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2011-06-16 Apple to pay Nokia licensing fees
Apple has agreed to pay Nokia licensing fees to put an end to the companies' litigations.
2014-09-15 Apple smartwatch hype to shake supply chain
OEMs and other suppliers stand to benefit from the clamour brought by the Apple Watch, which could mean a significant drop in per-component prices by the end of next year
2007-11-26 Apple resolves patent quarrel with
Apple has agreed to pay $10 million in a bid to end their patent-infringement dispute, which touches technology used in Apple's iPod player and iTunes software and service.
2006-08-28 Apple recalls 1.8 million laptop batteries
Apple Computer recalled 1.8 million Sony-based, rechargeable Li-ion battery packs for a number of its iBook G4 and PowerBook G4 notebook computers
2011-02-04 Apple inks LCD deal with mystery supplier
IHS iSuppli explains that the $3.9 billion supplier agreement revealed by Apple COO Tim Cook is probably an investment in LCD panels to guarantee the supply for its iPad and iPhone lines
2015-07-30 Apple HomeKit necessitates identity IC
Apple requires anyone making a device compatible with its HomeKit environment to buy and use a special identity chip, but other IoT platforms has their respective idiosyncrasies
2005-06-27 Apple commands one third of portable digital audio, says In-Stat
With it's iPod and iPod Shuffle Apple is the leader in worldwide portable audio players with 30.2 percent of the combined HDD and Flash-based portable audio player market, according to market research company In-Stat
2015-04-29 Apple CEO sees more opportunity on top of $58B Q2 sales
Profits were $13.6 billion, despite the fact iPhone and Mac sales dropped nearly 20 per cent each from the previous (very strong) quarter and iPad sales plummeted 40 per cent.
2010-09-08 Analyst casts doubt on Apple TV strategy
IMS Research analyst says new Apple TV may have a hard time competing with household mainstays
2008-05-08 A prequel to the Apple-PA Semi saga
Word on the street is that there is still a little more light to be shed on the saga of PA Semi and Apple
2015-04-06 10 Apple acquisitions and their significance
Apple's long list of acquisitions over the past year provides both technology and talent that enable the company to expand and improve on its vast collection of products and services
2011-08-16 Google to pay $12.5B for Motorola Mobility
Web search giant Google is set to dominate the mobile handset space with its $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility.
2015-05-04 NXP heads towards growth: Mobile payment, IoT, V2V on a roll
Richard Clemmer, NXP CEO, attributed the company's 1Q15 total revenue of $1.47 billion to the company's "better product mix, which drove better profitability."
2014-11-07 Mobile payments? There's now Android for that
After helping Apple with its NFC-enabled mobile payment feature, NXP launches a solution to implement the same functionality of Apple Pay for Android devices.
2014-09-11 iPhone 6: Post-launch expectations
Apple's big reveal cleared the many rumours about the iPhone 6, and some have been quick to point out what the company failed to include this time around. All eyes are now on how it will fare in its attempt to redefine the market
2014-04-15 Samsung thrusts damages expert into the spotlight
Apple's witness Christopher Vellturo made a case for the damages calculations that amount to $2.191 billion based on Samsung's infringement of five patents held by Apple
2011-10-11 One lesson we learned from Steve Jobs
The biggest lesson I think the electronics industry took from Steve Jobs is the boldness of his visionhis willingness to truly reach for the brass ring.
2007-03-14 MPEG LA confronts China's STB makers over patent fees
China's makers of digital STBs are on a collision course with MPEG-2 patent owners over unpaid royalties, setting the stage for what will likely be intense haggling in coming months.
2006-09-04 Chinese journalists sued over iPod report
Two journalists from China have had their assets frozen and are being sued for $3.7 million after writing a report critical of work conditions in a factory that makes Apple's iPod
2012-08-30 Avoid design disputes, file patent now
Tumultuous court battle between Apple and Samsung illustrates the necessity of design patents and trade dresses
2014-09-24 Unwanted plus: Bigger iPhone 6 pricier to buy than to build
With an 0.8-inch display size advantage over the smaller model, iPhone 6 Plus costs $100 extra for consumers. For Apple, however, the difference only amounts to a matter of $16, with a BOM that totals $215.6a pricing strategy that drives maximum profits
2014-10-16 iOS tablets: What will new iPads bring?
Apple is taking centre stage again to reveal its new iPad line-up, following the release of the iPhone 6 last month. With a flurry of incremental upgrades, here are several features to get excited about
2008-09-10 Reviewing lessons from giants' flop modules
Apple and Microsoft spent unspecified millions in the design, development and introduction of the iPod, iPhone and Zune, but less attention was given by them to the basic components, sealing, USB protection and connector quality of the products, according to Rapid Repair
2015-05-04 RCA Taiwan assembly line workers gain bittersweet victory
The Taipei District Court ordered RCA to pay 445 of the surviving workers and their families of RCA roughly $18.31 million that they sought in damages caused by exposure to hazardous chemicals
2015-04-27 Qualcomm looks for new revenue source
Qualcomm is heavily dependent on a single market segment (smartphones), while its revenues are susceptible to the whims of the two top-tier smartphone vendorsApple and Samsung
2011-10-31 Mobile patent wars have no clear winner
As several reports study the patents of Apple, Google and Microsoft, there seem to be no clear answer on who will win the on-going patent infringement battles between the companies
2008-06-26 Mobile firms, operators join forces on open mobile platform
Nokia Corp.'s announcement that it would pay about $410 million for the 52 percent of Symbian Ltd has sealed the deal to creating the foundation that will develop an open, free-for-use platform for mobile phones
2014-09-19 Malaysia electronics factories perpetuate servitude
A study by a U.S.-based labour organisation found that one-third of Malaysia's electronics factory workers are unable to pay recruitment fees that often exceeded legal and industry standards
2016-04-07 IHS: iPhone SE, an amalgamation of 3 generations of iPhones
Apple aims for greater phone portability across carriers by simplifying production and distribution for its latest release, the iPhone SE
2014-02-05 Google sells Motorola to Lenovo for $2.9B
Google will retain about 2,000 of Motorola's patents as the Motorola/Lenovo combination becomes the world's third largest smartphone maker with a six percent market share behind Samsung and Apple
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