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2014-06-27 IBM fab sale: Retracing its x86 steps
IBM's focus on servers for businesses prevented it from seeing and responding to what one former employee calls "the biggest server buying spree in a decade."
2014-07-08 Hadoop embraces open-source analytics upgrade
While seen as an OS for big data, Hadoop yet lacks enterprise-class features including security, recovery, backup, and access control. So Intel has made a deal with Cloudera to merge the two code bases.
2014-02-14 Google bets high on lower latency for cloud service
A Google fellow told attendees at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference that data center chips need lower latencies to keep up with the increase in volume of managed data
2016-02-12 GlobalFoundries, SUNY Poly open advanced patterning centre
The $500 million, five-year programme will accelerate the introduction of EUV lithography technologies into manufacturing to expedite next generation chip technology.
2015-05-21 Global IoE market to hit $7,130.4B in 2020
According to Future Market Insights, increased spending on technology and proliferation of connected devices are the main factors driving the growth of the global Internet of Everything market.
2015-08-17 Flash Memory Summit paints SSD, flash future
During the event, Mike Jadon, CEO of Radian Memory Systems, revealed his company's Symphonic software that aims to replace the FTL code originally written in 1988 by Robert Norman of SanDisk.
2013-07-25 Fault detection market in building analytics set for growth
The market for fault detection based on big-data building analytics will expand at a CAGR of more than 40 per cent during the next five years, according to IMS Research.
2015-12-11 Facebook sets up open-source system for machine learning
Big Sur packs eight Nvidia Tesla M40 graphics accelerators, each drawing up to 300W, and is the first system to use the high-end cards targeted at training deep neural networks
2015-08-31 Facebook looks to deploy 100G optical Ethernet
The Web company specified a 100G transceiver using single-mode fibre it believes it can drive to a cost of $1/GB.
2014-10-20 EU funds multiple microserver projects
A number of major microserver projects showcased data centre servers based on energy-efficient embedded processors at the recent HiPEAC EU Network of Excellence event
2014-10-21 Ethernet Alliance meeting highlights emerging standards
The consensus meeting made clear that one or more 50G standards are needed, the debate over a 50G versus 100G serial lambda standard for optical nets is unresolved and the 2.5G/5G push looks promising.
2015-06-05 Energy sector begins hunt for cognitive computer
Dynamic Risk announce the Cognitive Computing Challenge, a $200,000 incentive prize for developing real-time cognitive software that combines data mining and pattern recognition techniques
2015-08-12 Diablo bares first all-flash DDR4 server system
Diablo brings low cost and high capacity of flash to enterprise and datacentre customers with Memory1, a DDR4 server system offering up to 384GB DRAM and 4TB data storage
2015-10-15 Cloud-based service eases integration of geotag searches
Geospock has developed a very efficient multi-dimensional database designed for the storage, search and retrieval of geospatial data in real-time no matter how big it gets or how often it changes.
2015-09-11 Cisco commits $10M to boost innovation in ASEAN
Cisco Investments invested in Monk's Hill Ventures' innovation fund for start-up companies to drive IoE and big data innovation and technology disruptions across the region.
2013-07-10 China software market to approach $13.1B by 2017
IDC sees the four pillars of the Third Platform (big data, cloud computing, mobility and social networks) being gradually integrated into the development of software.
2012-10-30 ARM, Red Hat, AppliedMicro form server platform alliance
EDA firms ARM, Red Hat and AppliedMicro collaborate to develop open source software and hardware for cloud computing, data centres and enterprises
2015-12-15 Anite gains access to Huawei's network OSS interfaces
Access to Huawei product interfaces guarantees that Anite's Nemo products can accurately integrate with operators' wireless network OSS infrastructure.
2013-10-04 A*STAR, Red Hat to leverage open source for BA projects
Red Hat signed an MOU with Business Analytics Translational Centre to team up for big data, middleware, Platform-as-a-Service, cloud and storage, for the development of upcoming analytics projects.
2013-09-06 A*STAR, IDA to develop local cloud-enabled solutions
The partnership aims to promote local ICT firms' adoption of cloud-based technologies in their product and service development geared towards greater productivity and competitiveness.
2013-01-24 25G optical board spec set by VITA group
The VITA 79 component standards aim to open the door to a next-gen standard for backplanes that carry traffic 10 to 25 Gbit/s.
2013-03-13 "Electronic blood" developed for cooling effect
IBM is exploring the use of "electronic blood" to not only cool but also to power the cognitive computers of the future.
2015-11-11 Will Cisco, Ericsson team up soon?
The Cisco/Ericsson partnership will give each company an opportunity to sell a billion dollars of new equipment and services a year by 2018, they claim.
2015-06-03 Why is China bullish on chip industry?
Unlike in the West, China considers the semiconductor sector a big investment. It is the financial play and quick ROI that lures Chinese investment funds into the chip industry
2008-04-16 Virtualization: The Swiss Army knife of networking?
Startup Neterion Inc. has rolled out a chip that lets systems split one 10GbE link into as many as 16 virtual connections.
2014-03-14 Vicor CEO shares probable trends in power tech
Phil Davies, VP of global sales and marketing at Vicor, said that large datacom and data centres eyeing HVDC distribution, and packing power in smaller packages as forthcoming trends in 2014
2011-11-10 Understanding cloud opportunities, challenges
As the cloud reveals itself, it will present a whole new set of risks, challenges, and opportunities. Those it will affect the most are IT employees, security experts, and software product vendors.
2005-07-19 Tech employment relives the summer of 2001
Flashback four years to a time when nearly 3.55 million Americans called themselves IT professionals.
2011-08-18 Taking advantage of small-signal bandwidth
Find out how to leverage bandwidth limiting to get the most from an inexpensive op amp.
2002-11-29 Startup develops design project tracking tool
Design groups can accurately track the progress of electronic design projects with the Pragmax product lifecycle management tool from startup Pragmax Software Corp., the company said.
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