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2006-05-12 Metalink to demonstrate WLANPlus at the Broadband forum
Metalink to demonstrate its WLANPlus chipset, a technology based on the emerging 802.11n standard, at the Broadband World Forum in Hong Kong.
2014-12-09 ITU approves broadband standard
The latest broadband standard is geared to deliver up to 1Gb/s access speeds over existing telephone wires and serves to complement FTTH technologies
2008-07-21 Forum adopts protocol for large-scale femtocell deployments
The Femto Forum has announced that it will implement the Broadband Forum's TR-069 CPE WAN Management Protocol, a worldwide standard for real-time management of customer premises equipment, as the basis for the management protocol for femtocells.
2010-10-29 Broadband Forum rolls out BroadbandSuite 3.2
The Broadband World Forum conference in Paris highlighted the launch of BroadbandSuite 3.2.
2012-12-20 Broadband Forum expands certification options
Non-profit organisation Broadband Forum highlighted its achievements in adding G-PON and TR-069 conformance certifications as well as advances in FMC network architecture.
2010-09-22 Broadband connections breach 500 million
Broadband connections around the world have passed 500 million, with China subscribers driving the growth
2010-06-21 Asia rollouts, IPTV services boost broadband subscription
Broadband subscription enjoyed an upswing during Q1, supported in part by healthy DSL growth in every region, strong fibre rollouts in Asia and aggressive IPTV service offerings
2012-06-06 An Asian view of the evolution of fixed line broadband
As speeds in fixed broadband services grow, the need for products that can keep up with the increasing speeds are also on the rise
2005-11-02 WiMAX Forum to run 'Plugfest' in Beijing
The WiMAX Forum has announced that it will be running the
2004-06-07 WiMAX Forum to address global regulatory issues
The WiMAX Forum has formed a regulatory working group in order to gain availability to spectrum for broadband wireless systems worldwide.
2004-10-22 Wi-LAN unveils broadband wireless product for ITS apps
Wi-LAN launched Mobilis, said to be the first commercially available two-way broadband wireless product designed for a high-speed mobile environment
2005-02-23 TriQuint supports WiMAX forum
TriQuint Semiconductor Inc., a provider of broadband wireless access products, announced its support for the WiMAX Forum, an industry-led organization that promotes the interoperability and certification of these products based on the IEEE 802.16 standard.
2010-10-28 TranSwitch demos communications processors at Broadband World Forum
Carrier-class semiconductors maker TranSwitch Corp. is demonstrating its routing, security and VoIP at the Broadband World Forum Europe 2010 in Paris.
2004-12-31 Samsung Electronics joins WiMAX forum as principal member
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has become a principal member of the WiMAX Forum
2003-12-22 Radio forum backs FCC notice on flexible spectrum
The Software Defined Radio Forum applauded the Federal Communications Commission's review announced of technologies to support flexible and efficient use of spectrum
2008-06-30 NGMN, Femto Forum push femtocells for WiMAX, LTE
The Femto Forum and the NGMN Alliance will cooperate on how femtocells can benefit the architecture of next-generation mobile broadband networks such as WiMAX and LTE.
2004-05-25 Motorola joins WiMAX Forum
Motorola Inc. has become the newest principal member of the WiMAX Forum
2006-05-08 Mindtree joins WiMAX forum
IT and R&D services company Mindtree Consulting has joined the WiMAX Forum
2004-04-15 Microsoft joins DAB Forum in digital radio push
Eager to move its proprietary audio/video (A/V) codec into Europe's steadily growing digital radio market, Microsoft Corp. has brokered a full membership in the global industry group now developing digital audio broadcasting (DAB) technology.
2005-09-30 Intel pledges WiMAX broadband connectivity in Asia
Remarkable efforts in advancing WiMAX wireless broadband are being made by Intel for the massive deployment of its infrastructure in Asia, especially in developing countries
2006-02-27 IMS Forum: The Voice of IP Convergence
The International Packet Communications Consortium (IPCC), an international trade association dedicated to the advancement of VoIP over broadband cable, wireline and wireless technologies, announced its transition to the IMS ForumThe Voice of IP Convergence.
2007-07-31 IMS Forum welcomes India's WiPro
Wipro Technologies has joined the IMS Forum, an industrywide body dedicated to the acceleration of IP Multimedia Subsystem application and service interoperability
2006-06-30 Forum seeks to draw foreign investment in Korea
Speakers at the recent Korea Investment Forum said the country is poised for future growth, making it an attractive investment target
2008-05-06 Forum pushes spec to unify home nets efforts
A group of companies that hopes to define a standard for chips that drive gigabit-class networking on coax, phone and power lines by 2009 has been launched as the HomeGrid Forum
2007-11-08 Femto Forum signs up major operators, vendors
The Femto Forum has extended its membership to include major operators and equipment vendors that are already actively participating in its working groups
2004-05-21 Elcoteq joins WiMAX Forum
EMS provider Elcoteq Network Corp. has joined the WiMAX Forum
2001-03-01 DSPs: Key to broadband's future
While DSP technology is integral to the new broadband appliances, it is also playing a central role in the broadband access technologies such as DSL that will deliver high bandwidth to these appliances
2007-10-15 DSL Forum reports global IPTV, DSL adoption
The number of people using IPTV services increased by 179 percent in the 12 months prior June 30, while DSL continues to dominate broadband access technologies with 66 percent of subscribers using this to access the Internet, according to DSL Forum.
2004-09-21 Atmel joins WiMAX forum
Atmel Corp. has joined the WiMAX Forum, an organization that promotes the interoperability and certification of broadband wireless products based on the IEEE 802.16 standard.
2009-03-11 Comms services hype wanes
As if the economic recession wasn't enough, a broad slowdown in communications services is expected to put pressure on digital consumer hardware.
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