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2009-08-13 Update: ITC import ban impact remains unclear
The U.S. import ban of a broad range of chips using fine-pitch BGA packages potentially has far reaching impact.
2007-07-24 U.S. Court of Appeals dismisses Qualcomm ban appeal
The U.S. Court of Appeals has dismissed Qualcomm's appeal on the ITC ruling banning some mobile phones containing Qualcomm chipsets in the United States, according to Reuters.
2015-11-25 Taiwan mulls lifting ban on Chinese investment
Chinese investments in other parts of the semiconductor ecosystem, such as test and assembly are allowed, but chip design and manufacturing are given protection as the jewel in Taiwan's economy.
2008-03-14 Security concerns may lead to BlackBerry ban in India
Mobile phone operators in India are seeking talks to discuss government security concerns that a newspaper said could lead to the termination of BlackBerry services in the country.
2004-04-29 Samsung countersues Fujitsu to block PDP import ban
Customs officials here have moved to prohibit imports of Samsung's plasma display panels following a request by Japanese rival Fujitsu Ltd.
2008-03-18 No BlackBerry ban in India
The Indian government finally ended the brewing controversy by ruling out any disruption in BlackBerry services, The Times of India reported.
2007-06-21 Kaleidescape battles DVD group's copy ban move
The Kaleidescape chief executive sent a letter of protest against the DVD CCA's move to amend its bylaws to explicitly forbid OEMs from selling systems that make copies of DVD movies.
2007-06-11 ITC enforces ban on some phones with Qualcomm chips
The U.S. trade agency has imposed a partial ban on shipments of mobile phones that contain Qualcomm chips, an order that will have an impact on major wireless carriers.
2007-06-26 ITC denies Qualcomm request for ban order stay
The U.S. ITC has rejected a request by Qualcomm to suspend the ITC ruling imposing an importation ban on some Qualcomm chips, and mobile phones containing those chips, that infringe a Broadcom patent.
2012-05-22 IEEE releases new BAN standard
The IEEE 802.15.6 specifies a link that delivers up to 10 Mb/s over distances as long as three meters.
2010-05-19 HTC seeks iPhone, iPad, iPod import, sale ban
Google phone maker HTC Corp. has filed complaint with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) to halt the importation and sale of the iPhone, iPad and iPod in the United States.
2007-11-06 DVD group takes another shot at copy ban
The DVD Copy Control Association will put up for a vote to make changes to its bylaws that would explicitly forbid OEMs from selling systems that make copies of movies, even for secure internal storage.
2007-09-14 Court lifts ban on third-party imports of Qualcomm chips
Qualcomm scored a victory as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit granted a stay pending appeal that will allow third parties to import handsets into the United States originally banned by the ITC.
2009-07-06 Chip ban ripple effect hits OEMs
Systems makers may be beginning to feel the bite of a limited exclusion order banning the import of chips from six companies found to infringe two packaging patents of Tessera Technologies Inc.
2014-08-08 China sanctions US with Apple products ban
The Chinese government excluded certain Apple products from its official list of public purchases released last month, which stemmed from claims of hacking and cyberspying by the United States.
2015-03-13 Call to ban lithium batteries in passenger planes gets louder
Lithium-ion batteries are believed to have contributed to the fires that destroyed two Boeing 747 cargo planes, an accident that supports the push for the prohibition of lithium batteries as plane cargo.
2007-06-13 Bush veto sought in Qualcomm mobile ban
Qualcomm will seek a presidential veto on the U.S. federal trade agency's importation ban on some of its patent-infringing 3G chips.
2007-03-23 Broadcom urges import ban on phones with Qualcomm chips
Broadcom Corp. argued for an import ban on certain cellphones utilizing its battery-saving technology, according to a Reuters report.
2011-12-01 BAN: The answer to low-cost consumer health devices
BAN is seen to be the answer to spiraling health care costs and provider shortages. Because of this, wireless standards groups and the IEEE are embracing BAN technology.
2004-06-02 Ampex seeks ban on imports of Sanyo's digital cameras
Ampex Corp. is claiming that Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd infringed its intellectual property and is seeking a ban on U.S. imports and sales of Sanyo's digital still cameras and camera phones using the dispute technology.
2011-06-08 Taiwan bans mobile phones for students
The mobile phone ban is being pushed by concerned people in Taiwan because of the possibility of carcinogenic effects to students below 15 years of age.
2005-05-16 System-in-a-cube to improve quality of life
Wireless bioelectronics communication systems pave an avenue toward a healthy body and lifestyle
2014-03-24 RS Components rolls PCB Quote service in APAC
RS teams up with Huaqiang and P-Ban to offer design engineers in Asia with access to quick turnaround PCB manufacturing in prototype-volume, reducing the concept-to-prototype cycle.
2007-07-23 Qualcomm: Broadcom-Verizon deal a 'positive development'
Qualcomm stated that a license agreement announced between Verizon Wireless and Broadcom is a positive development on its campaign to lift the U.S. ban on its chips.
2007-07-03 Qualcomm says 'no deal' to Broadcom settlement offer
Qualcomm has declined Broadcom's settlement offer of a $6 royalty fee for each mobile phone containing Qualcomm chips that are said to infringe on Broadcom patents.
2014-02-18 Fujitsu-Imec partnership yields wireless transceiver tech
The wireless transceiver for BAN applications features the digitally controlled receiver and the high-speed digital three-point modulation technologies, lightening the burden on patients using sensors.
2004-11-16 CR hailed as "next big thing" in wireless
The FCC may have opened wide what many believe will be the next frontier in wireless communications but still industry designers need to be enlightened of several issues.
2010-10-08 Android app offers personal "tricorder" health monitor
Sensors and application combine to offer new, high-tech way of monitoring health indicators
2011-10-12 What you should know about wireless body area networks
Wireless standards groups and the IEEE are embracing body area network (BAN) technology as it is touted as a solution for spiralling health care costs and provider shortages.
2012-10-04 Samsung Galaxy Tab back in U.S. stores
A U.S. federal court has lifted the sales ban on Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 more than a month after patent suit resolution.
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