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What is CAD (Computer-Aided Design)?
CAD electronic design automation (EDA) of projects that were previously under manual methods considered to be drafting functions. It typically refers to PCB layout, wire harness design or mechanical design.
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2003-05-15 Yueqing miniature switch designed for CD drives
The DH2C-B1PA two-way miniature switch from Yueqing CS Electronics Co. Ltd measures 8.2-by-6.1-by-2.7mm and is designed for use in audio recorders.
2003-02-07 Yamaha to withdraw from CD-R/RW business
Yamaha Corp. has decided to terminate its sales of CD-R/RWs for PCs and to withdraw completely from the business by the end of March.
2010-06-01 Transceiver promises CD-quality audio, zero click noise
The CC8520 is an audio transceiver featuring 2.4GHz SoC that transmits uncompressed CD-quality wireless audio over a RF link with no unwanted noise or dropouts.
2006-01-19 Toshiba unveils new CD-MP3 processors for automotive apps
Toshiba America Electronic Components announced two new CD-MP3 processors that enable playback of CD and multiple compressed audio formats from a single IC.
2002-03-27 Toshiba combines CD-R/RW and DVD-ROM into slim drive
The SD-R2212 from Toshiba Corp. combines CD-R/RW and DVD-ROM functions into a 128-by-129-by-12.7mm slim drive, making it suitable for integration in portable PCs.
2006-10-19 TI, Mistral team up on virtual CD changer ref design
Texas Instruments and India's Mistral Software recently introduced a virtual CD changer reference design built on TI's Aureus audio digital DSPs.
2006-10-19 TI, Mistral Software co-develop virtual CD changer ref design
Texas Instruments Inc. and Mistral Software Ltd are launching a virtual CD changer (VCDC) reference design for next-generation A/V applications.
2003-12-22 Therma-Wave, Tokyo Electron partner on CD metrology developments
Therma-Wave Inc., a semiconductor metrology company, has received a multi-system, multi-million dollar order from Tokyo Electron (TEL). Under the terms of the order, Therma-Wave's advanced INTEGRA CD metrology products will be used with TEL's CLEAN TRACK ACT and CLEAN TRACK LITHIUS series of coater/developer products.
2005-11-14 Sony suspends CD copy protection
Sony BMG Music Entertainment on Friday announced that it would stop producing CDs with its controversial XCP copy-protection technology.
2003-05-15 Sony laser diodes perform CD, DVD recording/playback
Sony Corp. has announced the availability of a series of laser diodes that feature two operating wavelengths in a single package.
2004-12-29 Sipex rolls out photo detector IC for DVD, CD writers
Sipex released its SP8053, a photo detector IC specially designed for DVD and CD writers that utilize twin laser modules.
2002-02-15 Sipex PDIC enables faster CD, DVD read speeds
The SP8040 is a high-performance four-channel PDIC that combines a photodetector array and high-speed analog processing in a single chip for the pick-up head read-channel.
2002-04-04 Sipex APCs target CD/DVD storage systems
Designed for use in combination drives that feature CD-RW and DVD-RW capabilities, the SP8024, SP8025, and SP8026 APC ICs provide a differential 2V output swing and drive over 50pF of capacitance, while maintaining a slew rate >250V/5s and settling time of <20ns.
2001-08-30 Simulation of the physical layer of IEEE 803.3 CSMA/CD (Ethernet)
This application note provides the framework for the implementation of a detailed simulation of the physical layer of the IEEE 803.3 CSMA/CD standard.
2004-01-23 Shenguang Science motors suit CD, DVD players
Shenguang Science & Technology Co. Ltd has released its SRF-300CH series of vibration motors that are designed for use in audio and visual equipment.
2002-01-04 Sanyo controller ICs pack CD, radio control on chip
The LC72311W, LC72312W and LC72313W ETR (electronic tuning radio) controller ICs integrate both CD and radio control on a single chip.
1999-12-01 Portable Ni-Cd Battery Charger
This article shows you how to recharge NiCd batteries from a readily available source such as an automotive battery.
2007-03-15 Photomask CD measurement system suits 45nm node
Vistec's new SEM-based CD measurement system is designed for the 45nm technology node photomask production and the 32nm process development.
2003-05-23 OSC audio processor wirelessly transmits CD-quality audio
Open Solution Co. Ltd has released the DWM3000 digital audio processor which features the "apt-X" audio compress/decompress algorithm that enables the wireless transmission of CD-quality audio.
2002-03-13 Oak Technology rolls out 48X CD-R/RW controller
Claimed to be industry's first 48X CD-R/RW optical storage controller, the OTI-9797T controller is capable of 48X CD-R, as well as 24X CD-RW write speeds and supports constant angular velocity and constant linear velocity write methods.
2002-11-08 Oak CD-RW controller embeds ARM core
The OTI-9510 52X CD-RW controller is embedded with an ARM7TDMI 32-bit microprocessor core to provide developers of optical storage products with increased performance and efficiency.
2008-06-13 O2Micro wins low-power audio CD player patent
Power management IC supplier O2Micro International Ltd has been granted 35 claims under U.S. patent number 7,359,998 for its Low-Power Audio CD Player invention.
2003-11-14 NSC LDDs reduce DVD/CD recording times
National Semiconductor Corp. (NSC) has introduced laser diode drivers that will allow desktop and notebook disk drive manufacturers to slash DVD/CD write and rewrite times by 50 percent.
2003-07-17 Nova tool suits CD, profile measurements
Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd has introduced its NovaScan CD, an integrated tool used for critical dimensions and profile measurements.
2005-01-13 Nordic chip solution offers 'CD-quality wireless audio streaming'
The new nRF24Z1 from Nordic Semiconductor uses the company's latest 4Mbps MegaZtream platform.
2009-01-06 Ni-Cd battery eyes telecom networks
Saft has launched the new Tel.X nickel-based battery product range designed specifically for telecom network applications.
2006-12-08 New HDMI transmitter supports Super Audio CD
Silicon Image Inc. unveiled its latest High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) transmitter chip for use in STBs, DVD recorders and DVD players.
2002-10-28 LG Electronics ships low-noise CD-RW drive
LG Electronics Inc. has introduced the GCE-8481B 48x CD-RW drive that uses the company's reverse-resonance design to minimize noise and thermal emission.
2004-10-14 Korean startup debuts IC for CD-like wireless audio
Open Solution, a Korean fabless semiconductor startup, is sampling a digital audio processor designed for use in wireless apps.
2006-02-17 KLA-Tencor unveils latest-gen optical CD metrology system
KLA-Tencor's latest-generation optical CD metrology system provides cost-effective inline CD and profile measurements of critical device structures that help enable early prediction of IC performance and yield at the 90nm and 65nm nodes.
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