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2003-11-19 Great Concept battery suits Panasonic CGP-H501
The 007 portable lithium battery pack from Great Concept International Ltd is designed to suit Panasonic CGP-H501 devices
2007-09-10 Front-end ICs protect systems during charging
Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced a family of battery charger front-end ICs, which dramatically increases protection when charging a cellphone or other portable electronic device.
2013-10-18 Fast-charging supercaps using energy harvesters
Know the ways to speed-up charging of a supercapacitor by more than 20 times when compared to existing systems
2009-08-24 Fast-charging Li-ion battery touts longer life
Sony is introducing a new type of Li-ion battery that promises higher power and longer life than the performance of traditional alkaline batteries and Li-ion batteries currently on the market
2008-10-28 FAQs: Battery Management
How is battery capacity measured? What is 'C' rate
2014-11-12 Extract max power from supply during batt charging
Learn how to design the charging circuit to achieve the maximum power from the adapter despite the undesired resistances between the supply and battery.
2008-06-16 Extend battery life with proper charging, discharging
Li-ion battery capacity is important to provide the longest product runtime in the smallest physical size. But longer battery life is also important. This article presents methods for charging and discharging Li-ion batteries to increase battery life.
2002-11-04 Exide introduces waterproof battery charger
Exide Technologies has announced the availability of the Waterproof Intelligent Charger suitable for automotive batteries.
2015-08-21 Examining two simple secondary battery circuits
In this article, we tackle two issues where non-standard solutions are useful, and in each case a less well known feature of many voltage references complicated the design.
2004-01-22 Exa Energy to boost rechargeable battery output
Exa Energy Technology Co. Ltd will expand monthly capacity for lithium polymer rechargeable batteries this year, with a proposed output of one million units.
2014-04-28 EV Taiwan 2014 highlights e-charging systems
Domestic manufacturers showcased the best of Taiwan's vertical integrated vehicle industry alongside international companies touting their latest products and EV technologies.
2007-10-04 Epson, Murata to develop wireless quick battery charger
Seiko Epson and Murata Manufacturing have agreed to jointly develop a wireless quick battery charger capable of a substantially shorter charging time.
2014-08-20 Energous pairs with Dialog in RF wireless charging
The pair will collaborate on a reference design that integrates WattUp, an over-the-air wireless charging technology, into a low-power, small-footprint Bluetooth Smart IC
2012-02-28 Employ optocouplers to protect battery system from transients, shorts
Optical isolators are the defacto standard for providing high electrical isolation and noise immunity, while consuming less power than transformer coupling isolation.
2012-06-19 Emerging battery techs slowly gain ground in mainstream market
Experts at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association stressed that storage technology has emerged as the "Holy Grail" of the renewable energy movement.
2003-02-18 E-One Li-ion battery fits portable apps
The company's ICP053048A Li-ion rechargeable battery measures 48-by-48-by-5.3mm, making it suitable for use in portable apps
2013-09-16 Drive high-power LED, charge high-voltage battery
Here's a look at a 60V buck-boost controller that delivers 100W to LED headlights or a battery stack
2014-06-30 Diodes allow faster charging, longer equipment life span
The new family of field-effect rectifier diodes from ST offers a unique trade-off between low forward voltage drop and low leakage current that lets designers meet standard requirements.
2011-10-05 Designing single-battery apps
Find out how designs with a single boosted battery can reduce a project's overall cost and size
2008-10-01 Design OVP circuitry for safe USB charging
While the infrastructure for plugging portable devices into the USB for datacom-with-power applications is fairly universal today, using the USB as a power source for direct powering or charging a battery isn't necessarily foolproof. You'll generally need over-voltage protection (OVP) circuitry; here's what to consider in designing your discrete or IC-based circuit.
2008-03-07 Design fuel gauging for multicell Li-ion battery pack (Part 2
This is the conclusion of the two-part article that describes how the fuel gauging technology, the Impedance Track from TI, tackles these challenges in battery design and presents a brief example of a three-series, two-parallel battery pack solution
2008-02-11 Design a load sharing system power path management with Microchip's stand-alone Li-ion battery charger
This application note will assist product designers by taking advantage of using Microchip's fully integrated simple Li-Ion battery charge management controllers with common directional control to build a system and battery load sharing circuitry
2005-05-02 Dallas unveils 'very versatile' battery-pack charge controller
Dallas rolled out a versatile NiMH, battery-pack charge controller that can be optimized for a variety of charging scenarios for either removable or embedded battery packs containing one to 10 NiMH cells in series.
2002-07-02 Dallas Semi battery monitor enables recovery of fully depleted battery
The DS2761 high-precision Li-ion battery monitor incorporates precise current, voltage, temperature measurements, nonvolatile data storage, and Li-ion protection circuitry into a 16-pin TSSOP or die-sized flip-chip package
2002-08-16 Dallas battery monitor allows trickle charging
The DS2761 Li ion battery monitor provides a charge path that enables trickle charging to the battery cell until such time that normal charging methods can be used.
2012-12-18 Cu current collector sheds light on car battery life
A team from OSU found that over time, Li accumulates beyond the battery electrodes, in the copper current collector, which eases electron transfer between electrodes and the car's electrical system
2015-07-06 Create an electronic battery simulator
In this article, we consider how to build an electronic battery simulator and why you would want to for easy lab testing of the BMS functionality
2014-09-17 Converting lithium-ion to primary battery
Converting a lithium-ion design to primary cells is sometimes an intermediate step in the design process. To help you accomplish this, we provide some strategies and example solutions in this article.
2006-01-11 Controller combines digital manager and battery charger
Summit Microelectronics' SMB118 power manager ICs integrates six precision programmable regulators and a programmable battery charger to cut system size and cost in portable consumer electronics
2009-02-19 Compact battery charger delivers up to 2A
Linear Technology Corp. has released the LT3650-8.2, a compact, monolithic high-voltage battery charger for 2-cell Li-ion/polymer batteries
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