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2006-02-14 TPV, BOE announce TFT LCD screen purchase agreement
TPV Technology announced recently that it will be acquiring TFT LCD screens from mainland China-based BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd.
2015-01-12 ShineOn, BOE roll wide colour gamut LED backlight for monitors
BOE used wide colour gamut to demonstrate vivid colour performance on monitors that the company intends to bring to market this year
2004-10-26 BOE to start 5G TFT-LCD production in early 2005
Mainland China-based manufacturer BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd will push through production of fifth-generation (5G) TFT-LCDs in the first quarter of next year.
2006-06-09 BOE to build 5G color filter plant
Panel maker BOE Technology Group disclosed its plan to establish a 5G manufacturing plant for color filters.
2005-02-10 BOE OT commences LCM production at 5G line
Beijing BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co. (BOE OT), a subsidiary of mainland China's BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd, recently announced that it has started manufacturing 17-in LCD monitor modules (LCM) at its fifth-generation (5G) line.
2004-10-13 Boe Hydis, Samsung adjust TFT-LCD capacity
South Korea-based TFT-LCD makers Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and Boe Hydis Technology Co. Ltd are reallocating their production capacities to pull up company profits
2004-09-28 BOE commences equipment installation on 5G plant
With an investment worth $1.25 billion for its 5G plant, BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd started equipment installation on Sept. 20.
2004-07-07 BOE group to build display plant in South Korea
The Beijing Orient Electronics Technology Group Co. Ltd (BOE) is still waiting for approval from mainland China's central government before it begins constructing a large display production facility in Daegu City, South Korea.
2005-05-04 BOE OT receives order from Samsung
Beijing BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co. (BOE OT) is negotiating with South Korea-based Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd on the manufacture of 17-inch LCD monitor panels
2006-04-10 SVA to establish production line for thin-screen TV panels
TFT-LCD display maker SVA Group has announced plans to begin construction of a production line for thin-screen TV and PC monitor panels
2007-01-12 Struggling Chinese LCD firms to merge
Three Chinese TFT-LCD makers are planning to merge in June to create a business with annual revenues topping $1 billion.
2004-11-08 MII advises display makers to focus on 5G plants
The Ministry of Information Industry (MII) of mainland China advised panel makers, such as BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd and Shanghai SVA NEC Liquid Crystal Display Co. Ltd, to concentrate on their fifth-generation (5G) plants instead of constructing or shifting production in 6G and 7G facilities.
2004-08-18 Mainland China expects more TFT-LCD lines set up
Mainland China is expected to see the establishment of at least five 5G and four 3.5G TFT-LCD lines by 2008, according to the China Center of Information Industry Development (CCID).
2004-11-12 China, Taiwan to catch up Japan, South Korea panel industry
The LCD panel industry has been dominated by manufacturers from both Japan and South Korea since 2002.
2004-09-23 China to experience surge in TFT-LCD lines by 2008
According to the China Center for Information Industry Development (CCID), a minimum of three 5G and three to four 3.5G TFT-LCD plants will be constructed in China by 2008.
2007-01-01 China gears up for more innovative design
Although there is still a lot of work to be done in mainland China's R&D sector, there has been remarkable progress especially in the communication and consumer electronics front.
2015-07-07 Powerchip to build display, sensor IC fab in China
The total investment is estimated at $2.2 billion with the fab scheduled for completion in 2018-2019 and a manufacturing capacity of 40,000 wafer starts per month, with support from Hefei Construction.
2004-08-06 Mainland China LCD industry on fast track to growth
Mainland China's LCD industry is expected to continue flourishing. Local manufacturers Shanghai SVA NEC Liquid Crystal Display Ltd and BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd have started construction of 5G TFT-LCD production lines.
2007-10-15 China firms set up new 4.5G TFT-LCD company
BOE Technology has entered into a shareholder agreement with Chengdu Industry and Chengdu Hi-tech to jointly set up a company for 4.5-generation TFT-LCD production lines
2004-08-03 Tianma Micro invests $800M in TFT-LCD line
Shenzhen Tianma Microelectronics Co. Ltd has invested over $800 million in a 4.5G TFT-LCD line.
2004-10-13 Hynix's system-LSI business reborn as MagnaChip
Looking to lighten its debt load and raise cash for its memory operations, Hynix Semiconductor Inc. sold off its system-LSI business last week for $828 million.
2003-09-08 Digital camera market to further expand over the years
In the next three years, broadband, LCD and Bluetooth will be the three technologies with promising growth potentials because of their numerous apps.
2007-06-20 China preps Xinzhuang park to be local LCD hub
China's Ministry of Information has approved the construction of a state-level industry park in the Xinzhuang area, which is expected to become the center of domestic-made flat screens.
2010-05-18 Samsung to add LCD lines in Tangjeong Crystal Valley
Beyond its current four fab lines for LCD cells in Tangjeong Crystal Valley, Samsung Electronics makes no secret of its ambitious plan for several more.
2010-04-21 OLEDs want a slice of TV market
In the long term, TV is poised to be a key application for OLED. While it is not likely to be as large a market as mobile phones, the value of OLED panels for TV could reach $1.7 billion by 2016.
2005-05-25 Government issues preferential policies for TFT-LCD industry
The Ministry of Finance and the National Bureau of Statistics have jointly issued a circular on preferential taxation policies to support the development of the TFT-LCD industry in mainland China.
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