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What is Bluetooth technology?
A technology for wireless personal area networks, which provides a way to connect and exchange information between devices such as cell phones, laptops, PCs and digital cameras via a short range radio frequency.
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2003-12-05 CSR to Bluetooth-enable CC&C printer adapter
Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) announced that its BlueCore silicon has been selected by CC&C Technologies Inc.
2008-04-30 CSR taps Virage Logic's IP for next-gen Bluetooth devices
CSR has picked Virage Logic's semiconductor intellectual property (IP) to enable its next-generation Bluetooth solutions.
2007-05-30 CSR takes Bluetooth experience to new wireless fronts
Over the years, CSR established itself as a Bluetooth silicon specialist. Now, it wants to take its Bluetooth success story and apply it to GPS and Wi-Fi.
2003-03-12 CSR supports CCL on-chip Bluetooth designs
Cambridge Silicon Radio has partnered with Cambridge Consultants Ltd in the first of a series of agreements designed to provide Bluetooth solutions for niche markets.
2002-04-02 CSR software embeds Bluetooth into non-Windows devices
The BlueCore Host Software allows designers to embed Bluetooth capability into a range of devices, such as mobile phones and PDAs, not running on Windows OS.
2007-08-03 CSR qualifies Bluetooth firmware to v2.1
CSR announces that it has qualified its Bluetooth firmware to v2.1 of the Bluetooth specification.
2003-08-13 CSR proxy firmware enhances Bluetooth-based devices
Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) has announced that it has added Human Interface Device (HID) proxy capabilities to BlueCore-based USB devices.
2002-02-13 CSR offers hardware, software bundle for embedded Bluetooth products
Cambridge Silicon Radio has released a combined Bluetooth single-chip hardware and software solution that allows designers to embed Bluetooth into a range of devices not running on Window-based OS, such as mobile phones, PDAs, games and access points.
2005-10-24 CSR offers Bluetooth to Grundig handsets
CSR plc confirmed that its BlueCore3-ROM silicon has been selected by Grundig mobile to Bluetooth-enable one of the company's first mobile handsets.
2002-08-23 CSR launches 2G single-chip Bluetooth solution
Cambridge Silicon Radio has introduced its second generation single-chip Bluetooth solution which is expected to meet or exceed the Bluetooth specification between -400C and 850C.
2007-02-12 CSR joins Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, FM bandwagon
CSR plc has joined the growing list of companies over the past few days announcing their roadmaps for integrating Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities and FM radio functionality in chips targeting mobile phones.
2003-06-19 CSR fuels BMW in-car Bluetooth systems
Cambridge Silicon Radio has announced that car maker BMW will be using its BlueCore technology to bring Bluetooth to the road.
2007-09-10 CSR fields new Bluetooth chips for handsets, headsets
CSR has launched its sixth generation of BlueCore silicon for Bluetooththe BC6-ROM chip for handset applications and the BC6-Audio-ROM for headset applications.
2005-01-31 CSR expands Bluetooth design support in Taiwan
Bluetooth chip specialist CSR plc is expanding its operations in Taiwan and moving to new facilities to expand its design support activities.
2005-02-15 CSR expands Bluetooth business in Taiwan
Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR), maker of Bluetooth modules, announced that it will be operating on a new office in Neihu High Technology Park in Taipei, Taiwan, which will provide an in-house test-lab facility.
2008-01-31 CSR evolves along with Bluetooth
Over the years, CSR has evolved steadily in the Bluetooth market by continuing to support the latest version of the standard, improving its design process and including additional features.
2007-05-14 CSR concocts Bluetooth radio-flash union for headsets
CSR plc has launched BlueVOX Flash, a fully flexible and reprogrammable development platform for low-cost headsets.
2003-12-11 CSR chip includes features of Bluetooth v1.2 specs
Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) has expanded its BlueCore3 product range. The BlueCore3-External is a flexible configuration that supports all optional features, including full eSCO, and all mandatory features of the recently adopted Bluetooth v1.2 specification, in a single-chip Bluetooth solution.
2007-12-05 CSR brings Bluetooth to Ford cars
CSR says that its BlueCore4-ROM Bluetooth silicon features in Ford's in-car communications and entertainment system called SYNC.
2002-10-28 CSR Bluetooth-enables Murata modules
Murata Mfg Co. Ltd has launched an extremely small Bluetooth module, the Blue Module, incorporating Cambridge Silicon Radio's BlueCore2 chip.
2004-01-21 CSR Bluetooth-enables Bellwave phone
Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) announced that Bellwave Co. Ltd, a mobile phone and data module design company in South Korea, has selected CSR's BlueCore silicon.
2003-09-19 CSR Bluetooth-enables Apple notebooks
Cambridge Silicon Radio has announced that Apple has selected CSR BlueCore chips with AFH features to Bluetooth-enable its line of PowerBook G4 notebooks.
2003-09-25 CSR Bluetooth to support Symbian OS
Cambridge Silicon Radio has announced that it is making its chipsets available for use with the Symbian OS.
2003-03-19 CSR Bluetooth technology powers Jabra headset
Cambridge Silicon Radio has announced that its BlueCore2-External single-chip solution has been chosen to Bluetooth-enable Jabra Corp.'s BT200 headset.
2003-12-11 CSR Bluetooth technology adopted by Saab
Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) announced that its BlueCore Bluetooth silicon is being used by Saab to supply Bluetooth wireless technology to its 9-3 models.
2002-09-10 CSR Bluetooth solutions eliminate external memory
Cambridge Silicon Radio has launched two new BlueCore2 Bluetooth solution devices that are claimed to be the smallest solution to date and eliminate the need for external nonvolatile memory.
2002-08-14 CSR Bluetooth solution powers Uniwill voice box
Uniwill Computer Corp. has launched a Bluetooth voice box featuring Cambridge Silicon Radio's (CSR) BlueCore single-chip Bluetooth solution.
2002-02-20 CSR Bluetooth serial protocol incorporated into Windows CE.NET
Cambridge Silicon Radio has announced that its BlueCore serial protocol host controller interface transport protocol has been incorporated into the Windows CE.NET OS as part of the Bluetooth driver.
2003-05-08 CSR Bluetooth selected for BridgeCo wireless speakers
Cambridge Silicon Radio has shipped its BlueCore wireless technology to BridgeCo AG, to be used on its wireless speaker designs.
2004-01-13 CSR Bluetooth powers Saab cars
Cambridge Silicon Radio's (CSR) BlueCore Bluetooth silicon has been selected by car-maker Saab to supply Bluetooth wireless technology to its 9-3 models.
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