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2013-02-01 China faces great wall to No. 1
Bolaji Ojo, EBN editor in chief, discusses why China's rise to the top of the global economic rankings will take more time than expected, pointing out certain weaknesses of the middle kingdom.
2013-01-14 CES 2013's Android connection
The Android OS may have been designed primarily for mobile devices but it has since crossed over to other realms of consumer electronics as evidenced during CES 2013.
2009-01-22 CES 2009 take-aways
CES 2009 showcased many of the next generation consumer products that use IP blocks that we are developing.
2008-12-08 Causing an avalanche: the latest advance in silicon photonics
Several companies are active in the field of silicon photonics because they believe that silicon has an advantage in making the very low cost optical parts needed for large markets.
2008-11-06 Can the old school of analog designers really hack it in today's digital CMOS world?
Getting analog functions on a chip that is mostly digital poses many challenges for the analog designer. Are they equipped?
2015-01-13 Busting the big LED lighting myth
Consumers may have yet to experience the touted primary benefit of LED, which is long operational life. This article explains why LED lighting fails earlier than we might expect.
2008-11-05 Building ultra-reliable automotive systemsPart 2
With increasing frequency, automotive manufacturers regularly inquire about using FPGAs in high-reliability systems. In this continuation posting, I will highlight solutions that mitigate potential SRAM corruption issues.
2015-06-19 Building a burn-in chamber
Do you ever burn-in any of your projects? Do you use a commercial chamber or have you built your own? In this article, we share how we created our own for burning in power supplies.
2014-01-15 Brightest open hardware stars are in China
"If you can't hack it, you don't own it," said Andrew 'Bunnie' Huang in an interview with EE Times' Caleb Kraft.
2009-03-02 Bleak week for memory chipmakers
Memory chipmakers, the hardest-hit of the silicon suppliers, faced bankruptcy, layoffs, and bleak prospects.
2012-07-25 Black Hat blunder stirs conference
A supposed phishing attack hit about 7,500 security professionals scheduled to attend the Black Hat conference turned out to be something else.
2014-11-07 Biology-based approach can protect IoT systems
The size, exponential growth, distributed nature and economics of the Internet of Things present new, arguably paradigm-shifting challenges in security management.
2008-10-20 Big news! OpenAccess enables new analog design solutions
For many years, OpenAccess had promised to bring interoperability to the industry via a common standard database.
2013-11-12 Basics of ARM design on mbed IDE (Part 1)
Here are the basics of doing ARM-based application development using the open source mbed integrated development environment.
2009-02-26 Back to the future
While the issues of hardware/software co-development, increased software productivity and better hardware/software debug were already visible in 1999, the pressure and need has been growing quite tremendously from there and led to quite some interesting technology developments.
2009-04-30 Atom-based Symbian OS to spawn next-gen CE apps
Will the Symbian OS, like competitor Android, help give birth to a new generation of non-mobile phone consumer devices?
2009-01-07 Are tech workers back to a 9-to-5 existence?
Cash is king in a recession, both for companies and for their employees.
2008-02-19 Apple, Google, Nokia spark shift in carrier market
Apple's iPhone, Google's Android OS platform and Nokia's Maps 2.0 GPS technology may have just taken the reigns out of the hands of cellular network operators on services, applications, device definitions and most of allprices.
2015-05-15 Apple Watch: Does it give enough bang for your buck?
Despite the anticipation leading to the Apple Watch release last April 24, the supposedly game-changing wearables has failed to tip the scales the way the iPhone did when it first came out.
2007-01-15 Apple unlikely to go to trial over iPhone trademark suit
Apple Computer is more likely to reach a deal with Cisco Systems than to risk losing a trademark suit over the use of the name iPhone, experts say.
2011-04-06 Android to stay architecture-neutral, says MIPS
MIPS claims Google's Android anti-fragmentation moves are architecture-neutral and proof of this is the Android Native Development Kit available for each processor architecture that supports the OS.
2008-02-21 Analysis: What's ahead for HD video after format war?
Toshiba's decision to discontinue its HD DVD business may help move the high-definition video forward, but there is still plenty of work ahead.
2012-05-23 Analysis reveal Intel finFETs' triangular structure
The triangular section is markedly different to the idealized rectangular section that Intel had shown previously in 2011.
2008-11-19 Analog on 45 nm treated with trepidation by senior engineer at ICCAD panel
It is possible to build robust high performance analog/mixed-signal on these leading edge digital CMOS technologies. And I have production silicon to prove my point.
2011-06-24 AMD quits BAPCo, disputes benchmarking standards
AMD traded shots though public statements against BAPCo after the former quit from the benchmarking consortium.
2008-10-08 AMD finds 'fabless' alternative
Advanced Micro Devices appears to have found an alternative to going fabless.
2010-09-14 AMD begins North America demos of "Zacate" APU
AMD unveils the first North America public demonstrations of its AMD Fusion Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) this week in San Francisco. The APU, codenamed "Zacate," is a new dual-core, 18-watt TDP processor which possess discrete-level graphics capabilities on die and is designed to significantly enhance the user's PC experience.
2008-03-19 All-electric sports car gets ready to roll
Tesla Motors has started regular production of the 2008 Tesla Roadster electric sports car.
2015-08-26 Agile techniques for hardware design (Part 2)
In Part 2 of this Agile Hardware article, we will reveal the actual costs, and discuss the implications for Agile hardware development.
2009-02-27 AC vs. DCThe Westinghouse/Edison War Continues
There is a silent movement to move back to DC power. I seriously doubt that Edison will finally win the war which is pretty much over at this point. But as applications for DC emerge in the home a master DC home gateway may one day show up in your garage.
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