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2004-02-13 Zheda Tech dc motors targets electric bicycles, motorcycles
The brushless dc motors from Zheda Technology & Trading are designed for use in electric bicycles and motorcycles.
2004-08-18 Winchoice dc motors have 500W output
Winchoice released its latest brushless dc motors that are engineered for use in electrical bicycles and motorcycles, and offer up to 500W output.
2004-11-25 Wenzhou dc micro motor makers eye mobile phone apps
Micro motor producers based in Wenzhou, mainland China are focusing their R&D efforts to develop smaller cylindrical and thinner profile coin motors used for portable handheld phones.
2002-06-20 Using the Easy Bridge as a brushless dc motor drive
This application note describes the use of the EB series of products to drive brushless dc motors.
2005-05-18 Trinamic offers a plug-and-play evaluation kit for brushless DC motor control
Brushless DC motors are the fastest growing segment of the motion control market. TRINAMIC launches a new Evaluation Kit based on the TMCM-160, a highly integrated and economic module for intelligent Brushless DC (BLCD) motor driving.
2001-04-19 Three and four phase brushless dc motor controllers using pulse-width modulation
This application note describes LSI Computer Systems' five motor circuits (LS7260, LS7261, LS7262, LS7263 and LS7264) that drive brushless DC motor controllers.
2008-03-10 Single-phase brushless DC motor pre-drivers blow fans
The first device in a series of single-phase brushless DC motor pre-drivers used to control high current fans, blowers or pumps, has been launched by Allegro MicroSytems.
2001-04-19 Single-phase brushless dc motor controller using the LS7261/7262
This application note describes how LSI Computer Systems' LS7261 and LS7262 brushless DC motor controllers can be used to drive a single-phase, center-tapped brushless DC motor using a half-bridge configuration.
2001-05-14 Sensorless speed controlled brushless dc drive using the TMS320C242 DSP controller
This application note describes a brushless dc (BLDC) variable-speed drive solution using Texas Instruments' TMS320C242 DSP controller.
2008-03-19 Sensorless brushless DC motor control with PIC16
The purpose of this application note is to illustrate an elegant sensorless technique that can be implemented on low-cost MCUs. All demonstration software will operate within an open loop with no speed regulation.
2008-12-24 Second-gen brushless DC motor controller debuts
Melexis Microelectronic Integrated Systems N.V. has launched its first member of the second generation of integrated brushless DC motor controllers. The MLX81200 sports TruSense and SineDrive technologies, which enable designers to integrate applications of this motor type in automotive applications.
2008-06-09 Rotary encoder IC suits brushless DC motors
austriamicrosystems has expanded its magnetic rotary encoder family with the AS5134 that is specifically designed for brushless DC sensing in automotive applications.
2011-04-13 Pre-driver IC features brushless DC motor
Allegro introduces a three phase brushless DC motor pre-driver with outputs for direct high current gate drive of an all N-channel power MOSFET.
2004-04-19 PMD rolls out control IC for brushless motors
Performance Motion Devices has released the first member of its new line of motor control ICs.
2000-12-13 New components simplify brush dc motor drives
This application note demonstrates how a set of components, which include the MC33033 Brushless DC Controller IC, the MOC8102 optoisolator, the MDC1000 MOS turn-off device, multiple power MOSFETs and gain-stable opto level shifters, are combined to make practical brush DC motor drive circuits.
2009-11-11 More brushless DC motors enter cars
Despite a 20 percent drop in worldwide sales of motors used in automotive apps, brushless DC motors fell only 6 percent.
2013-04-30 Market for DC brushless motors in car apps to grow
IMS Research forecasted that DC brushless motor shipments are expected to increase by 52 per cent from 2012 to 2017 to reach more than 462 million units.
2008-10-01 Implementing a brushless DC motor controller on an IGLOO FPGA
The main objective of the design is to commutate a three-phase BLDC motor which has Hall sensor feedback
2001-04-27 Implementation of a speed controlled brushless dc drive using TMS320F240
This application note describes how a speed-controlled brushless DC drive can be implemented using the TMS320F240 DSP controller and what kind of results can be achieved.
2001-04-30 Implementation of a sensorless speed controlled brushless dc drive using TMS320F240
This application note describes how a sensorless, speed-controlled, brushless DC drive can be implemented using Texas Instruments' TMS320F240 DSP controller.
2002-11-04 EADMotors brushless dc motor reduce vibration
EADMotors' new brushless dc servomotor-based actuator utilizes precision screw and low profile encoder to achieve high linear speed.
2011-06-28 Dual MOSFET cuts DC power losses
Diodes has launched the DMC4040SSD, a complementary dual MOSFET that is designed to balance and minimize DC losses in motor loads
2011-08-02 DC fans operate at 36C72VDC
Orion Fans' new line of DC fans is designed for telecommunications equipment and offers wider input voltage and airflow of 115CFM
2009-03-11 DC blowers cool down space-constrained apps
Orion Fans has developed the ODB600PT and ODB9733 series of low-profile DC blowers available in 12-, 24-, and 48V models suitable for a variety of space-constrained applications
2001-04-30 DC 12-24V 30A three phase power hardware for either PMSM or ac induction machines
This application note describes a power electronics board that has been designed as a brushless DC motor drive DSP solution.
2005-10-17 Current control removes brushless DC motor commutation spikes
Successful removal of the excessive current for brushless DC motors results in improvements in efficiency, reduced component cost and lower acoustic noise
2016-01-07 Cost-effectively transition to brushless DC motors
Brush-type DC motor solutions can be replaced 1:1 by a BLDC motor system, that on the outside, look like a conventional motor but inside pro- vide all advantages needed to realise intelligent motion control
2007-10-29 Controller drives brushless DC motors sans sensors
The DECS 50/5 (Digital EC Controller Sensorless) is a new controller from Maxon designed for driving brushless DC motors without Hall sensors.
2002-01-17 Comair brushless dc blower meets compact cooling needs
The Airbox dc blower is designed to address the cooling system issues caused by tight spaces and provides high-pressure airflow in space-constrained devices
2008-05-06 Brushless DC motor driver is fully integrated
Allegro has introduced two new full-bridge motor drivers that allows the integration of a Hall element, an H-bridge output driver and PWM speed control logic into a monolithic IC.
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