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What is ATM?
Asynchronous transfer mode is a connection-oriented technique based on the use of fixed-sized packets. The packets or cells are 53 octets in size, with 5 octets used for cell header and the remaining 48 octets for data.
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2013-02-26 Dialog to power mobile Atom system chip
Intel chooses Dialog Semiconductor's power management chip DA6021 for its Bay Trail processor.
2013-10-14 Congatec rolls 22nm Atom powered Qseven modules
Armed with Intel's 22nm Atom E3845 processor,the conga-QA3 Qseven modules are fitted with ceramic capacitors, preparing them for industrial mobile applications in harsh environments.
2009-05-22 Computing boards are Atom-equipped
Avalue Technology Inc. has unveiled a series embedded computing boards, industrial motherboards/systems, box PCs and multifunctional panel PCs, equipped with Intel Atom platforms.
2010-06-08 Coming soon: Atom processors for tablets
Intel Corp. disclosed at Computex plans for next-generation Atom processor for tablets and netbooks.
2013-06-28 Atom-thick PV sheets improve solar cells
MIT researchers aim to produce the thinnest and most lightweight solar panels possible by producing a two-layer solar cell that is only 1nm thick.
2010-02-24 Atom-powered SBC packs CompactFlash socket
Lanner released the VES-300 low-power, economically-priced 3.5-inch single-board computer (SBC) utilizing the 945GSE + ICH7M chipset and powered by an Intel Atom N270 processor.
2009-03-04 Atom-powered modules fit for 'light' computing apps
Adlink Technology Inc. will demonstrate its newest embedded computing platforms and solutions based on the latest Intel processors and chipsets at Embedded World 2009, focusing on the ultramobile, extreme rugged and quad-core solutions.
2009-05-14 Atom-equipped boards boast flexibility
Avalue Technology Inc. has launched embedded computing boards, industrial motherboards/systems, box PCs and multifunctional panel PCs equipped with Intel Atom platforms.
2009-04-30 Atom-based Symbian OS to spawn next-gen CE apps
Will the Symbian OS, like competitor Android, help give birth to a new generation of non-mobile phone consumer devices?
2010-06-21 Atom-based SBC tailored for defense industry
From General Micro Systems comes an Intel Atom-based, low-power, rugged single-board computer (SBC) designed for the defense industry
2010-03-08 Atom-based CompactPCI blade consumes 15W
Adlink Technology Inc. has introduced the cPCI-3610 series of ultralow-power 3U CompactPCI processor blade based on the latest Intel Atom processor family on 45nm process technology.
2010-11-19 Atom-based COM offers improved graphics
Kontron extends its computer-on-module offerings with a model that suits applications in the commercial temperature range, thus offering lower price points compared to the industrial model.
2009-03-04 Atom supports variety of packages, temp
Intel will spin four versions of its Atom mobile PC processor and two new companion I/O chips tailored for different embedded systems markets. The four Z5xx chips support a variety of packages and operating temperatures to make them better suited for markets such as in-car entertainment, industrial control and media phones.
2007-10-29 Atom smasher discovers new Si, Al, Mg isotopes
A U.S. university lab began smashing atoms in hopes of cataloging the isotopes for the other 110 elements on the periodic table. So far, they've found three never-before-observed isotopes of silicon, aluminum and magnesium.
2010-03-10 Atom platform fits home, small office storage apps
Intel Corp. has unveiled its first Atom processor-based platform optimized for networked home and small office/home office (SOHO) storage devices.
2009-09-07 Atom companion PMIC cuts component count
Dialog Semiconductor Plc and Harman Becker have teamed to develop the DA6001 power management IC as a companion device for the Intel Atom processor.
2009-03-12 ARM CPUs to trump Atom in netbooks by '12?
ARM-based processors will takeover Intel Corp.'s Atom in the netbook segment and hold 55 percent of the market share by 2012, according to Robert Castellano, president of The Information Network.
2010-03-02 Analysis: Why Atom-based SoCs don't fly
You would think an x86 core would be a hot item for a SoC design but it seems that no one is biting on Intel's offer to sell rights to an Atom core for SoCs made at TSMC.
2008-03-07 Analysis: The real scoop on Atom-ARM rivalry
If you believe the buzz, Atom is so good that it will displace ARM cores as king of the mobile world. Unfortunately, the buzz was extremely confused.
2009-04-14 2GHz Atom aims at handheld notebooks
Intel Corp. has unveiled 2GHz versions of its Atom processor, targeting the parts at handheld Internet notebooks and mini laptops.
2012-01-17 12-atom magnetic memory beats HDD
IBM Research scientists have created an atomic magnetic memory that cut number of atoms needed to store one bit of data from one million to only 12 atoms.
2009-12-23 1.66GHz Atom packs graphics, memory controller
Intel Corp. is offering new versions of its Atom processor that integrate graphics and a memory controller on the same die as the x86 CPU.
2009-12-08 Who takes the cake in netbook processor arena?
So, who are the winners and losers in the netbook and mobile Internet device thus far? At present, it appears that all chip vendors are both winnersand losers.
2009-03-06 What will TSMC gain from Intel deal?
Will foundry giant Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd benefit from the deal with Intel Corp.?
2012-01-19 Wafer bonding machine yields 3D integrated LSI ICs
The Bond Meister MWB-12-ST can continuously bond up to five 12in wafers and can perform wafer transfer and alignment for automatic bonding.
2012-04-23 Semicon derivative of graphene revealed
Researchers at UWM produced a derivative with oxygen atoms included within the hexagonal carbon-ring structure that characterizes graphene, which they are calling graphene monoxide.
2008-09-26 Rumor: Is AMD sacking 'Bobcat' project?
Reports have surfaced that Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has terminated its "Bobcat" processor project, which is expected to compete with Intel Corp.'s Atom.
2015-04-09 ROHM's single-chip PMIC targets ultra-thin tablets
The BD2613GW, a successor to the BD2610GW power management integrated circuit, targets the Intel Atom processor Z3700 series for Android and Windows-based tablets.
2011-04-14 Report: Intel develops own smartphone
Intel has designed its own smartphone based on a version of its Atom microprocessor, in a bid to reduce its reliance on the PC market and generate revenue in other consumer segments.
2009-05-05 PMICs extend battery life, cuts BOM costs
Dialog Semiconductor has launched a family of power management ICs (PMICs) designed to optimize the power efficiency of applications using the Intel Atom processor Z5xx series
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