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2006-08-16 T.J. Rodgers on politics and nano
EE Times caught up with Cypress Semiconductor founder and CEO T.J. Rodgers at the Embedded Systems Conference.
2006-11-10 Smart pricing discourages piracy in China
Piracy in China can be mitigated and even eliminated if Western vendors understand the value of money in the country and price their products accordingly.
2007-01-01 New CE apps clearing way for MEMS
Emerging consumer apps combined with strides in manufacturing, testing and packaging could transform MEMS from last year's trendy tech into a viable market.
2006-11-16 Moore's Law chase ends in 'tech overshoot'
The private-equity buyout movement is just one sign of a tectonic shift in the semiconductor industry as businesses that have chased Moore's Law now grapple with "technology overshoot," according to two Harvard professors.
2007-01-12 IC industry in midst of fundamental change, says Infineon CEO
The IC industry is experiencing consolidation changes that are fundamentally different from any that have gone before, Infineon CEO Wolfgang Ziebart said.
2006-11-16 Going private may mean going fabless
Analog Devices Inc. CEO Gerald Fishman believes the trend toward taking large semiconductor companies private almost surely will push any that are still holding onto fabs to go fabless.
2006-12-18 Far-flung engineers spin Stratix III
Altera Corp. rolled out in November its newest FPGA architecture, Stratix III, emphasizing power optimization, performance enhancements and the work of 400 engineers in multiple locations over the past few years.
2011-05-06 Wozniak: Education stifles creativity
Steve Wozniak critiques education, particularly math, science and engineering education, and suggests that American public schools have outgrown their usefulness.
2004-04-02 Trade barriers a slippery slope, analyst warns
A leading industry forecaster warned that erecting trade barriers in North America as a response to high-tech offshoring would cripple the global semiconductor industry.
2007-06-08 Time apt for cars' electronic makeover, says GM exec
Time is ripe to reinvent the automobile. So says the man who heads the R&D efforts over at General Motors.
2003-09-25 STMicro sees own China fab within three years
STMicroelectronics will open a 12-inch capable fab in mainland China within three years.
2010-08-27 STB SoC speeds channel surfing
The BCM7002 cable universal digital transport adapter supports the company's FastRTV hardware and software technology that boosts TV channel change speeds by up to five times.
2012-10-29 ST's wireless slump continues, losses piling on
The net loss of $478 million came on revenue of $2.17 billion, down 11 per cent from last year's third quarter. Revenue was up slightly from Q2's $2.15 billion.
2010-08-05 Single input charger protects Li-ion, Li-polymer batteries
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. announced the availability of the AAT3698, a single input 1.6A linear charger to manage the charging, sequencing and protection of Lithium (Li)-Ion and Lithium Polymer-powered portable devices.
2012-12-26 Samsung enlists powerhouse team for 14nm FinFETs
Leveraging including ARM, Cadence, Mentor Graphics and Synopsys, Samsung recently announced its entry to the 14nm FinFET ecosystem by tapping out multiple test chips.
2012-12-18 Q4 chip revenue grimmer than expected
IHS cites falling fourth quarter revenue for chip vendors, relentless price pressure and stubbornly high inventories in its latest market tracker report.
2014-05-02 Project Ara oils the works for standardisation
While Google's platform has gotten a wave of attention and support for reasons involving design empowerment and ecosystem expansion, Project Ara Head Paul Emerenko emphasised that the platform pursues the increasing standardisation of electronics design.
2012-11-22 Predictions abound as to who lands Intel's CEO title
Analysts propose both likely and least expected candidates who may take over the chief executive post to be vacated by Paul Otellini by May 2013.
2004-05-10 Platforms key to cost reduction
The only way to continue the march of electronics innovation in the midst of sometimes bedeviling complexity is for the industry to focus on developing platform-based design methodologies using robust tools, the chief executive of Mentor Graphics Corp. said Wednesday, May 5, 2004.
2010-12-09 OS maker calls for secure virtualization machines
The virtualized computing world can become overrun by uncontrolled hacks exploiting non-secure devices and drivers if the industry fails to address existing security challenges.
2010-07-29 Operational amplifiers offer lower power consumption
Eyeing power demands in consumer, industrial, automotive and medical applications, Microchip's new MCP6401/2/4/ operational amplifiers (op amps) offer lower power consumption and smaller packages.
2004-03-18 Next downturn not far away, analyst says
The semiconductor industry's return to profitability probably will be short-lived, as a coming slowdown in consumer and IT upgrade spending are conspiring with capacity additions to create another recession in 2005, a top industry forecaster said Monday (March 15, 2004).
2012-11-05 New media renders traditional server design benchmarks obsolete
In the age of social media, semiconductor design will be largely driven by price-per-unit-compute and compute-per-watt.
2005-03-18 Nanometer age R&D costs a concern, says TI's Stork
Research and development costs are outpacing the growth of semiconductor industry revenue by about 4 percent per year, which could squeeze innovation in coming years, a leading technologist said Monday (Mar. 14).
2004-08-31 MIPS chief sees no threat from ARM-Artisan tie-up
ARM Ltd's nearly $1 billion acquisition of library vendor Artisan Components doesn't pose a threat to companies such as MIPS Technologies Inc. who rely to some degree on Artisan libraries, MIPS' chief executive said on Aug. 26.
2012-11-21 Memory to make a splash at ISSCC 2013
Non-traditional memory architectures could steal the show from more structured analytical papers to be presented at the International Solid State Circuits Conference.
2003-06-09 IP promise still can be kept
The original promise of the IP methodology was broken sometime ago, but the industry still needs to keep the promise.
2012-11-23 IoT for ARM is about MCUs sales, says CEO
CEO Warren East believes ARM can double its market size by taking advatange Internet of Things applications.
2003-04-25 IMEC official sees tough sledding to 45nm
Cross-discipline and cross-regional communication need to improve in electronics design if the industry is going to reach 45nm design rules without stumbling badly, an executive with the European technology R&D company IMEC said.
2013-02-07 IC industry to contract in 2013
Market watcher Handel Jones sees a small contraction in chips in 2013 as foundries grow while long term perspective looking solid.
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