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2005-01-03 Don't reinvent the EDA 'wheel'
A 'discontinuity' is a profound shift in an industry, leaving winners and losers. It may be occurring in EDA with the notion of a 'software component model' approach to design technology.
2013-03-27 DfX reference tweaked to decrease product dev't time
Aster Technologies has recently updated their TestWay reference in Design for Excellence by applying an integrated workflow from the design through to product delivery.
2010-09-01 DesignSpark eases progress from concept, prototyping to production
Dubbed a gateway to online design support and resources, this website provides support to design engineers from concept, to prototyping, all for free.
2011-12-07 Designing 3D-ICs (Part 1)
Learn about the tools that can be used to handle a complete backend flow, and enable true 3D design partitioning, synthesis, placement, and routing.
2005-03-16 Design-for-manufacturability a must
Detailed processes and material-property characterization done early in the design phase can save cost and time in the manufacturing stage.
2015-09-14 Design before 3D print takes on a different turn
A browser-based UI allows anyone to modify and quickly visualise a whole new design space around an original 3D part, while doing all the necessary checks in the background.
2002-07-04 Cimmetry AutoVue provides EDA support for PCB designs
Cimmetry Systems Inc.'s AutoVue 16.1 tool features new EDA support for several PCB design and electronics schematics formats
2012-11-16 Altera, Huawei incorporate FPGA, memory in 2.5-D tech
The new device will significantly reduce board space while increasing performance.
2014-08-11 Achieving effective design collaboration
The electronic design world needs more collaboration, and collaboration toolsets need a few key features to help designers climb the proverbial mountain.
2014-09-02 3D printing: Unleashing its real potential
3D printing is a powerful tool in the hands of professionals that can do jobs that no other manufacturing technology can touch, and it allows economic production of small runs
2005-06-09 TI sticks with Synopsys for 65nm, 45nm nodes
Texas Instruments Inc. has decided to extend its use of design-for-manufacturing EDA tools from Synopsys Inc. to the 65nm manufacturing process node and has selected two Synopsys technology CAD tools for use at the 45nm node, Synopsys said
2009-04-23 Sign-off flow to speed up product dev't
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd has rolled out a mixed-signal/RF design kit and a foundry-specific integrated sign-off flow designed to accelerate product development process.
2010-03-18 Mentor, ST co-develop 32/20nm design solutions
Mentor Graphics Corp. and STMicroelectronics have entered a broad-scoped collaboration to develop advanced design solutions at the 32nm technology node and down to 20nm node.
2006-06-01 Give PCB computer-aided design its due
PCB CAD gets no respect. With about 12 percent of overall EDA industry revenue, it is marked by sluggish growth, little or no startup activity and few announcements of new technology
2002-11-20 Fujitsu deploys Cadence analysis tools on ASICs
Fujitsu Ltd has deployed Cadence Design Systems Inc.'s VoltageStorm and SignalStorm as the standard power verification and nanometer delay calculation solutions for its high-end ASICs.
2002-06-26 Flomerics upgrades EMC modeling package
Flomerics Group plc has announced the availability of FLO/EMC v1.2 3D EMC modeling package developed to help design engineers comply with stringent European regulations on electromagnetics.
2003-05-05 Experts seek to expand, redefine EDA
The EDA industry needs to expand its boundaries, and could use a more descriptive term than "electronic design automation,".
2007-01-19 EDA, IP revenue up 17% in Q3 '06
Worldwide EDA and IP revenue in Q3 of 2006 grew 17 percent over the prior year quarter, according to a report issued by EDAC.
2005-04-08 EDA development going in-house, analyst says
Citing an ominous warning for EDA vendors, Gary Smith, chief EDA analyst at Gartner Dataquest, said at the International Symposium on Physical Design (ISPD) here that design teams are increasingly developing their own EDA tools in-house.
2006-09-20 Agilent, Peregrine expand agreement on RFIC design tools
Agilent Technologies Inc. announced a multi-year, multi-site agreement in which Peregrine Semiconductor has expanded its investment in Agilent's RFIC design tools.
2013-02-01 An assessment of PCB layout tools
The selection of the right tool for the layout should be at the forefront of PCB layout planning and must never be ignored
2011-11-10 My head is in the clouds, but will my feet stay on the ground?
I suspect the cloud and cloud computing will become another useful option and tool, one which engineers and businesses will choose when appropriate and suitable
2014-11-28 Fujitsu, Digital Process roll latest virtual product simulator
The FJVPS V15L15 is a digital production-preparation tool for customers in the assembly manufacturing industry that aids in considering product assembly processes using 3D models
2005-08-01 Designing with IR's IR1150 now easier
International Rectifier has introduced the IRAC1150-D2 Power Factor Correction (PFC) Control Design Kit and added a PFC design tool to its myPOWER online design center
2006-05-19 Altera deploys Synopsys' Star-RCXT for 65nm designs
Synopsys announced that Altera has deployed Synopsys' Star-RCXT extraction tool and HSIM FastSpice simulator for its FPGA design flow targeting TSMC 65nm Nexsys process technology
2004-01-08 Study eyes pickup in design and EDA
Design activity is likely to pick up this year, with a corresponding increase in demand for EDA tools, according to a study by RBC Capital Markets.
2006-10-25 Software cuts MEBES file size, data transfer times
SoftJin has announced a software that compresses mask data files in MEBES format by a factor of 5-15X and reduces file size as well as data transfer times.
2004-11-04 FPGAs get larger, cost less
Anadigm has just released two new field programmable analog arrays.
2007-03-01 Ease board design with constraint management
The concept of constraint management is quite easy to understand: Just set rules and constraints, and pass the design to layout. Sometimes, it can be that straightforward to implement.
2008-07-22 DesignTag digital core adds thermal signaling
Algotronix Ltd has added 'thermal signaling' to DesignTag, an active digital circuit element that can be designed-in to ICs and FPGAs and detected through-package by an external scanner.
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