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2002-10-11 Using ispGDX160VA with the Motorola MPC860 to Provide a Generic Communications Processor Solution
This application note overviews a design example showing how two GDX160VA crosspoint switches can be used with Motorola's MPC860 to provide a generic and flexible Comms I/F module.
2002-11-14 Practical GMSK data transmission
This article covers GMSK modems with a focus on interfacing a single chip baseband modem to the IF/RF section of a
2003-08-29 MSK and its Application to Wireless Data Transmission
This application note discusses some general procedures and guidelines to implement a simplified MSK modem.
2002-11-14 MSK and its application to wireless data transmission
This article describes some insight as to how a simplified MSK modem can be implemented and modeled.
2003-08-13 Motorola, Metrowerks offer processor evaluation system
Motorola and Metrowerks have released a communication processor evaluation system which is claimed to enable out-of-the-box productivity.
2007-05-31 Tool tackles power integrity issues in ICs, packages, boards
Aiming to deliver a comprehensive solution for tackling noise and power at the chip, I/O and PCB design levels, Apache Design Solutions announced its Sentinel product line.
2003-11-06 Synplicity upgrades RTL prototyping tool
Synplicity Inc. has released a new version of its Certify ASIC RTL prototyping software with enhanced automatic pin multiplier technology, new compilers and mappers, and support for hardware-based FPGA prototyping systems from AMO and EVE.
2011-11-14 RTL sol'n yields ultra low-power design
The RTL Power Model predicts IC power behavior at the RTL level with consideration for how the design is physically implemented.
2002-07-26 Motorola ships processor using new SoC architecture
Motorola's MPC8560 integrated communications processor uses the PowerQUICC III SoC architecture to provide improved control processing and forwarding plane bandwidth.
2005-03-16 Async PowerQuicc II rolls out
Featuring asynchronous performance between the e300 RISC block and the Quicc Engine data path block, Freescale's MPC8360E PowerQuicc II Pro is the first comms processor in the line to support full Layer 3 internetworking functions on-chip.
2005-08-09 Artesyn's new protocol engine based on Freescale controller
Artesyn Communication Products, a division of Artesyn Technologies, announced the Pm8560, a new octal E1/T1 ProcessorPMC protocol engine based on Freescale's PowerQUICC III MPC8560 communication controller.
2008-09-19 Analysis: Communications processors to hit dead end?
The era of the communications processor is winding down as designers increasingly turn to multicore processors to perform these functions.
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