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2002-12-23 Sunstar fiber-optic patch cord withstands 80C
The single- and multi-mode fiber-optic patch cords withstand up to 1,000 mating operations.
2007-10-09 Stuck at C: Programming languages unready for multicore
Embedded developers are slowly moving to multicore architectures, but they will make the transition without much help from parallel programming languages.
2002-09-05 StockerYale fibers eye C-band EDFAs
StockerYale Inc. has announced the availability of its EDF-980-T1 and EDF-RC-980-T1 erbium-doped fibers, specifically designed to boost the performance of C-band EDFAs.
2006-05-29 ST certifies Mentor Catapult C Synthesis Libraries
Mentor Graphics announced that STMicroelectronics has added Catapult C Synthesis libraries to its standard ASIC design kit.
2007-08-21 SPI/I?C bus lines control multiple peripherals
This application note compares two common serial, digital interfaces used by most analog ICs: SPI or 3-wire, and I?C or 2-wire.
2007-09-14 SPI-compatible automotive EEPROMs operate at 125C
Rohm has developed the first SPI-compatible BR25Hxx0 EEPROMs with guaranteed operation at 125C and which offers the industry's highest ESD resistance at 6kV.
2005-01-25 Specialist transducers feature a temperature range of up to 400C
The XTEH-7L-190 series of pressure transducers from Kulite is an ideal solution for specialist apps.
2002-05-09 Souped-up C-compiler autoconfigures FPGAs
A C-compiler has been developed for systems that use a microprocessor and an FPGA coprocessor.
2011-08-17 Software targets ANSI C development
NI's LabWindows/CVI 2010 Service Pack 1 targets ANSI C programmers who are developing software for collecting, analyzing and presenting data or controlling instruments.
2000-06-02 Software Implementation of I?C Bus Master
This application note describes the software implementation of I?C interface routines for the PIC16CXX family of devices.
2007-02-05 Software eases device integration with I?C bus
Mentor Graphics has announced the availability of Nucleus I?C software for developing applications needing access to on-board peripherals connected via the I?C bus.
2014-08-04 Sodium-beta battery operates at as low as 150C
The test battery carries a liquid metal alloy electrode, lowering the operating temperature from 350C and retaining about 97 per cent of its initial storage capacity after 100 charge/discharge cycles.
2011-09-29 Snap-acting switch operates at -40C to 85C
The TFS Series features a maximum actuator operating force of 200g and touts 100,000 operating cycles.
2009-06-03 SMBus compatibility with an I?C device
An I?C device usually can be controlled by an SMBus host, but there are hardware and software differences with which a designer must deal. This app note offers solutions for this issue.
2003-01-13 SIP converters deliver full output current at 85C
The DV/DH series of non-isolated SIP dc/dc converters is designed to provide full output current when operating up to 85C.
2007-03-29 Single-chip tuner targets DVB-C STB apps
RF Magic has unveiled a single-chip silicon tuner developed specifically for applications compliant with the DVB-C standard used in Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa.
2007-10-30 SiGe:C LNA steps up GPS systems sensitivity
The ?PC8233TK is NEC Electronics' latest in line of SiGe:C LNAs targeted at GPS and mobile communications applications.
2004-06-03 Siemens adopts Mentor Catapult C synthesis tool
Mentor Graphics Corp. announced that Siemens Information and Communications Networks has reduced C source to register transfer level (RTL) implementation time by 50 percent on a strategic project using their latest Catapult C synthesis tool.
2004-12-14 Shiheng receives C-UL, UL, CQC approvals for thermistors
Mainland China-based Nanjing Shiheng Electronics Co. Ltd recently announced that its MF72 power NTC and MF52 NTC thermistors already received the C-UL and UL certificates as well as the CQC certificate from the China Quality Certification Center.
2001-05-03 Sharing header files in C and assembly
This application note describes how to produce a single, shared header file that defines the symbols once for both C and assembly language.
2001-05-01 Setting up TMS320C6201 interrupts in C
This application note describes how the user can set and use interrupts on C for Texas Instruments' TMS320C6201 DSP.
2001-05-01 Setting up TMS320 DSP interrupts in C
This application note describes methods of setting up interrupts for Texas Instruments' TMS320C2x, TMS320C3x, TMS320C4x and TMS320C5x DSPs in ANSI C compilers.
2001-06-08 Serial memory interface: The benefits of SPI over I?C and ?Wire
This application note examines serial memory interface trends and evaluates the three leading interface standards that include SPI, I?C and ?Wire.
2008-07-14 Serdes with UART/I?C control suits automotive cameras
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the latest members of its high-speed LVDS Serdes family: the MAX9257/MAX9258 Serdes chipset.
2005-02-02 SerDes chipset operates up to 125C
The SCAN921025H serializer and SCAN921226H deserializer from National deliver up to 10 bits of digital data at 20MHz to 80MHz.
2002-11-21 Sensotec pressure transducer operates to 176C
Sensotec's Model A-105 sub-miniature, flush diaphragm pressure transducer delivers up to 0.1 percent accuracy.
2014-04-10 Self-cooling chips operate up to 300°C
A team at Fraunhofer IMS developed a type of high-temperature process that allows the fabrication of compact microchips that can keep their cool even at 300°C.
2011-10-04 Schottky diodes operate as low as -40C
ST's 200V rectifiers can be used in high-current AC/DC power supplies with 30-50V nominal DC output.
2002-10-04 Sanjin thermistors operate up to 300C
The MF58 thermistor of Hefei Sanjin Electronic Co. Ltd features a maximum dissipation coefficient of 2.5mW/C.
2003-10-03 S.C. Precision RCA connectors suit network, audio apps
Suitable for use in network and audio systems, the SCP606, SCP612, SCP617, and SCP618 series of RCA connectors are available with or without sealing shell.
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