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2014-10-03 Starting a USB design with MCUs
Here's a starting point for those wanting to design USB devices with MSP430 MCUs. It provides an overview of MSP430 hardware and software offerings for USB, as well as guidance in quickly getting started.
2011-06-13 Solar charger IC touts up to 95% efficiency
STMicroelectronics has unveiled a battery charging IC featuring an input-voltage range of 0.3C5.5V and integrated low-loss synchronous rectifier and power switch.
2004-04-12 Semtech ICs have 6h programmable charge timer
Semtech's SC802 series of Li-ion/Lithium-polymer battery charger ICs feature a 6h programmable charge timer and thermistor voltage input sensor
2012-02-28 Power MOSFET touts low on-state resistance
Engineered for cellular handsets and ultra-portable devices, Fairchild's single p-channel PowerTrench MOSFETs boast 60C/W thermal performance.
2010-06-04 PMIC cuts Atom standby power by 50x
Freescale Semiconductor Inc.'s power management IC has cut Intel Corp.'s Atom Z6xx chipset, extending the battery lifetime of smart phones and other mobile devices using Atom
2011-04-21 Pickering offers automotive test solutions
Pickering Interfaces' built in self-test tool and battery test management system aim to address automotive issues
2007-09-03 Optimize power with next-gen ASSP
Designers of battery-powered handheld products have a number of options to ensure that battery life is optimized for their particular configuration
2011-11-17 Operate fuel gauge and charger without host controller
Read about the use of chargers and gas gauges as a nonhost-control, battery charging system.
2002-01-14 ON Semiconductor charge controller boasts 0.55A standby current
The NCP1800 is a single-cell Li-ion/-polymer battery charge controller that consumes a standby current of only 0.55A
2002-11-08 O2Micro receives U.S patent for circuit trimming method
O2Micro Int. Ltd has obtained 16 claims under U.S. patent number 6,472,897 for its Precision Trimming Method, also referred to as DigitalLaserTrim, for ICs.
2002-01-17 O2Micro receives continuation of patent
O2Micro Int. Ltd, a supplier of innovative power management and security ICs, has been granted 38 claims under U.S. patent number 6,326,771 for its Buffer Battery Cell Phone technology
2003-03-24 NSC ships power management ICs for handheld apps
National Semiconductor Corp. has announced the release of a series of mixed-signal power and lighting management ICs for use in handheld devices.
2007-06-11 Next stop for mobiles: Wireless recharging
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced that it made a 60W light bulb glow up by sending the power wirelessly from a device 2m away.
2007-02-26 Multimode white LED driver delivers 400mA
Linear Technology has announced the LTC3218, an inductorless high-current white LED driver that delivers up to 400mA of LED current.
2014-06-04 Microchip controller powers USB ports up to 100W
The UPD100X USB power delivery controllers support the five USB-IF standard UPD power profiles plus an additional 25 UPD-compliant profiles.
2014-11-07 Managing rechargeable batteries with BIF
This article tackles the techniques and rules to help manage the use of rechargeable batteries, and the basic parameters of the BIF specification. It also explains how to deal with communication failure.
2010-05-14 LED drivers eases single-cell apps design
Diodes has developed LED drivers designed to provide the simplest possible solution for driving low-power, high-brightness LEDs from a single solar or rechargeable battery cell
2010-11-30 Kit harvests energy to charge batteries
Powercast Corp. unveils a development kit for an RF-based energy harvesting kit.
2011-11-08 How to protect charger interfaces
Read about the ways to effectively protect against overvoltage and overcurrent from the charger connector.
2014-11-21 Grasping the significance of charge detectors
Learn about the role of charger detectors in the USB battery charging specification rev. 1.2, and understand how they keep the implementation clean and simple to use.
2011-09-14 Fundamentals of MC13892 charger operation
Know the basics of the charger operation of MC13892 (PMIC for i.MX series). This document provides a checklist for charger troubleshooting that can be used during the design stage.
2012-08-10 Explore power conversion opportunities in solar-powered LED Lighting
A solid power-conversion strategy enables rapid development and deployment of solutions that utilize the latest technologies.
2005-10-03 Energy-harvesting chips: The quest for everlasting life
Research continues in developing higher energy-density batteries, but the amount of energy available is low and finite.
2003-10-06 CSR, Linear Tech collaborate on Bluetooth components
Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) has signed Linear Technology Corp. to supply its battery charging technology for CSR Bluetooth applications.
2011-03-29 Charger ICs meet various industry standards
Summit Microelectronics introduces a programmable battery charger ICs that meet various USB industry standards and are ideal for single-cell Li-Ion, Li-Polymer, and Li-FePO4 battery packs
2009-01-20 Charger IC offers up to 28V overvoltage protection
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. has developed the AAT3691, a dual input battery charger IC with integrated overvoltage protection up to 28V
2008-08-07 Charger enables faster connection in portable devices
Microchip has released the MCP73871 charge-management controllera Li-ion/Li-polymer charger with an intelligent charge management feature that enables simultaneous AC/DC adapter or USB port charging and powering of devices
2003-06-23 Celltronix, Splashpower partner in power recharging program
Power solutions manufacturer Celltronix Ltd has formed an evaluation program with Splashpower Ltd.
2015-07-27 Boost cell monitoring accuracy in energy storage BMS
New and more sophisticated strategies and critical support components are needed to address the many challenges when implementing battery management systems for energy storage
2010-03-18 Bipolar transistors save up to 60% board space
Diodes Inc. is rolling out a dozen NPN and PNP transistors in its miniature PowerDI5 surface mount package that takes 47 percent less space than SOT223 and 60 percent less than DPAK.
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