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2014-07-23 Vietnam's FPT denies Apple buyout
ICT titan FPT plays a role in Apple's regional push only as a premium reseller of Apple devices in Vietnam. While FPT and Apple have forged a strong partnership, the two parties have never discussed a potential acquisition, said an FPT official.
2011-03-15 TSMC poised to take bigger 'bite of apple'
Apple's decision to award A5 processor orders to TSMC is seen as inevitable, given the latter's capacity and technological strengths, as well as a lack of potential conflicts of interest.
2011-05-27 Samsung's Galaxy S outsells Apple iPhone in Japan
A report from Strategy Analytics shows that Samsung's Galaxy S smartphones proved far more successful than Apple iPhone in Japan's market during the first quarter of this year.
2012-08-09 Samsung copied Apple's trade dress, expert said
Trade dress refers to design elements characteristics of a product, and a marketing professor said Samsung has harmfully impacted that of Apple's with regard to product design.
2009-12-02 Report: Apple alleged of NAND price manipulation
Apple Inc. is being accused of using its commanding purchasing position to manipulate NAND flash memory prices, according to an article from the Korea Times.
2007-09-19 Non-Apple-approved iPhone applications underway
Despite discouragement from Apple, some Mac developers are working on a way to easily install and run non-Apple-approved iPhone applications that communicate directly with the smart phone's OS.
2012-07-24 Nokia's Lumia smartphones out ship Apple and Samsung
Research conducted by Strategy Analytics has shown that Nokia's Lumia smartphones are out shipping Apple's iPhone and Samsung's smartphones during its initial launch.
2009-05-04 Nokia plays catch-up with Apple
As they battle for developers' mindshare in the mobile handset space, Nokia Corp. and Symbian Foundation find themselves between a rock and a hard place.
2010-05-12 Nokia charges Apple of patent infringement
Nokia has filed a complaint against Apple with the Federal District Court in the Western District of Wisconsin for allegedly infringing five important Nokia patents.
2007-05-02 Market buzz: Apple to buy 500 million Samsung NAND flash chips
Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc. have been discussing plans for volume purchase of NAND flash chips that will be used in all iPods and iPhones from June to December 2007.
2007-06-29 Judgment day: Can the Apple iPhone deliver?
Perhaps not since the invention of wireless communication has a cellphone been the subject of this much frenzy. Could the iPhone truly fulfill its promise? Today, consumers will judge.
2016-01-13 Is Apple set to shake analogue market?
With the recent acquisition of a 70,000-square foot analogue production from Maxim, Apple could influence the analogue market for years to come.
2008-08-04 Is Apple ARM's secret licensee?
While ARM Holdings plc CEO Warren East has declined to name the company that has taken a multiyear architecture license for its current and future technologies, he gave enough clues that clearly showed that Apple is a contender.
2007-01-22 iPhone to boost 50% margin for Apple
Every iPhone unit sold can generate a 50 percent gross margin for Apple Inc. and partner Cingular Wireless, according to iSuppli Corp.
2007-04-17 iPhone bites into scheduled release of Apple's new OS
Apple Inc. disclosed in a statement that its much-talked-about iPhone has passed several of its required certification tests and is on schedule to ship in late June as planned.
2007-01-11 Greenpeace spoils Apple's party
Greenpeace activists projected giant images of the Asian scrapyards at Apple's downtown San Francisco store during the expected announcement of iPhone.
2015-08-05 Could Apple propel NextInput to fame?
NextInput, a MEMS sensor company, has started shipping its "ForceTouch" sensor and Apple's iPhone 6s or will it be iPhone 7 is expected to debut in September with a feature called Force Touch.
2007-02-23 Cisco, Apple settle iPhone war
Cisco Systems and Apple announced that they resolved their dispute involving the iPhone trademark.
2007-01-12 Cisco files lawsuit vs. Apple for iPhone
Cisco has filed an infringement lawsuit against Apple Inc., seeking injunction to prevent the copying and use of its iPhone trademark, which Cisco claims to have obtained in 2000.
2007-02-20 Cisco extends Apple's deadline again in iPhone suit
Cisco Systems has agreed to extend the deadline again for Apple to respond to a lawsuit accusing the computer maker of violating Cisco's iPhone trademark.
2007-11-15 China Mobile in talks with Apple for China iPhone
China Mobile is reportedly in talks with Apple about bringing the iPhone to China, but no agreement has yet been reached yet.
2011-10-11 Apple: Beyond Steve Jobs
As we mourn Steve Jobs' passing, we must also look more closely at what Apple is without him.
2010-03-08 Apple-HTC suit brews smart phone patent war
Apple's suit against Taiwan smart phone maker HTC filed is the first shot in what could be the next big mobile patent war over the look and feel of the iPhone, according to a report from Nomura Securities.
2015-05-06 Apple, Samsung fuel growth in embedded touch display market
IHS predicted that embedded touch displays, including in-cell and on-cell touch displays, will comprise nearly 40 per cent of touch module shipments for mobile phone applications this year.
2007-12-06 Apple, AT&T face lawsuit over iPhone voice mail tech
A patent infringement lawsuit has been filed by Klausner Technologies against Apple and AT&T over the voice mail technology used by the iPhone.
2016-02-01 Apple's revenue declines as modularity, digitalisation rise
Apple's first forecasted dip in revenue in the last 13 years is attributed to the emergence of new industry standards, and it's not only affecting the mobile space but also other sectors.
2014-09-11 Apple Watch: Not worth the wrist
Apple's smartwatch may be an outstanding feat of technology and design, but paying $349 for a timepiece that has to be charged every so often and can only be used with an iPhone can be a waste.
2012-07-26 Apple seen to post sales decline before iPhone launch
The phenomenon is not new but the question is how much Apple's iPhone sales will fall off in advance of the new model, widely expected to be available in October.
2007-08-06 Apple races clock to patch iPhone bugs
Apple released patches for iPhone bugs less than two days before researchers were to present information about the vulnerabilities at the BlackHat conference last week.
2007-09-12 Apple may bid for 700MHz to speed up iPhone
Apple has studied the possibility of bidding in the U.S. FCC's upcoming 700MHz auction in a move that could enable the iPhone to download videos and music at faster speeds.
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