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2006-11-27 Ultraslim scroll wheel suits handheld devices
Avago Technologies has introduced an easy to use ultra-slim scroll wheel input device for use in mobile phones, portable audio and video players and entertainment consoles.
2015-07-09 Test capacity issues resulting from mergers and acquisitions
Internal test providers might have more influence over platforms and configurations than external test providers, such as OSAT companies, but both largely install test capacity that is specified to them.
2006-11-20 Surface-mount LEDs enable thinner handsets
Avago Technologies announced it has developed the industry's thinnest surface-mount LEDs in a 0603 package.
2006-05-02 SSRs feature fast switching
Avago Technologies has introduced a pair of dual-channel, high-speed, optically-isolated MOSFET-output solid-state relays.
2006-11-28 Solid-state relays promise highest insulation
Avago has unveiled three families of solid-state relays that promise the industry's highest insulation voltage in a miniature SO-4 package.
2006-10-04 RGB LED modules deliver 480 lumens
Avago's new high-power LED modules, said to be the first to provide up to 480 lumens of light output, target customers who want an easy to use lighting solution that can display a variety of colors.
2006-06-30 RGB color sensor suits automotive apps
Avago unveils the industry's first RGB color sensor that meets the specifications of AEC-Q100 Stress Test Qualification for Integrated Circuits.
2006-02-08 PIN diodes target portable devices
Avago Technologies has launched three high-performance PIN diode chips in a low-cost RoHS-compliant, Pb-free SOD-323 plastic package.
2006-02-21 Photo sensor fits slimmer mobile phones
Avago Technologies has introduced a lower height and shorter version of its analog-output ambient light photo sensor for mobile, consumer, commercial and industrial products.
2006-05-01 PA design boosts 3G handset talk time
This article describes a new PA design concept, in which the PA driver stage operates by itself for low- and medium-output power levels, and the higher-power final PA stage is used only for high-output power operation.
2006-10-06 Oval LEDs target outdoor ESS market
Avago Technologies has announced three new series of high-brightness full color LEDs for the outdoor electronic signs and signals market.
2006-10-27 Optocouplers tout 'highest' CMR ratio
Avago Technologies rolls out three new gate drive optocouplers that are said to offer the industry's highest common mode rejection (CMR) ratio.
2006-02-13 Optocouplers reduce board space, system costs
Avago Technologies expanded its family of 3.3V, 15MBd, multichannel and bi-directional digital optocouplers in compact (9.9-by-5.9-by-1.7mm), 16-pin thin SOIC packages.
2006-12-14 Optocouplers in SO-6 package suit washing machines
At half the size of standard dual-inline packages, Avago's optocouplers in SO-6 packages are suitable for energy-efficient washing machines and air conditioners.
2006-07-21 Optocoupler targets Ethernet switch boxes
Avago Technologies targets developers of Ethernet switch boxes used in industrial and office networks with its high-speed, low-power digital optocoupler.
2006-03-02 Optical sensor lasts 12 months with two alkaline AA cells
Avago Technologies has expanded its optical mouse sensor line with a sensor bundle for cordless laser-based mice, and two small sensors for cordless and corded LED-based mice.
2006-06-05 Optical encoder offers wide resolution range
Avago's new ultra-miniature transmissive optical encoder module is a good fit for industrial and motor control apps that require resolutions from 2,500 to 7,500 cycles-per-revolution.
2006-10-20 New multi-channel phototransistors suit industrial apps
Avago announced the availability of its new dual- and quad-channel phototransistors target industrial apps such as high-end switch-mode power supplies for servers and telecommunications equipment.
2006-08-08 Miniature LEDs suit automotive, signage apps
Avago Technologies released miniature LEDs suited for automotive and electronic sign applications as well as home and office applications.
2007-10-15 Miniature input device targets portables
A thin input device that combines a navigation pad module with a motion sense and interface chip to provide a mouse-like pointing product for use in various mobile devices is now available from Avago Technologies.
2007-02-07 LNAs suit GSM, W-CDMA, WiMAX base stations
Avago's MGA-631P8 and -632P8 LNAs are designed for the receiver chain of GSM, CDMA2000, W-CDMA and WiMAX base station and repeater designs.
2007-02-14 LEDs suit portable, solar-powered outdoor signs
Avago has announced a new series of low-power, high-performance, extra-bright round through-hole LEDs for portable and solar-powered outdoor electronic signs and signal applications.
2007-02-22 IR components enable high-speed wireless connectivity
Avago Technologies has added three highly integrated, high-speed infrared components to its product line.
2006-05-04 Image sensor enables higher-quality images, video recording in camera phones
Avago Technologies unveiled a 2Mpixel CMOS image sensor with autofocus support that enables ultra-thin camera phones to record high-definition videos at 30fps.
2006-08-17 Image sensor enables better images, thinner cellphones
Avago Technologies claimed its new 1/5-inch optical format, 1.3Mpixel image sensor is smaller and offers better image quality than other 1.3Mpixel sensors in the industry.
2007-03-16 IGBT optocouplers suit power-management apps
Avago's ACPL-332J and -331J series of high-speed IGBT optocouplers are suited for power management applications, including isolated IGBT/power MOSFET gate drives, AC and brushless DC motor drives, industrial inverters and UPS.
2007-02-09 Green-LED flash aids auto-focus digicams in the dark
Avago has introduced a green, high-brightness auto focus auxiliary flash LED to assist the auto focusing function in digicams used in low ambient light conditions.
2013-02-04 Gate drive optocoupler ups gate drive design scalability
In addition to maximising power conversion efficiency, Avago's ACPL-339J boasts an internal active timing control to prevent cross conduction and cut switching losses in the MOSFET buffer stage.
2006-03-06 First color sensor to support two-wire serial interface
Avago Technologies said it has introduced the industry's first CMOS digital color sensor that can be directly interfaced to a microcontroller without the need for additional components.
2006-10-05 Fiber optic transceivers support 4Gbps Fiber Channel
Avago Technologies has announced the availability of its single-mode fiber optic transceivers targeted at 4Gbps Fiber Channel storage networking applications.
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