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What is component information system (CIS)?
An EDA or supply chain application which allows users to locate components and suppliers, view parametric information about the component, conduct procurement transactions, and in some cases to even obtain design views of the selected components that can drive their particular EDA design tools of choice. Also referred to as Component Supplier Management (CSM).
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2010-09-09 SoloPower's flexible CIGS modules win UL certification
Flexible CIGS modules pass UL1703 test for PV module manufacturing safety
2008-01-30 CIGS-based solar cells achieve efficiency breakthrough
Global Solar Energy has claimed an efficiency breakthrough for solar cells based on CIGS thin-film technology.
2015-07-08 CIGS thin film solar cells beat silicon efficiency
A European consortium claims to have an efficient alternative to silicon that achieves 25 per cent efficiency, rivalling silicon for a fraction of the cost of the cheap low-efficiency Chinese varieties.
2014-02-24 CIGS recycling cuts solar cell production costs
The introduction of oxygen removes the selenium, allowing easy separation of the materials with various acids.
2013-02-04 CIGS modules boast 15.1% efficiency
TSMC Solar announced confirmation by both TUV SUD and UL that its commercial-sized champion CIGS module sets a new world record for monolithic thin-film module efficiency.
2010-04-16 Ascent Solar, Cambrios partner on CIGS PV research
Cambrios Technologies has selected Ascent Solar as research partner to explore on innovative, wet-processed, transparent conductive films can be applied to lightweight, flexible CIGS photovoltaics.
2013-06-20 TSMC Solar's champion module hits 15.7% efficiency mark
TSMC Solar's new champion module improves on the previous 15.1 per cent world record they set in January this year.
2015-08-31 TSMC brings the curtain down on solar biz
The company said its 100 per cent subsidiary TSMC Solar will cease manufacturing operations at the end of August 2015, but would honour all product warranties and offer jobs to all affected workers.
2012-08-16 Solar powered charger designed for Samsung Galaxy S III
Ascent Solar's EnerPlex incorporates the company's solar cells into a sleek, protective Galaxy S III case, along with an ultra-thin battery.
2010-10-13 Korea thin-film solar plant set to rise
A joint venture between Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd and Saint-Gobain will build an 850-module per year CIGS thin-film solar cell manufacturing plant in South Korea.
2013-07-05 Imec, Solliance uncover solar cell with 9.7% efficiency
The CZTSe is an emerging alternative solar cell absorber in thin-film solar cells that aim to bring the industry close to sustainable alternative for the highest efficiency thin-film solar cells.
2008-06-18 IBM, TOK to bring low-cost solar cells to market
Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co. Ltd IBM are have partnered to develop new, low-cost methods for bringing the next generation of solar energy products to market.
2010-08-09 IBIS study favors replacing multi-crystalline silicon in solar cells
Research shows that the global PV market could achieve savings of over $646 million by 2015 if they replace 500MW of multi-crystalline silicon usage with the CIGS-based solar cells from XsunX.
2009-10-08 Solar panels blend in with asphalt
The technology integrates low-cost, thin-film CIGS photovoltaic cells with the roofing shingle design.
2011-09-08 Imec, Solliance collaborate in thin film PV research
The companies will work on three main thin film technologies, namely: thin film Si, alternatives for CIGS, and organic photovoltaics.
2008-03-03 Harnessing solar cell for image sensor design
Rohm Co. Ltd and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) have developed an image sensor using CuInGaSe2 (CIGS). Developed by combining the polycrystalline CIGS solar cell technology with the conventional crystalline Si (c-Si) CMOS image sensor technology, the new device has a higher sensitivity and a wider spectral range.
2009-08-05 Bosch boosts photovoltaics biz
Bosch group is beefing up its photovoltaics activities with the acquisition of two companies involved module manufacturing including CIGS thin-film modules.
2008-08-27 Web coating tool eases solar cell manufacturing
Veeco Instruments Inc. has introduced a line of web coating systems designed for manufacturing copper indium gallium selenide solar cells.
2012-03-21 TSMC Solar receives certifications
TSMC Solar Ltd, has received certifications from Underwriters Laboratories and International Electrotechnical Commission for a range of its copper indium gallium selenide PV modules.
2008-07-31 Thin-film solar cells to generate 26GW of power by 2015
According to NanoMarkets, the thin-film photovoltaics market will produce the equivalent of 26GW by 2015 and will generate well over $20 billion in revenues in that same time frame.
2009-02-23 The lowdown on the fab tool market
2009 is off to a rough start for fab tool and materials vendors. But some technologiesand companiesare doing better than others.
2008-10-10 Solar tech eases PV installation, lowers expenses
Solyndra has released a new solar system that consists of panels and mounting hardware designed for commercial rooftops.
2008-09-19 Solar power: The next major energy source
Photovoltaic technology offers a secure domestic power source. Here's a look at the technology that is free from the leash of the oil industry, low in maintenance, high in modularity and scalability, and the only technology capable of meeting the world's long-term energy needs without emitting greenhouse gases.
2009-03-23 Solar panel market to face slowdown in '09
Sales of solar energy panels amounted to 5.6GW in 2008, up 48 percent on 2007, but the global economic crisis will result in newly installed solar capacity reaching only 7.1GW in 2009, equivalent to a global growth rate of 26 percent, before the strong growth resumes in 2010.
2008-11-13 Solar markets: Highlighting PV technology
It has been shown that solar energy harvesting will soon go mainstream, but it's not clear which of the many diverse technologies vying for dominance in this emerging market will take precedence.
2009-08-31 Solar manufacturing capacity up despite low demand
Previously committed capacity expansions result in solar cell manufacturing growth despite a drop in demand.
2009-12-24 Solar Energy, ITRI Taiwan ink PV deal
Solar Energy Initiatives and the ITRI Taiwan have entered a business and technical collaboration agreement to build, integrate, test and commercialize solar products and solutions.
2008-11-28 Report: Solar panel sales to slide in '09
The economic downturn is expected to significantly impact solar panel sales, starting with weakened average selling prices and order delays or cancellations, according to The Information Network.
2009-05-28 PV modules to power hybrid aerial vehicle
Ascent Solar Technologies has announced that its flexible thin-film photovoltaic modules will be designed into the development of a hybrid unmanned aerial vehicle (H-UAV) called the Silent Sentinel developed by Bye Aerospace.
2008-12-18 PV materials market to hit $2.4B by '11
NanoMarkets has released an updated analysis of the thin-film photovoltaics (TFPV) and organic photovoltaics (OPV) materials markets. The new analysis and forecast projects revenues of $2.4 billion in 2011 that will grow to just under $7.5 billion in 2015.
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