupied the top 4 MEMS microphone ranks. Together the top 4 players last year commanded combined revenue of $513 million.
2014-09-08 Apple supplier's China factory: Hazard to workers' safety?
Catcher Technology, which makes iPad covers and fifth-generation iPod parts, was found in violation for poor working conditions at its Suqian factory, with significant amounts of aluminium-magnesium alloy shreddings on the floor and improper ventilation.
2011-04-21 Apple sues Samsung for iPhone, iPad imitation
Apple has accused Samsung of imitating the look and feel of its iPhones and iPads with its own smartphones and media tablet.
2008-04-02 Apple sued over 'inflated' claims for iMac display
U.S. consumer law firm Kabateck Brown Kellner has filed a federal class action lawsuit against Apple, saying that the company marketed its new 20-inch iMac in a way that grossly inflated the capabilities of the monitor.
2012-08-09 Apple submits evidence of Samsung's plan to copy iPhone
Submitting a 132-page report detailing Samsung communication comparing its phones with the iPhone, Apple boosted its case that the Korean company copied patents and trade dress.
2013-01-28 Apple stock plunges, Wall Street concerned
Apple's stock price dipped by almost 10 per cent following the company's forecasted sequential sales decline of more than 20 per cent.
2013-10-02 Apple sticks to usual design, pricing for iPhone 5c
With the iPhone 5c, Apple continues pricing and hardware design that is almost identical to the original iPhone 5, an IHS teardown reveals.
2014-09-15 Apple smartwatch hype to shake supply chain
OEMs and other suppliers stand to benefit from the clamour brought by the Apple Watch, which could mean a significant drop in per-component prices by the end of next year.
2012-12-05 Apple should look into buying ST-E or Renesas Mobile
With the development of Samsung's internal LTE/3G capability, Apple has to look into a ST-Ericsson or Renesas Mobile purchase to bolster their LTE tech.
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