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2003-05-14 BivarOpto UV LEDs produce 12mW radiant flux
BivarOpto has released a line of UV LED devices that features a typical radiant flux of 12mW per chip.
2002-11-05 BivarOpto UV LED lasts 20,000h
The UV-400-TO92 series of UV LED is rated for over 20,000h of continuous operation at 30mA.
2004-08-12 BivarOpto unveils Wedge-based LEDs
BivarOpto introduced a new Wedge-based LED designed for extended life apps and replacement of conventional T-1 wedge-based incandescent bulbs.
2002-11-04 BivarOpto T-1 LED holders suit high-vibration apps
BivarOpto's H-LP series of T-1 LED holders provides extra PCB retention, making them suitable for use in high-shock environments.
2002-07-09 BivarOpto ships surface-mount LEDs with pixel lenses
The Pix-Tek surface-mount LEDs form BivarOpto come with pixel lenses, providing a wider viewing angle.
2003-09-19 BivarOpto rolls out high-contrast material for LEDs
BivarOpto, the Optoelectronics Division of Bivar Inc., has announced the availability of an optional high-contrast material for their Light Pipe products family.
2004-06-17 BivarOpto rolls out cutter for POF, FLP cables
BivarOpto released a palm-sized fiber cutter that is designed exclusively for cutting or stripping plastic optical fiber and flexible light pipe cabling.
2002-10-01 BivarOpto rolls out 28V panel-mount LED units
BivarOpto's PM and MP series of panel-mount LED assemblies feature forward voltages of 2V to 12V using integrated resistors.
2002-12-09 BivarOpto RGB LEDs suit outdoor apps
BivarOpto's line of RGB Super Flux Mako LEDs have a viewing angle of 60, and are suitable for use in full-color outdoor apps.
2002-08-26 BivarOpto quad light pipe eliminates crosstalk
BivarOpto's LP4 Quad-Level Light Pipe series features a narrow profile, four-tier light pipe assembly design that is claimed to eliminate crosstalk between indicator stations.
2004-12-03 BivarOpto offers incandescent bulb replacements
BivarOpto introduced a new Wedge-based warm-white LED featuring accurate color output of industry standard T-1 3/4 Wedge-based incandescent bulbs.
2003-05-28 BivarOpto LEDs have high current drive capabilities
BivarOpto has released the Solaris SM series of surface-mount LEDs that is suitable for use in automotive and outdoor display apps.
2002-06-25 BivarOpto LEDs allow solid-array lighting capability
The Super Flux Mako LED series from BivarOpto features a viewing angle of 600 and is designed in a modular format that enables them to be fitted together to create a solid color display grid.
2003-08-27 BivarOpto LEDs accept Flexible Light Pipes series
BivarOpto has released its SMPT series of surface mount LED devices that is exclusively designed to accept the company's Flexible Light Pipes (FLP series).
2002-07-05 BivarOpto LED pipe assembly provides 1600 viewing angle
The IP67 series of panel mount flexible light pipes assembly from BivarOpto provides advanced focusing technology via a micro-frensel lens, a 1600 viewing angle, and a captured intensity of up to 100m.
2004-01-27 BivarOpto LED lamp features multiple lens design
BivarOpto has introduced its Inifinite 1 LED lamp that features an all-in-one LED-based lighting alternative for incandescent spot and flood lamps.
2002-09-13 BivarOpto bi-level light pipe has 900 viewing angle
The LP-230 series of bi-level light pipes from BivarOpto features a 900 viewing angle and a narrow profile that saves board space.
2003-05-20 BivarOpto announces ultraviolet LED product groups
BivarOpto has introduced a line of ultraviolet LED devices for applications requiring narrower bandwidth performance.
2005-02-18 BivarOpto announces RoHS-compliant LED mounts
BivarOpto announced the immediate availability of its new family of self-retaining LED mounts that provides a Pb-free material per Directive 2002/95/EC for RoHS.
2005-08-04 Thermally enhanced RGB LED suits wide-viewing angle displays
BivarOpto introduces a surface mount RGB-based device for optimized control of color and brightness, including a brilliant white, packaged in a low-profile, industry standard PLCC- 4 device with a wide 120 viewing angle.
2005-02-15 Seven-segment displays with 'highest level of uniformity'
BivarOpto announced a new line of seven-segment displays that deliver one of the industry's highest levels of uniformity.
2005-07-05 RGB-based device offers optimized control of color, brightness
The Optoelectronics Division of Bivar has introduced a new surface mount RGB-based device for optimized control of color and brightness, including a brilliant white, packaged in a low-profile, industry standard PLCC- 4 device.
2005-02-11 New RGB LED chip is 0.6mm thin
BivarOpto has developed an ultra-thin [0.6mm) surface mount RGB (red, green, blue) device featuring individual addressable die for exact color mixing and matching.
2004-10-04 Light pipe operates with board-mounted push-button switches
BivarOpto released a new light pipe designed to operate with board-mounted push-button switches.
2005-05-30 LED module with 60-lumen output
BivarOpto unveiled a 1W LED module capable of up to 60-lumen output for a wide range of general illumination and specialty lighting apps.
2005-09-13 LED module tailored for SSL apps
BivarOpto's new 3W LED module is designed for emerging Solid State Lighting uses, where ultra-bright illumination and a versatile color range is desired in a reflow solderable design optimized for proper thermal management.
2005-09-06 LED module combines high brightness, thermal management
Designed for emerging SSL apps that call for ultra-bright illumination and a versatile color range, BivarOpto's new 3W LED module features 90-lumen brightness with thermal management properties.
2005-03-09 LED indicator addresses fault and status display apps
BivarOpto introduced a new right-angle surface mount LED indicator for improved fault and status display apps.
2005-05-11 LED displays offer 'highest uniformity'
BivarOpto announced an all-new, ultra high reliability blue seven-segment display for apps requiring dependable performance in mission critical uses.
2005-04-08 Display touts dynamic brightness
BivarOpto added a new ultra-high reliability blue seven-segment display to its BD series for apps that require highly reliable performance.
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