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What is CCFL?
Cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) have a cathode element that is not independently heated. If sufficient voltage is present, electrons can be stripped even out of a cathode operating at ambient temperature. Most cold cathode devices use mercury or other hazardous heavy metal vapours for ionisation.
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2003-02-17 Using CCFL backlight converter in portable device applications
This paper discusses a PZT-based backlight power supply solution.
2005-06-13 Understanding piezoelectric transformers in CCFL backlight applications
This app note discusses piezoelectric transformers in CCFL backlight applications
2002-12-18 Stadium CCFL power supply delivers 22W
Stadium Asia's SA2020A power supply accepts an input of 90Vac to 264Vac, delivers an output of 22W, and can be used to power LCD monitors.
2003-05-27 Signal lamp (CCFL) application with the UBA2070
This application note details the use of the UBA2070 integrated half bridge driver IC to design a one lamp inverter with dim-function, operating at a typical input voltage of 200Vdc.
2007-08-07 O2Micro wins CCFL power driving patent
O2Micro was issued 12 claims under U.S. patent number 7,236,020 for its Pulse Translation Power Driving Techniques in both full and half bridge inverter applications.
2006-05-22 O2Micro granted CCFL/EEFL inverter patent
O2Micro International was issued 18 claims under U.S. patent number 7,026,860 for its Compensated Self-Biasing Current Generator topology.
2009-06-11 New CCFL power supply expands automotive applications for backlit LCDs
New backlight inverter features pioneered by Microsemi are solving major problems in automotive LCD backlighting applications. The problems and their solutions, along with actual laboratory data, are presented in this application note.
2005-08-16 New CCFL inverters freeze from ERG out harsh environments
Endicott Research Group's E200II and SE/SE2 series inverters for powering the cold cathode fluorescent lamp backlights for LCDs feature a vacuum-encapsulated design to ensure reliable lamp ignition in rough environments.
2002-03-11 Maxim CCFL driver uses synchronized full-bridge inverter design
Designed to drive CCFLs, the MAX1996A uses a synchronized full-bridge inverter architecture to provide near sinusoidal drive waveforms over the entire input range and maximize the life of CCFLs.
2001-09-19 LX1686 direct drive CCFL inverter design reference
This application note provides a guide for using Linfinity's LX1686 backlight controller chip in module and magnetic designs. A complete functional description of the chip is included, along with an applications information section.
2004-03-22 Linear CCFL regulator produces minimal switching noise
Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LTC1697 device that is designed to drive a single CCFL fused in small handheld displays.
2007-08-28 LEDs vs. CCFL
This application note describes and shows various application circuits to power white and blue LEDs using the MIC2142 and MIC2145.
2009-08-04 LEDs to beat CCFL backlights by 2014
Penetration of LED backlights in LCD TVs will grow from less than 3 percent in 2009 to 40 percent in 2013.
2010-02-04 LED to zoom past CCFL in large-area LCD backlights
DisplaySearch's Quarterly LED Backlight Report found that LED backlight units will surpass CCFL/EEFL backlights in large-area TFT LCD panels in 2011, and hit 74 percent penetration in 2013.
2007-08-22 LED to outshine CCFL in backlight applications
The increasing use of LED in backlight applications will intensify the pressure on the competing CCFL technology, according to IMS Research.
2007-03-14 LED backlight to replace CCFL in large-screen LCD TVs
Power Analog Microelectronics suggests that replacing CCFL backlight with LED backlight in LCD TVs will address the issue of power consumption in China.
2002-01-28 Kumho Electric injects $670M for CCFL production in China
Kumho Electric Inc. has injected $670 million for the construction of a CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) production line located in Suzhou, China.
2008-02-05 Implementing analog dimming on the DS39xx CCFL controllers
This application note first introduces the two dimming approaches commonly used for CCFLs. It then describes how to implement analog dimming on the DS39xx CCFL controllers.
2008-01-29 How to achieve a 300:1 dimming ratio with the DS3881/DS3882 CCFL controllers
This application note describes how CCFL lamps can be dimmed and how a user can maximize the dimming ratio of a CCFL inverter by using the DS3881 and DS3882 CCFL controllers.
2003-01-22 Frontier CCFL inverter transformer delivers 1.2W
The TSS1230F-01 CCFL inverter transformer from Frontier Electronics Corp. delivers a maximum lamp wattage of 1.2W.
2004-05-21 Endicott CCFL inverter displays optimized backlighting
The W6m Class of dc-ac inverters from Endicott uses a custom on-board IC that's designed to optimize closed-loop current control.
2003-05-27 Desktop lamp (CCFL) application with the UBA2070
This application note details the use of the UBA2070 integrated half bridge driver IC to design a two lamps (700V/6mA per lamp) inverter with dim-function, operating at a typical input voltage of 200Vdc.
2002-07-05 Data Image active-matrix LCD features CCFL backlighting
The FG010600A display is a CCFL-backlit active-matrix LCD module from Data Image Corp. that features 240x234-dot resolution and a 1.6-inch screen.
2007-01-03 Dallas Semi unrolls CCFL controllers for LCDs
Dallas Semiconductor has introduced the DS3992/DS3994, 2/4-channel controllers for CCFLs used to backlight LCDs in TV and PC monitor applications.
2005-06-13 Comparing magnetic and piezoelectric transformer approaches in CCFL applications
This app note discusses magnetic and piezoelectric transformer approaches in CCFL applications
2006-02-03 CCFL supply to increase in 2H
Research analysis firm DisplaySearch expects that the current tight supply of CCFLs will ease up in the second half of 2006.
2008-04-01 CCFL inverters up LCD backlighting efficiency
Endicott Research's new SFW series of DC/AC inverters is designed for CCFL display backlighting applications that require high efficiency, wide range dimming and lamp current stability over a broad input-voltage range.
2005-12-16 CCFL inverters take up less board space
Endicott Research's LDS series of (DC/AC) inverters power up to four cold cathode fluorescent lamps in LCD backlighting apps.
2003-02-18 CCFL inverter transformer operates up to 75C
J.W. Miller's latest CCFL inverter transformer comes in a 26-by-16.5-by-7.1mm surface-mount package.
2005-04-20 CCFL inverter sheds light on the larger displays
Suited to the larger (19 to 24-inch) LCDs, Endicott Research's DmF6 series of (dc-ac) inverters offers system integrators a high-power module in a compact package for powering the cold-cathode fluorescent lamps used for backlighting.
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