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2007-09-14 Jazz fortifies post in analog, mixed-signal markets
Jazz Semiconductorhas announced its Analog-Intensive Mixed-Signal initiative to strengthen its position in price/performance and power consumption for specialty CMOS technologies and quicken time-to-revenue for analog-intensive products.
2016-03-11 ISSCC: RF CMOS on the edge of transceiver chain
At the ISCC, Steve Ohr finds that what has happened is not a replacement of GaAs power amps by RF CMOS amps. The RF power amp function is performed at the edge of a radio transceiver chain.
2010-11-25 ISSCC highlights emerging technologies
The 2011 International Solid State Circuits Conference has accepted 211 papers, including a sleep monitoring system, a two-dimensional wideband antenna array for 3D imaging, and an AC power meter.
2006-01-26 Isolators transmit data at up to 150Mbps
Texas Instruments developed what it claims is the first on-chip capacitive digital isolators that are 3x faster than optocouplers.
2007-12-03 Is it a fab-lite diet for analogs, too?
As digital IDMs increasingly turn to foundries for their production needs, an inevitable question arises: Will the big analog IDMs follow the same path and move toward fab-lite or even fabless strategies?
2016-01-13 Is Apple set to shake analogue market?
With the recent acquisition of a 70,000-square foot analogue production from Maxim, Apple could influence the analogue market for years to come.
2003-10-29 Intersil transceivers meet RS-485, RS-422 standards
The ISL83483, ISL83485, ISL83488, ISL83490, and ISL83491 devices from Intersil are 3.3V single transceivers that meet both the RS-485 and RS-422 standards.
2008-09-22 Integrated tuner IC touts superior performance
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX2163A, a silicon tuner for use in 1- and 3-segment, ISDB-T applications operating in the VHF and UHF frequency bands.
2009-07-21 Integrated PMIC tailored for notebook LCDs
Maxim Integrated Products has launched the MAX17088 PMIC that integrates boost regulator, programmable VCOM calibrator with non-volatile memory, high-current operational amplifier and a level-shifting scan driver for notebook LCD panels.
2009-09-30 Integrated PMIC enables slimmer LCD monitors
From Maxim Integrated Products comes the MAX17100, an integrated power management IC (PMIC) for gate-in-panel (GIP) LCD monitors.
2007-11-19 Infineon exec stays tuned to mobile TV trends
Infineon's Guiseppe Calarco disclosed that the company is beefing up its Asian operations and getting ready as China reviews the available mobile TV standards and decides on the standard it'll choose.
2010-05-12 IMEC, TSMC team on 'more-than-Moore' tech
IMEC president and CEO Luc van den Hove announced the research institute has entered into a partnership with TSMC to develop hybrid "more-than-Moore" process technologies.
2006-07-01 IDMs' shift to foundries undermines startups
As foundries get better and fabs get bigger, the landscape of the IC industry is changing, spurred in part by pressure from the financial community.
2011-05-03 ICs designed for compact basestation
STMicroelectronics unveils the STW82100B series offering wireless infrastructure equipment makers to meet the demand for more flexible and compact mobile network basestations at lower cost.
2013-06-03 IBM: Progress in mm-wave ICs can loosen mobile data jam
Integrated phased-array transceiver contains all millimeter-wave components necessary for high data-rate communications.
2007-10-24 IBM, MediaTek promise fast HDTV streaming sans wires
IBM and MediaTek will develop chipsets that can wirelessly transmit a full-length HD movie to and from a home PC, handheld device, retail kiosk or TV, nearly as fast as a viewer can push their remote control.
2007-06-13 IBM takes wraps off 45nm ASIC with SOI
IBM has unveiled the Cu-45HP custom chip, an ASIC based on a 45nm process and uses embedded DRAM implemented on SOI technology.
2012-12-14 IBM showcases 3D server chip stacks
IBM has showcased its techniques for stacking 45nm processors at IEDM. The company's techniques could give the processors significant performance and power gains.
2014-06-25 IBM reaches pivotal moment in chip fabrication
Several analysts and IBM employees opine that the firm should go fablessshed its chip-making business and sell its fabrication plant to GlobalFoundriessaying that the chip giant has under-invested in its two fabs for years now.
2016-04-07 High-accuracy, current sensor supports high voltage isolation
The ACS724KMA and ACS725KMA from Allegro are geared for industrial, commercial and communication systems that require very high voltage isolation, but not for automotive applications.
2007-12-17 HDMI is ready for close-up
Last year's adoption of the HDMI version 1.3 release, with key performance improvements, has advanced the adoption rate of sources that provide 1,080p resolution such as Blu-ray and HD DVD.
2006-07-24 HDD preamps tout higher bandwidth, ultralow power
STMicroelectronics' L6420 and L6440 HDD preamplifiers for sub-2.5-inch drives tout significantly higher bandwidth and best-in-class power efficiency.
2008-03-11 Hall-effect sensor eyes automotive, industrial apps
Allegro's new high-precision, programmable linear Hall-effect sensor with a 125Hz PWM output is targeted at current- and position-sensing applications in the automotive and industrial markets.
2005-09-20 Hall-effect latch suits motor-speed and direction-sensing apps
Allegro MicroSystems introduced its new A1242, a new two-wire, chopper-stabilized latch, that is suited for use in motor-speed and direction-sensing apps.
2007-07-02 GNSS receiver achieves cascaded NF of 1.4dB
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX2769, the industry's first universal, single-chip global navigation satellite system receiver for GPS with total cascaded NF of 1.4dB.
2010-09-24 GigOptix transceiver program gets US funding
US Senate Appropriations Committee approves $5 million funding for On-Chip Integrated Photonic Polymer Transceiver program
2006-08-11 Gigabit Ethernet transceivers ignite port-count explosion
Ethernet's expanding bandwidth requirement is driving switch-router equipment designers to build scalable systems.
2006-08-11 Gigabit Ethernet transceiver ignites port-count explosion
Ethernet's expanding bandwidth requirement is driving switch-router equipment designers to build scalable systems.
2005-06-17 GaAs still beats CMOS for RF amps
RF CMOS may not be ready for prime timeat least not for cellphone power amplifiersbut gallium arsenide will continue to dominate in that slot, according to a panel of the experts at the Microwave Technology and Techniques Symposium (MTT-S) here.
2007-03-16 Fujitsu makes CMOS IC with 40-44Gbps CDR rate
Fujitsu Laboratories of America and Fujitsu Laboratories have developed the industry's first CMOS IC that performs CDR at 40Gbps to 44Gbps, enabling the future implementation of 40Gbps optical Serdes modules.
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