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2004-02-04 Matsushita unveils next-gen dry cell battery
Matsushita has developed a new dry cell battery with 1.5 to 2 times better performance than alkaline dry cell batteries
2003-03-28 LTC battery charger IC halves charger design size
The LTC4008 4A multi-cell, multi-chemistry battery pack charger IC from Linear Technology Corp. (LTC) occupies a footprint of 5.62cm&sup2
2014-05-09 Low-power wireless charging with WCT1001A
Here's an example of how a universal wireless low-power charger can be designed.
2006-12-07 Long-life capacitor suits battery backup apps
Cornell Dubilier Electronics has introduced a 15yr long-life Type EDL electronic double-layer capacitor specifically for use in battery backup applications when battery replacement is necessary
2005-12-29 Linear Tech rolls out new battery charger
Linear Tech unveiled a fully integrated standalone linear battery charger that can charge a single-cell Li-ion battery at up to 750mA without overheating the device or surrounding components
2005-03-01 Linear Tech Li-ion battery charger prolongs battery life
Linear Tech unveiled a new compact standalone linear 1-cell 4.375V Li-ion battery charger that promises to improve charging safety and simplify charge termination.
2003-03-13 Linear Tech battery charger IC provides 800mA current
The LTC4054 single-cell linear Li-ion battery charger IC from Linear Technology delivers up to 800mA of charge current without an external transistor
2003-08-13 Linear Li-ion battery charger operates from any adapter
Linear Technology has introduced the LTC4002, a standalone switch-mode Li-ion battery charger with an operating supply up to 24V
2007-04-11 Linear battery charger delivers 'extremely high' power density
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. has announced the AAT3697, touted to be an extremely high-power-density linear battery charger for Li-ion/polymer batteries
2003-12-05 Licom Power battery features 1.4Ah capacity
Narada Licom Power Tech. (Shanghai) Co. Ltd has developed a Li-ion polymer rechargeable battery cell that is designed to suit cellphones, PDAs, portable DVDs, digital cameras and notebook computers
2009-10-16 Li-ion linear battery chargers detect USB
Texas Instruments rolls out 800mA USB battery chargers with automatic USB detection for single-cell Li-ion battery-powered electronics
2014-04-25 Li-ion battery transforms devices into ticking bombs
The cell contains lithium and ether electrolytea volatile combination that can result in combustion when overheated. Whereas a number of testing standards exist to mitigate this risk, a Li-ion battery must also find a balance between cell-balancing and temperature accuracy capabilities
2009-05-22 Li-ion battery tech to make or break Chevy Volt
Even as General Motors teeters on the brink of bankruptcy, engineers are working on one of the boldest innovations in GM's history: the Chevy Volt, a range-extended electric vehicle powered by a revolutionary battery platform called the Voltec
2005-10-24 Li-ion battery charger reduces component count, system cost
Intersil expanded its portfolio of fully-integrated single-cell Li-ion battery chargers with the release of the ISL9204 that accepts input voltages up to 28V but is disabled when the input voltage exceeds the OVP threshold
2003-09-01 Li-ion battery charger features 9mm? footprint
Linear Technology has introduced the LTC4058, a linear 1-cell Li-ion battery charger that requires no external power components and operates independent of firmware for battery monitoring
2000-03-20 Li-ion battery charger design for laptop computer applications
This paper discusses the practical design issues of Li-ion battery chargers using the CS5361/2 battery charger controller. The controller provides all functions necessary for charging Li-ion battery packs.
2006-05-03 Li-ion battery charger delivers up to 2A
Linear Technology Corp. introduced the LTC4001, a 2A capable, switch mode battery charger for single-cell, 4.2V Li-ion/Li-polymer batteries
2014-09-15 Li-ion batteries tout 20,000 charging cycles
Researchers at Siemens have showed a demonstrator of a lithium-ion battery that extended the number of charging cycles four times, from 5,000 to 20,000.
2012-02-08 Lengthen operational lifetime of hybrid/EV battery packs (Part 2
In this installment, we'll look at the control algorithm and the results of lab tests.
2012-02-07 Lengthen operational lifetime of hybrid/EV battery packs (Part 1
Find out how to avoid charge imbalance that can reduce a battery pack's total capacity and potentially damage the pack
2014-09-23 Latest formulation reveals improved liquid battery
The new formula, developed by researchers at MIT, allows the battery to work at a temperature more than 200°C lower than the previous formulation, and will be less expensive to make
2007-06-18 Japan drafts Li-ion battery safety guidelines
The battery and PC industries of Japan have jointly hammered out guidelines for the safe use of Li-ion batteries, and presented it to the International Electrotechnical Commission
2013-10-29 Iron oxide nanoparticles boost battery capacity
The electrode material developed at A*STAR IMRE is inexpensive, suitable for large-scale manufacturing and can store higher charge densities than conventional electrodes used in Li-ion batteries.
2006-11-27 Intersil battery charger accepts two power inputs
Intersil's single-cell Li-ion or Li-polymer battery charger accepts two power inputs, normally one from a USB port and another from a desktop cradle
2006-04-20 Industrial charger compensates for battery temperature
Absopulse Electronics' BCH501-BTC is a constant-voltage switchmode battery charger with automatic temperature compensation
2015-11-10 Improve Li-ion battery performance using hydrogen
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists found that hydrogen-treated graphene nanofoam electrodes in the lithium ion batteries show higher capacity and faster transport.
2014-02-11 Hydrogen battery to replace Li cells, says study
The proton flow battery concept eliminates the need for production, storage and recovery of hydrogen that limit the efficiency of hydrogen-based electrical energy storage systems
2015-04-22 How to manage power in single-cell battery system
In this article, we examine a reference design that provides charging, protection and monitoring for a single coin-cell battery to supply mobile devices.
2004-01-09 High Energy battery has 220mAh nominal capacity
High Energy Battery Co. Ltd has released the H601730 series of rechargeable Li-ion polymer batteries that features nominal capacity of 220mAh
2002-08-30 Haoxin li-ion battery allows solar charging
Suitable for Nokia's 5110, 6110, 6150, and 7110 mobile phone models, the TN-3.6-1000 li-ion battery features a solar charger that refills the battery when no independent charger is available
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