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2003-10-15 S.C. Precision connectors have two-, three-poles
S.C. Precision Industrial Co. Ltd has announced the availability of a series of RCA connectors that are suitable for use in LCD monitors.
2003-03-21 RiTdisplay OLED panel operates to 70C
The RGC10096016GR000 OLED module of RiTdisplay Corp. is rated at 4V and is screened for operation over a temperature range of 20C to 70C.
2011-04-08 RFID chip boasts I2C interface, large memory
NXP Semiconductors releases the UCODE I2C chip that has an integrated I2C interface and 3,328bit user memory.
2011-07-01 RF power detector operates at -20CC70C
The CPDETLS-4000 features a frequency range of 10MHz to 4GHz and operating temperature range of -20C to 70C.
2013-06-12 Reverse engineering ANSI-C legacy code
Using some simple techniques you can traverse what looks like an insurmountable task.
2010-12-22 Resistors tout 5ppm/°C temp coefficient
Vishay Intertechnology offers metal film resistors in the 2012 and 4527 case sizes with temperature coefficients at 5ppm/°C and tolerances to 0.01 percent.
2007-10-09 Resistors rated to 200C roll for automotive, aerospace apps
IRC is offering a range of high temperature resistive products rated to 200C for automotive and aerospace applications.
2005-08-05 Resistive devices withstand up to 200C
New TaNFilm high-temperature product lines from TT electronics IRC Advanced Film help maintain critical electrical characteristics in high-temperature applications.
2005-08-31 Renesas to shutter design center in N.C.
Japan's Renesas Technology Corp. plans to lay off 45 engineers and support staff, and close its design center in Durham, North Carolina, according to a report from the Triangle Business Journal.
2007-03-30 Ref design cuts time-to-market for DVB-C STBs
Microtune's DVB-C reference design offers a hardware-and-software solution that allows DVB-C products to be quickly field tested and brought to market.
2009-01-06 R-C protection devices target 3G handsets
Semtech Corp.'s EClamp237xK family of resistor-capacitor (R-C) protection devices tout low capacitance, high attenuation and low clamping voltage needed for high-resolution color LCD interfaces in GSM and CDMA-based 3G handsets.
2007-07-13 R-C filters protect LCD interfaces in 3G handsets
Semtech's new family of R-C filters have the low capacitance, high attenuation and low clamping voltage needed for high-frequency color LCD interfaces in 3G handsets.
2004-01-14 Quadros RTOS supports IAR C/C++ development tool
Quadros Systems and IAR Systems have released a port of the RTXC Quadros RTOS for the IAR Systems ARM Embedded Workbench along with an RTOS-aware plug-in.
2002-11-08 PTN3500/PTN3501 provides simple card maintenance and control using I2C
This application note describes how PTN3500 and PTN3501 function as general-purpose maintenance and control devices using a fully programmable I2C serial to 8-bit parallel port expander and an internal 256x8 EEPROM.
2001-03-23 Programming the EZ-USB I?C interface
This application note describes the programming of the I?C interface of the EZ-USB devices by dealing with the 8051 interface and presenting the assembly language code for 8051-byte read/write to the I?C bus.
2004-06-21 Programming in C for the DS80C400
This app note describes how to set up the tools to write a simple tutorial program, and then demonstrates how to use the DS80C400's ROM functionality.
2001-03-21 Programming a 24LC00 EEPROM using the EZ-USB I?C Port
This application note demonstrates how to program Microchip Technology's 24LC00 EEPROM using Cypress Semiconductor's EZ-USB development board.
2006-06-29 Programmable Vcom calibrator includes I2C interface
Intersil introduced a 7-bit non-volatile programmable Vcom calibrator with I2C interface for setting backplane common voltage in TFT-LCDs of TVs, notebook computers and monitors.
2004-12-10 PowerPC 405 clock macro for -7(C) and -6(I) speed grade dual-processor devices
This app note provides a necessary macro when operating the left processor at speeds greater than 350MHz in the -7 commercial speed grade devices and greater than 300MHz in the -6 industrial speed grade devices.
2009-03-23 Power monitor packs digital I?C interface
International Rectifier has launched the IR3725 input power monitor IC with digital I?C interface for low-voltage DC/DC converters used in energy-efficient CPU, server and storage applications.
2006-08-03 Power film resistor handles 20W at 25C
Stackpole Electronics has introduced a TO-220 style power film resistor capable of handling up to 20W at case temperatures of 25C
2009-01-27 Power estimation in ispMACH 4000V/B/C/Z devices
The ispMACH 4000V/B/C/Z families offer an ideal mix of both high speed and low power in the same device. The ispMACH 4000V/B/C families offer fast pin-to-pin propagation delays for designs requiring high speed, while consuming only milliamps of static current.
2004-12-15 Polymer chip caps operate at 125C
Epcos launched a new series of polymer capacitors that can operate at ambient temperatures up to 125C with a standard voltage derating.
2005-09-13 PolarFab qualifies new devices on c-bipolar technology process
PolarFab, an analog and mixed-signal chip foundry, has qualified a new line of devices for its 1.25?m, 30V complementary-bipolar (c-bipolar) technology (BP30 process).
2006-07-17 Plain I?C bus to get speed makeover
Designers at Royal Philips Electronics have upped the speed of the venerable I?C serial bus by 250 percent, thus improving data transfer speeds as well as response to control commands.
2005-06-16 PIC18C ECAN 'C' routines
Thise app note implements 'C' routines to access all features of the ECAN module.
2010-05-11 PHY transceiver supports -40C to +125C
Micrel Inc. has released the KSZ8041NLJ 10Base-T/100Base-TX PHY transceiver that supports the extended temperature range of -40C to +125C.
2002-11-11 Photon 10Gbps optical transponder functions to 60C
Shenzhen Photon Technology's bidirectional optical transponder is screened for operation over the 0C to 60C temperature range.
2004-02-10 Philips launches I?C bus buffers
Philips Semiconductors has announced a family of I?C devices that will help designers build bigger I?C systems for maintenance and control applications in CompactPCI (PICMG2.9) and AdvancedTCA (PICMG3.X) architectures.
2002-02-28 Philips expands I?C/SM port expander product line
The company has announced the expansion of its I?C/SM bus port extender product line with the release of the 8-bit PCA9554 and PCA9954A, and the 16-bit PCA9555 GPIO port expanders.
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