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What is Bluetooth technology?
A technology for wireless personal area networks, which provides a way to connect and exchange information between devices such as cell phones, laptops, PCs and digital cameras via a short range radio frequency.
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2008-04-24 Low-cost Bluetooth solution targets PNDs, in-car systems
CSR has unveiled RoadTunes, a feature-rich, fully interoperable Bluetooth handsfree package for personal navigation devices and in-car systems.
2008-11-10 Low-cost Bluetooth chip meets V2.0+EDR spec
AccelSemi has launched the AS3800 series of low-cost Bluetooth single chips that support Bluetooth SIG V2.0+EDR specification.
2005-09-29 LG Innotek adopts Broadcom Bluetooth for wireless stereo headset
Broadcom announced that its Blutonium Bluetooth technology is now included in a new wireless headset from LG Innotek Co. Ltd.
2007-09-17 Let WiMAX, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi coexist in handsets
The coexistence of WiMAX, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in handsets and handheld devices poses an engineering challenge as their transmission over adjacent RF bands may conflict and severely degrade performance. But it's possible for these wireless technologies to exist in the handset.
2013-12-06 Latest Bluetooth Smart spec offers improved usability
Bluetooth 4.1 boasts increased coexistence support for LTE and data exchange, and empower developer innovation.
2000-09-27 Latest Bluetooth developments and technology trends
This paper explains the latest developments in the Bluetooth open standard.
2000-05-03 Latest Bluetooth developments and technology trends
This paper explains the latest developments in the Bluetooth standard, a de facto standard of wireless LAN communications set to replace cable connections computing and peripheral environments like PC to printer, scanner, keyboard, mouse, mobile phone, or LAN.
2011-05-27 Laird updates audio Bluetooth modules
Laird Technologies has released software updates for Bluetooth BTM510/511and BTM520/521.
2013-08-01 Laird reveals Bluetooth modules for iOS devices
Based on the Cambridge Silicon Radio BC04 chipset, the BTM46x Series Bluetooth modules run a firmware enabling Apple licensees to leverage Bluetooth data connectivity into their MFI accessories.
2004-03-24 Kyocera launches smallest Bluetooth radio for cellphones
Kyocera claims to hold the world's smallest class-size Bluetooth radio RF module for CDMA mobile phones.
2002-10-04 Kyocera Bluetooth module measures 8-by-7-by-1.7mm
Kyocera Corp.'s Bluetooth RF module measures 8-by-7-by-1.7mm, making it the world's smallest Bluetooth device CDMA.
2003-03-14 Korwin bluetooth kit receives international authentication
Korwin Co. Ltd, has announced that its Bluetooth development kit has obtained authentication from the Special Interest Group.
2002-06-03 ISSI, Signia ink licensing agreement for Bluetooth products
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. has entered into a product licensing and manufacturing agreement with Signia Technologies, wherein ISSI will manufacture Bluetooth products developed by Signia.
2007-03-15 IP embeds Bluetooth in consumer, auto ICs
For chip designers looking to embed Bluetooth in consumer and automotive ICs, CEVA is offering Bluetooth 2.0+EDR IP that gives them the flexibility in choosing the CPU, Bluetooth radio chipset and OS.
2007-03-01 Integrate voice, stereo in Bluetooth devices
The requirement of Bluetooth music and voice to co-exist brings to the fore an array of challenges.
2011-01-24 Inside Bluetooth ULP technology
Learn about Bluetooth low energy wireless technology for minimizing its power consumption.
2002-06-28 Insert coaxial connectors suit 802.11b, Bluetooth apps
The MC-901 and MC-113 series of coaxial connectors from Insert Enterprise Co. Ltd have a 2.5mm profile and accepts 0.8mm and 1.13mm (x) wires, respectively.
2002-05-22 Inpaq Bluetooth module measures 25-by-12.5-by-2.2mm
Inpaq Technology Co. Ltd's BTM02C2XX-X Class 2 Bluetooth module integrates a 2.4GHz radio transceiver and baseband processor into a 25-by-12.5-by-2.2mm package
2002-03-14 InHand Elctronics handheld reference platform adds Bluetooth, GPS
InHand Electronics has announced at the Embedded Systems Conference the immediate availability of its Elf2 reference platform for handheld device developers.
2002-05-14 Infineon Bluetooth chip has 49mm2 footprint
The BlueMoon Single Bluetooth chip from Infineon Technologies AG integrates a DSP, radio transceiver, memory, and firmware into a 49mm2 package, making it suitable for use in mobile terminal devices.
2015-02-26 Industry fast-tracks Bluetooth mesh spec
The Bluetooth SIG has finally formed a mesh working group to take on a rival IPv6-based standardisation effort. Expect the Bluetooth spec later this year.
2002-09-06 Industrial Bluetooth module has 100m range
The C1B Class 1 Bluetooth radio module from Wilcoxon Research Inc. features a sensitivity of -85dBm and is designed for 100m range industrial applications.
2003-07-17 Indian companies continue push into Bluetooth market
Indian companies targeting niche technology development continue to push their Bluetooth efforts despite lingering doubts about business potentials.
2008-05-07 Incentive program levels Bluetooth field for small biz
The Bluetooth SIG has launched the Bluetooth Small Business Incentive Program designed to grow the Bluetooth technology market by creating new avenues of innovation and market entry for small businesses.
2002-01-04 Impulsesoft signs two more Bluetooth partners
Impulsesoft will work with Broadcom Corp. to develop Bluetooth solutions for embedded markets, and with Conexant Systems Inc. to develop a Bluetooth-enabled modem product.
2002-04-23 Impulsesoft licenses Bluetooth reference design to Kanebo
Impulsesoft Pvt. Ltd, a wireless solutions provider, has licensed its Bluetooth serial port adapter (iSPA) reference design and embedded Bluetooth protocol stack iBTStack to Kanebo Ltd.
2002-05-03 Impulsesoft launches Bluetooth serial port adapter
Impulsesoft Private Ltd has announced the availability of the iSPA1000 Bluetooth serial port adapter to provide wireless connectivity to RS-232 applications.
2002-04-19 Impulsesoft cuts Asian, U.S. Bluetooth deals
Impulsesoft, a provider of short-range wireless technology, has announced a series of deals to license its Bluetooth designs to Asian and U.S. customers.
2002-03-26 IEEE approved Bluetooth-based wireless PAN standard
In a not-unexpected move, the IEEE has approved a Bluetooth-based standard for wireless personal-area networks (WPANs).
2002-06-17 ICSI samples Bluetooth baseband controller
Integrated Circuit Solution Inc. is sampling the IC9000 Bluetooth baseband and link management controller chip that supports the Bluetooth 1.1 specification.
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