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What is CAD (Computer-Aided Design)?
CAD electronic design automation (EDA) of projects that were previously under manual methods considered to be drafting functions. It typically refers to PCB layout, wire harness design or mechanical design.
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2015-01-05 Taking to market 3D printer-ready CAD files
Developing legal platforms for the delivery of printer-ready 3D CAD files is seen as the way forward for the 3D printing industry and probably the best counter-measure against unlawful design imitations.
2001-05-30 Reverse image film for power planes in P-CAD
This application note describes the reverse image film process used in P-CAD board design engines.
2001-04-15 Protel upgrades P-CAD package
This article describe the enhancements in Protel's P-CAD line of products, which includes schematic capture, signal-integrity analysis, library management and PCB placement.
2010-08-05 Open community, free solution support CAD
Dassault Systmes has announced the availability of an open, online community accessible through, to provide all CAD users access to new services and products unlocking valuable data stored in DWG files.
2006-11-14 NKK offers free 3D CAD files for its SmartSwitch line
NKK Switches offers free 3D CAD file downloads for its SmartSwitch line of programmable LCD switches.
2006-08-07 NI brings CAD designs to motion in minutes
National Instruments recently released NI Motion Assistant 2.0, the latest version of the interactive software for prototyping single- and multi-axis motion control systems.
2009-10-15 Mentor acquires CAD software provider
Mentor Graphics Corp. and Valor Computerized Systems Ltd reported that Mentor Graphics will acquire Valor.
2008-09-23 Integrated CAD tool system eases project execution
Clarizen has integrated its project management software with the Solidworks CAD tool, giving the design engineers the chance to check project status and create new tasks.
2012-09-04 Institute adopts ZW3D CAD/CAM for mfg tech training
ZWSOFT said the Thai-German Institute will benefit from the CAD/CAM software's offers ease of learning, powerful data exchange, whole-process mold design and CNC machining.
2001-05-30 Importing OrCAD schematic netlist into P-CAD.doc
This application note describes the conversion of OrCAD schematic netlists into P-CAD.doc formats for board design specifications.
2005-06-01 Image viewer supports popular vector file formats, CAD files
Soft Gold announced the release of ABViewer, the latest version of its fully-fledged image viewer designed for the use at home and at work
2006-10-23 Gartner Dataquest closes CAD research group
Market research firm Gartner Dataquest is closing its CAD research group, EE Times has learned.
2011-10-06 Free trial offers full CAD, CAE features
Solid Edge and Femap with NX NASTRAN software can be downloaded free for a limited period.
2003-08-21 Free PCB CAD tool gets upgrade
With a new release that includes expanded libraries and a library creation tool, a free PCB CAD tool claims to be approaching the capabilities of commercial offerings.
2010-09-27 Free 2D CAD software now runs on Mac OS
Dassault Systmes announced that its DraftSight 2D CAD software is now available for Mac OS.
2006-11-17 Design suite links PCBs with mechanical CAD
Altium Ltd is promising to link PCB layout with mechanical CAD with the latest release of its Altium Designer FPGA and PCB design suite.
2006-09-18 Cadence CTO mulls over CAD architecture, EDA
Cadence Design Systems Inc. senior VP and CTO, Ted Vucurevich, sat down recently with EE Times' Richard Goering and discussed developments ranging from new CAD architectures to EDA tools for nanotechnology-based systems like labs-on-a-chip.
2010-09-28 CAD viewer software boosts manufacturing execution system
iTAC integrates C-Link CAD/CAM Viewer into MES platform
2005-03-16 CAD tools shrink small world of MEMS design
Manufacturers are leveraging microdesign technologies to develop MEMS and small devices to satisfy market demand for miniaturization.
2016-04-05 CAD tool for capacitance extraction in image sensor designs
Silicon Frontline Technology released the F3D field solver that allows capacitance extraction of complex 3D large-area structures such as pixels, arrays and precision analogue circuits.
2015-02-10 CAD software reduces industrial equipment design time
The latest version of the FUJITSU Manufacturing Industry Solution iCAD SX makes possible parallel design of large-scale equipment comprised of thousands of steel parts and conduits.
2006-08-21 CAD platform cuts processing time, eliminates errors
DEK said its new refined CAD system reduces processing time and eliminates design mistakes for higher quality tooling at a guaranteed faster turnaround.
2001-05-29 Barebone configuration files to run P-CAD
This application note describes the minimum configuration files to run P-CAD.
2005-01-24 Altium rolls out Service Pack 1 for P-CAD 2004
Altium announced the release of Service Pack 1 for P-CAD 2004, its PCB design system for layout professionals.
2002-03-01 A 2.6GHz microstrip hairpin filter design using CAD and EDA tools
This application note discusses the design of a 2.6GHz microstrip hairpin bandpass filter using the Harmonica circuit-level simulator in Ansoft Corp.'s Serenade Design Environment.
2001-09-16 Wire gauging the traditional trace
This technical article presents a "how to" approach to determine the relationships that can be derived between trace area and wire gauge.
2001-04-01 Which data transfer format is best for the industry?
The increase in outsourcing has exposed the inadequacies of the Gerber file for CAD-to-CAM data transfer. This article describes the battle between the ODB++ and the GenCAM data transfer formats.
2004-11-29 Upgraded tool speeds IC package analysis
Fluent's new offering may help prevent some of the packaging problems that have come to plague PCB designers.
2004-12-03 Updated Altium PCB design system include new technologies
A new PCB design system for layout professionals was recently released by Altium Ltd.
2015-02-04 Testing the waters for 3D pens
Despite being a niche surfing on the hype of the 3D printing industry, 3D pen makers have met a lot of success in their respective crowdfunding campaigns.
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