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2006-01-13 New multi-standard modem IC from CML
The CMX868A device from CML Microcircuits is a multi-standard modem IC targeted at telemetry and telephone based information applications.
2005-12-20 New DTMF codec/FSK modem combo IC from CML
The CMX865 is a multi-standard modem for use in telephone based information and telemetry systems.
2003-08-18 Company: CML Microcircuits (UK) Ltd
This application note serves as a quick reference guide for the CMX868.
2005-01-06 CML wireless data modem IC saves space, components
CML rolled out a single-chip GMSK packet-data modem with RF transceiver that offers a versatile baseband modem, and IF and RF processing functions
2002-06-10 CML V.22bis modem features DAA
CML Microcircuits (UK) Ltd has announced the release of the CMX878 V.22bis modem with Data Access Arrangement capability that enables it to be interfaced to the telephone line without the need for a transformer.
2002-10-29 CML TETRA IC combines baseband, voice processors
The CMX981 TETRA IC combines a digital-radio baseband processor with an on-chip voice codec/processor and audio PA.
2002-05-24 CML ships ISDN TA demo board
CML Microcircuits (UK) Ltd has announced the shipment of the DE6350 demonstration board, aimed at reducing the product development time of ISDN terminal adapters.
2003-03-13 CML rolls baseband processor IC for FSR radios
CML Microcircuits (UK) Ltd has introduced the CMX882 baseband processor IC for Family Radio Service (FSR)-type leisure radios.
2002-08-14 CML radio processor provides GPS capability
The CMX882 half-duplex audio and signalling processor from CML Microcircuits Ltd supports FRS, PMR446, GMRS, and MURS type radios, and features added data facilities for GPS capability.
2004-12-28 CML processor IC tailored for marine AIS apps
CML released a highly integrated baseband signaling processor IC for class A and class B marine Automatic Identification System apps
2005-01-03 CML processor IC offers increased functionality, versatility
CML Microcircuits has developed a highly integrated baseband and signaling processor IC with on-chip RF synthesis.
2005-07-21 CML offers EvKit for CMX981 IC
The EV9810 evaluation kit from CML Micro enables the evaluation and experimentation of the CMX981's features and functions, and to accelerate the design-in process of end-products employing this digital radio baseband processor IC
2002-04-22 CML Microsystems announces new global image
CML Microsystems plc has revealed that its United Kingdom, U.S. and Singapore semiconductor operating companies will trade under a single global image called CML Microcircuits.
2002-05-08 CML microcontroller integrates V.22bis modem
The CMX850 microcontroller from CML Microcircuits (UK) Ltd features an 80C51 microcontroller integrated with a V.22bis modem for use in embedded systems.
2003-07-09 CML Micro signaling IC suits FRS, PMR446 radios
The CMX882 device from CML Microcircuits is a full-function half-duplex audio and signalling processor IC for FRS- and PMR446-type facilities.
2003-04-02 CML Micro receives ISO 9001:2000 certification
CML Microcircuits Ltd has received an ISO-9001:2000 certification for both its U.K. and U.S. operations.
2003-06-09 CML Micro IC supports FRS digital comm apps
CML Microcircuits has released the CMX882 FRS radio signal processor IC that supports digital communications standards.
2003-09-29 CML Micro IC has on-chip signaling facilities
The V.32bis modem IC from CML Microcircuits Ltd will meet the requirements of most mid-range telephone data apps.
2003-12-10 CML kit brings speed to PMR, Leisure-Radio ICs
CML Microcircuits Ltd has released a custom evaluation, demonstration and investigation kit that brings speed and versatility to the company's PMR and 'Leisure-Radio' ICs - the CMX881, CMX882 and CMX883.
2004-03-26 CML IC offers voice codec/processor, audio PA
CML Microcircuits has released its latest digital radio baseband processor IC that is an advanced IC combined on-chip with a voice codec/processor and an audio PA.
2002-11-26 CML expands into Shanghai
CML Microcircuits (Singapore Pte) Ltd has established a representative office in Shanghai, China.
2003-10-23 CML enhances wireline communications IC
CML Microcircuits Ltd has announced the enhanced facilities of its CMX850 low-power, single-chip communications controller IC.
2003-08-26 CML demo kits provide interface reference
The DE8781 and DE8782 demo kits from CML Microcircuits are PCB-based evaluation tools that provide interface reference designs.
2002-09-05 CML call detection IC monitors voice, music
CML Microcircuits (UK) Ltd has announced the availability of the CMX683 call progress detection IC for wireline telecom applications. It requires 0.6mA at 2.7V to detect actual voice or music on the line.
2002-06-26 CML baseband processor provides XTCSS signaling
The CMX883 half-duplex audio and signaling processor IC from CML Microcircuits (UK) Ltd provides XTCSS signaling, as well as Enhanced CTSS and DCS signaling functions for "leisure band" radios.
2002-10-02 CML audio processor draws 600?A at 2.7V
Specifically designed for use in professional two-way radio systems, CML Microcircuits' CMX881 audio processor IC draws 600?A at 2.7V.
2003-04-02 CML audio decoder functions in harsh environments
CML Microcircuits (UK) Ltd has announced the availability of the CMX823 programmable paging decoder IC for use in two-tone and 5/6 tone systems.
2003-02-21 CML audio codec draws 1.9mA
The CMX649 multimode audio codec IC from CML Microcircuits (UK) Ltd draws 1.9mA at 2.7V.
2004-12-24 CML ADM voice codec provides full duplex functions
The CMX649 adaptive delta modulation voice codec from CML provides full duplex codec functions optimized for cost effective, portable, wireless apps
2002-02-07 CML modem IC consumes <5mA
Consuming <5mA from a single 2.7V supply, the CMX866 V.22bis modem IC from Consumer Microcircuits Ltd is suited for the low-power requirement of line-powered telephone-based applications
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