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2002-05-20 Virage Logic to supply embedded memories to UMC
Virage Logic will supply embedded memories for UMC's 0.135m MPU CMOS logic process that utilizes phase-shifting technology from Numerical Technologies Inc. to generate 70nm transistor gates.
2002-11-08 Transmission lines and terminations with Philips Advanced Logic families
This application note reviews transmission line concepts and evaluate transmission line effects with Philips 5V and 3V BiCMOS and CMOS logic families such as ABT, AC(T), ALVC, LVC, LVT, and ALVT.
2003-09-01 Toshiba expands LMOS logic series
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. and its parent Toshiba Corp. have announced the availability of its VHS series of Logic-MOS devices
2012-07-04 The CMOS-mobile apps connection
The two biggest markets for logic chips are, of course, mobile (smartphone and tablet) and PC devices. These markets are now steering the technology direction and defining the winners and losers
2013-02-27 Research targets highly energy-efficient CMOS logic systems
Tokyo Institute of Technology researchers proposed a new architecture of power-gating using non-volatile SRAM and non-volatile FF circuits called non-volatile power-gating for high performance systems.
2012-09-28 ReRAM in 28nm logic process piques TSMC's interest
A research team from National Tsing-Hua University found that a contact RRAM (CRRAM) cell has been realised in a HKMG 28-nm CMOS logic process without the use of any additional masking or process steps.
2005-02-02 Realtek highlights UWB CMOS RFIC transceiver
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. has developed a compact low-power CMOS RFIC transceiver for ultra-wideband (UWB) applications
2004-05-12 Pericom expands SiliconInterface Logic portfolio
Pericom has expanded its SiliconInterface Logic portfolio with three CMOS logic devices that are optimized for 1.8V with operation from 0.8V to 2.7V.
2002-09-20 ON Semiconductor logic ICs exhibit 3.6ns delay
Th ALVC and ALVCH series of CMOS logic devices exhibit a maximum delay of 3.6ns at 3V, making them suitable for high-speed applications in portable and desktop PCs, video display products, and networking.
2005-09-21 New AUP CMOS logic from Philips consumes ultra-low power
Royal Philips Electronics introduced its family of Advanced Ultra-low Power CMOS logic, featuring ultra-low power consumption.
2014-08-06 MEMS treads logic road
The difference between MEMS and logic, and the reason for the continued control of the IDM in the MEMS domain, is that MEMS manufacturing process is fundamentally linked to design possibilities
2006-05-05 Maxim unveils bidirectional logic-level translators for portable apps
Maxim's 16-channel CMOS logic-level translators are inherently bidirectional in design, thus reducing pin count and making these devices ideal for portable equipment applications.
2003-03-11 Logic line is built for live insertion
Pericom Semi's line of low-voltage-technology CMOS interface logic devices is especially designed for live insertion in server and networking apps.
2007-02-01 Logic chipmakers seek 32nm breakthroughs
Even as they put the finishing touches on their 45nm process technologies and tweak them for low power, leading-edge logic chipmakers are scrambling to find manufacturing breakthroughs for the 32nm node and beyond
2003-07-16 Interface logic technology will never die
Logic continues to have a bright future and it will always be regarded as the stop-gap solution when advanced ASICs or FPGAs fail to provide the best performance-to-cost ratio
2009-10-06 IMEC pushes 3D integration of DRAM on logic
IMEC and its 3D integration partners have prototyped a DRAM chip integrated on top of a logic IC
2011-04-28 High-speed CMOS logic devices undergo performance upgrade
Diodes introduces a new family of high-speed CMOS logic devices offering power dissipation and improvements in switching speed.
2013-02-21 Globalfoundries bolsters 55nm CMOS logic process
Globalfoundries enhanced their 55nm LPe 1V, a 55nm Low-Power Enhanced process technology platform, with qualified, next-generation memory and logic IP solutions from ARM
2004-08-18 Gage digital capture card converts PC to logic analyzer
Equipped with an onboard FPGA, Gage Applied Technologies' plug-and-play CompuScope 3200C looks like a pretty nifty plug-in.
2004-01-14 Europe plans mega funding for nano CMOS
The European Commission (EC) has approved the first phase of a proposed multiyear collaborative research program to advance CMOS beyond the 45nm node
2014-01-21 Dual gate logic devices extend mobile device battery life
Geared for low voltage, low energy operation, the miniature 74AUP2G family targets a variety of hand-held consumer electronics, including cell phones, e-book readers and tablets.
2012-03-26 CMOS logic ICs operate from 1.65-5.5V
Diodes' 74LVCxx logic ICs are designed for computing applications such as desktops and notebooks, hard disks and optical drives, routers and hubs
2000-11-27 Advanced low-voltage CMOS with bus hold (ALVCH) 3.3V logic
This application note discusses the major advantages of Pericom's Advanced Low Voltage CMOS with bus hold (ALVCH) logic, which is designed for fast 3.5ns propagation delays and-low noise while providing a "last state" hold feature.
2011-06-28 28nm CMOS supports WLAN, Bluetooth
RFaxis rolls out its 28nm CMOS silicon multiband/multimode RF Front-end IC that supports WLAN and Bluetooth
2012-03-26 130nm CMOS logic backend tech unleashed
SilTerra Malaysia released the CL130AL that offers single poly up to six layers of aluminum metallization, borderless contacts and via with USG inter-metal dielectric.
2009-03-27 110nm CMOS squeezes extra die per wafer
Silterra Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. has debuted a foundry-compatible copper-based 110nm CMOS logic process technology. Codenamed CL110G, the technology offers a 10 percent optical shrink for the copper-based 130nm and enables customers to squeeze extra die per wafer.
2003-05-15 Xilinx ships 10Gbps CMOS transceiver family
Xilinx Inc.'s RocketPHY family of PHY transceivers is claimed as the first programmable logic system that delivers CMOS solutions at 10Gbps.
2004-02-20 Virage to support DongbuAnam 0.13?m CMOS processes
DongbuAnam Semiconductor and Virage Logic Corp. have entered into a licensing and royalty-bearing agreement that provides for the delivery of Virage Logic's technology-optimized platforms for DongbuAnam's new 0.13?m CMOS processes.
2010-01-15 Virage Logic sets up R&D center in Netherlands
Virage Logic Corp. has established a Dutch corporation in conjunction with its new R&D center of excellence in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2002-04-05 Virage Logic embedded RAM employs standard logic process
Manufactured using TSMC's 0.18?m CMOS process, the Novea RAM embedded memory from Virage Logic Corp. is claimed to be the first commercially-available non-volatile embedded memory manufactured using a standard logic process.
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