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2009-05-12 Miniature LNA simplifies mobile app design
Avago Technologies has released the miniature MGA-21108 LNA monolithic microwave IC suitable for use in a wide range of wireless mobile communications applications.
2007-04-04 Magnetic encoders target space-constrained industrial applications
Avago Technologies has announced a new series of compact non-contact magnetic encoders for use in industrial applications that operate in harsh conditions.
2011-07-22 Magnetic encoder provides up to 16bit resolution
Avago's AEAT-6600-T16, Hall-effect magnetic encoder offers up to 16bit resolution for precise angle measurement over a full rotation of 360.
2010-01-22 Magnetic encoder delivers 256 CPR resolution
Avago's Technologies' AEAT-601B incremental magnetic encoder is easy to install and provides a resolution of 256 cycles per revolutions (CPR).
2007-07-26 Low-profile, warm-white LEDs are easy to install
Available in one of the industry's thinnest packages, the ASMT-MY00 LEDs from Avago offer designers of solid-state lighting applications with a robust and reliable package that provides high brightness illumination and easy installation.
2010-04-01 Low-cost PAs tailored for 37-40GHz radios
Avago Technologies has released a pair of low cost 1W power amplifiers (PAs) for use in millimeter wave communication transmitters that operate at frequencies between 37GHz and 40GHz.
2010-06-07 LNAs tailored for cellular, LTE base stations
Avago Technologies has developed two next-generation LNAs for base station RF front-end design that handle1500MHz to 2300MHz and 2300MHz to 4000MHz.
2009-07-13 LNAs suit cellular infrastructure apps
Avago Technologies announced two ultra-low noise, high gain, high linearity GaAs balanced LNAs for cellular infrastructure applications.
2011-04-26 LNAs offer high linearity
Avago Technologies introduced four low-noise amplifiers featuring high linearity to improve an application's ability to distinguish between desired signals and spurious signals.
2009-11-05 LNAs improve GPS receiver sensitivity
Avago's LNA reduces the amount of PCB space and the number of components needed for a GPS application.
2010-02-12 LNAs deliver high gain, linearity for cell infrastructure
Avago Technologies has released the latest edition to its family of ultralow-noise, high-gain, high-linearity gallium arsenide (GaAs) active bias amplifiers for use in cellular infrastructure applications.
2011-06-10 LNA series promise improved receiver sensitivity
Avago Technologies introduces two series of LNAs, the MGA-63xP8 LNAs and ALM-11x36 fail-safe bypass LNA modules, offering improved receiver sensitivity for base transceiver stations (BTS) and tower mounted amplifiers (TMA) applications.
2011-07-15 Line drivers provides up to 30V supply voltage
Avago Technologies has launched the AEIC-7272, AEIC-7273 and AEIC-2631 quad differential line drivers that provide up to 30V additional supply voltage required for industrial applications.
2008-07-03 Light photo sensor prolongs battery life in portable apps
Avago Technologies announced a new low cost miniature surface mount ambient light photo sensor for controlling display backlighting in a wide range of portable electronic applications.
2007-07-31 LEDs promise high brightness, wide viewing angles
Avago's new series of Extra Bright II oval red, green and blue LEDs for the electronic signs and signals market promise high brightness and wide viewing angles.
2007-07-09 LEDs feature oval-shaped radiation pattern
Avago Technologies has introduced the HMLP-xx63 series of extra bright LED lamps, which offer oval-shaped radiation pattern, a wide viewing angle and high illumination intensity.
2007-06-12 LEDs come in tiny package, endure extreme conditions
Avago Technologies introduces the industry's thinnest chip light emitting diodes (ChipLEDs) in the smallest industry-standard package.
2007-07-06 LED series features 50 viewing angle
Avago has delivered a fresh lineup of SMT LEDs that provide a narrow 50-degree viewing angle and a matched radiation pattern.
2010-06-25 LED lamps comply with EN 12966-1 standard
Avago Technologies has released 5mm extra high-brightness LED lamps that support of European Standard EN 12966-1 for variable message traffic signs.
2008-01-30 Laser sensors offer precision tracking for PC mice
Avago Technologies has launched two high-precision, small-form-factor laser navigation sensors for corded and cordless PC mice.
2010-09-15 Laser nav sensor integrates BT 2.1, stand-alone baseband processor
Avago Technologies announced production availability of its ADNS-7630 Bluetooth (BT) 2.1 LaserStream System-on-Chip (SoC) navigation sensor for wireless mouse applications.
2010-05-11 Isolation amps boast high gain accuracy, low temp drift
Avago Technologies is offering three miniature precision isolation amplifiers with increased accuracy, bandwidth and high insulation made possible by proprietary optical isolation technology.
2011-02-11 Isolation amps aim at current sensing apps
Avago Technologies has unveiled new precision optical isolation amplifiers for motor control and current sensing applications.
2007-06-21 IR discrete emitters boast design flexibility
At the Computex Taipei event, Avago Technologies unrolls a new line of RoHS-compliant IR discrete emitters specifically designed for various industrial and consumer applications.
2011-11-14 Interface optocouplers operate at 10MBd
Avago's high-speed optocouplers offer robust electrical signal isolation for intelligent power module interface applications.
2011-06-07 Integrated switch saves PCB space
Avago Technologies has launched a new set of high-power switch and low noise amplifier modules for TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE base transceiver station applications.
2007-06-28 Input module offers mouse-like pointing solution
Avago Technologies introduces an input device module that combines a navigation pad module with a motion sense and interface IC to provide a mouse-like pointing solution for use in handheld apps.
2009-11-24 High-speed optocoupler tips 3mA drive current
Avago's ACPL-M50L single-channel optocoupler claims to operate on approximately 80 percent less drive current than today's standard 1MBd digital optocouplers.
2011-02-28 High-gain linear amplifier module for WiMAX applications
Avago Technologies has announced a linear power amplifier module for WiMAX applications that enables it to coexist with other radios in portable devices.
2010-02-05 HB tricolor LEDs are water-resistant
Avago Technologies has developed the compact high-brightness water-resistant tricolor surface mount LEDs for use in indoor and outdoor full color signs and displays.
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