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2006-11-06 ON Semi offers BJTs in multiple package options
ON Semiconductor has announced the expansion of its low Vce(sat) BJTs portfolio to include WDFN6, WDFN3, SOT-23, SOT-563 and ChipFET packages.
2008-04-14 BJTs with ultrafast switching save on energy
Fairchild's 3A and 5A BJTs contribute to energy-savings in electronic ballast, power supply and industrial designs due to their ultrafast switching speeds and low saturation voltage.
2005-10-14 BJTs reduce overall circuit cost
ON Semiconductor introduced a new family of high performance, VCE(sat) bipolar junction transistors (BJTs) that promise to reduce overall circuit cost while contributing to better power efficiency and longer battery life in a wide variety of portable applications, including cellphones, PDAs, media players, notebook computers and digital cameras.
2008-07-07 Audio apps receive a shot of Fairchild BJTs
Fairchild Semiconductor brings audio equipment designers bipolar junction transistors (BJTs) that meet the performance needs of today's home, music and commercial audio applications.
2014-10-06 Understanding digital level shifting
In this article, we will talk about shifting real-world voltages and some of the oddball techniques for doing so. We will kick off with a 3V3 to 5V interface.
2016-02-22 Isolated potentiometer design (Part 2)
In the second instalment of this series, we describe the core of the isolated analogue-actuated potentiometerthe translinear circuits.
2007-07-05 Transistors address power efficiency in portable apps
ON Semiconductor has expanded its low Vce(sat) bipolar junction transistors (BJTs) portfolio to include PNP and NPN devices that incorporate advanced silicon technology.
2013-04-01 Suite targets automated wafer-level parameter testing
Keithley has enhanced its Automated Characterisation Suite (ACS) software that enables automated wafer-level testing of high power semiconductor devices like power MOSFETs, IGBTs, BJTs and diodes.
2001-09-20 Introduction to power MOSFETs
This application note details the characteristics of power MOSFETs. It also compares MOSFETs and bipolar transistors, and discusses the major advantages of MOSFETs over BJTs.
2012-11-22 Fairchild's SiC solutions boast enhanced reliability
Fairchild's SiC BJTs enable higher switching frequencies due to lower conduction and switching losses that provide up to 40 per cent higher output power in the same form factor.
2013-01-29 1/f noise measurement system supports 1Hz-10MHz
ProPlus Design Solutions' 9812D can measure low-frequency noise characteristics of on-wafer or packaged semiconductor devices such as MOSFETs, BJTs, JFETs, diodes and diffusion resistors.
2014-03-06 Utilising audio amps for voltage splitting
Here's a look at several voltage splitters built around power audio amplifiers.
2014-04-22 Utilise audio amps for voltage splitting (Part 4)
This instalment focuses on the reducing of noise from voltage splitters.
2005-10-14 ST's new Hybrid BJT/MOSFETs deliver speed and power
Touting a breakthrough in high-voltage, high-switching applications, STMicroelectronics' new hybrid emitter-switched bipolar transistors (EBST), particularly suited to industrial three-phase auxiliary power supplies and single-ended primary inductance converters (SEPIC), boasts the industry's best combination of low forward voltage drop, high blocking voltage, and fast switching speed.
2013-08-14 SSL LED driver integrates boost, flyback converters
The iW3623 from Dialog Semiconductor offers a universal 100-277VAC input range and output power up to 45W.
2002-11-18 Silicon Laboratories extends bandwidth in SLIC chip
Silicon Laboratories has extended the filtered bandwidth in its latest subscriber line interface circuit for fuller voice fidelity.
2009-05-20 Reference design for a 3S3P Rear Combination Lamp (RCL) LED Driver
This application note presents a reference design for a rear combination lamp (RCL) LED driver in a 3-series, 3-parallel (3S3P) configuration.
2013-09-20 PWM controller reduces cost for smartphone power supplies
Dialog Semiconductor's iW1679 digital AC/DC PWM controller allows low-cost, 10W power bipolar junction transistor switches to reduce BOM cost in 5V/2A smartphone adapters and chargers.
2014-10-02 Optimise power designs with IGBT thermal calculations
Evaluating the temperature of the semiconductor dice in a multi-die package requires additional analytical techniques compared to those applicable for single die. This article shows how to do it properly.
2016-04-07 Moore's Law extended: Intel roadmap reveals CMOS at its core
Intel's future processors at 10nm and beyond will continue to use CMOS, but the cores will be surrounded by novel circuit architectures using new materials that may extend Moore's Law indefinitely.
2012-10-24 Keithley combines Curve Tracer's features with parameter analyser
The firm introduced seven instrumentation, software and test fixture configurations for parametric curve tracing applications for characterizing high power devices at up to 3kV and 100A.
2016-02-17 Isolated potentiometer design (Part 1)
Here is an isolated analogue-actuated potentiometer design intended as a template for general application wherever a manually-actuated pot is to be replaced and actuated by an analogue voltage.
2013-04-26 GaN, SiC power IC market to rise steadily thru 2022
Worldwide revenue from sales of SiC and GaN power semiconductors is projected to rise to $2.8 billion in 2022, up from just $143 million in 2012, noted IMS Research.
2006-01-13 Design and analysis of a basic class D amplifier
Deceptively complex, Class D amplifiers have a whole series of practical problems that must be overcome to achieve an acceptable result.
2013-08-20 Dealing with SMPS efficiency, thermal behaviour
Find out how to tackle the efficiency and thermal behaviour of SMPS with SPICE technology.
2011-05-20 Ballast IC offers standard, low-cost power circuitry
STMicroelectronics unveils the L6520, a ballast controller capable of reducing design time and costs and fulfills 'Energy Star' energy-saving regulations.
2005-08-03 Arrays save PCB space, costs
Diodes Inc. introduced a new product platform featuring two series of application specific complex arrays
2003-08-12 Ansoft releases Simplorer component models
The company's model database for Simplorer includes more than 4,000 predefined models of commercially available components from International Rectifier, Maxwell Technologies, On Semiconductor, Analog Devices, Infineon, and others.
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