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2005-10-27 Philips announces 'industry's first I?C/SPI to UART bridge chip'
The new SC16IS7xx family of bridge ICs from Philips promises to provide designers with a compact, seamless bridge across the most widely used protocols.
2011-11-21 PFC controller operates from -40C to 85C
ADI's digital PFC controller provides power metering accuracy of 3 percent at full load current.
2013-12-11 Perform non-blocking communication on I2C bus
The algorithm described in this application note enables sending whole I2C packet without waiting of the CPU in loops.
2004-06-18 PCA9564 - I2C-bus controller
This app note details Philips Semiconductors' family of bus controllers.
2002-11-13 PCA954X family of I2C/SMBus multiplexers and switches
This application note discusses device operation, software programming, pull up resistor sizing/bus termination and typical applications for Philips Semiconductors' PCA954X family of I2C/SMBus multiplexers and switches.
2007-04-12 PC/104-plus SBC runs at up to 85C without a fan
WinSystems' new SBC based on AMD GX500@1W operates throughout the temperature range of -40C to 85C without the need for a fan.
2008-02-07 Panel pot with cermet offers 6W power rating at 50C
Vishay Intertechnology has announced what it claims is the industry's first power panel potentiometer with a cermet element to feature a 6W power rating at 50C.
2000-06-16 P.F.C. application ideas using mains transformer
This application note quantifies the effect of a PFC pre-regulator stage, connected to a typical dc/dc converter in terms of efficiency, harmonic content and apparent power (VA) drawn from the mains.
2003-04-08 P&B electrolytic capacitors function down to -40C
The GX Series 2000 of aluminum electrolytic capacitors from P&B Electronics Co. Ltd is designed to operate over the -40C to 85C temperature range.
2011-11-24 Optocouplers operate from -40C to 125C
The FODM8801 consists of an aluminum gallium arsenide infrared LED optically coupled to a phototransistor.
2006-10-02 Optimize C programs for embedded SOC apps
This article discusses how C programmers for embedded processor cores within SoCs can reduce both code-execution time and memory footprint.
2007-03-30 Optical transceiver operates in -40C-85C range
Fujitsu's new 10Gbps XFP-type optical transceiver is capable of operating over the -40C to 85C temperature range and at distances of up to 40km.
2006-10-16 Open-source tools ease C++ verification
Two engineers published a book on IC verification with C++ and launched a website with free open-source tools that can help IC verification teams.
2005-07-12 Open-source C++ project offer basics of verification system
After implementing a C/C++ library that provides a basic verification system at three companies where he worked, Mike Mintz decided that there had to be a better way.
2002-10-22 Open-source C compiler targets FPGAs
Seeking to eliminate the need for detailed hardware expertise for FPGA design, a research group at the Los Alamos National Laboratory developed an open-source C compiler for reconfigurable logic.
2008-07-25 Omniscient C compiler boosts PIC32 RISC performance
HI-TECH Software took the wraps off an "omniscient" ANSI C compiler for 32bit MCU code that it claims boosts real-time response by more than 25 percent as well as nearly doubling code density.
2014-07-17 NTC chip thermistors support up to 150°C
The devices from Ametherm aim to deliver highly repeatable performance for temperature monitoring and compensation in hybrid circuits for ICs in robotic assemblies and military telecom systems.
2002-12-03 Noxtlon PLCC operates to 110C
Shenzhen Noxtlon Electronic Co. Ltd has released a DIP type PLCC that features a UL 94V-0 glass-filled thermoplastic insulator body.
2014-09-02 Novel technique 'sniffs' C. diff for faster detection
University of Leicester researchers measured the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) given out by different of strains of C. diff and have shown that many of them have a unique "smell".
2007-05-11 Nonvolatile DCPs function from -40C to 125C
The new families of nonvolatile DCPs from Intersil Corp. provide precision measurement and a wide operating temperature range for applications designed to function from -40C to 125C.
2005-01-06 NJR video amplifier includes LPF in Y, C system
New Japan Radio introduced its new low voltage operating video amplifier that includes LPF in Y and C system.
2002-11-13 Nicera CdS photoresistors operate up to 50C
Suzhou Nicera Electronics Co. Ltd's cadmium sulfide (CdS) photoresistors are rated for operation over the -30C to 50C temperature range.
2005-12-12 NI's new product targets I?C, SPI comm devices
National Instruments released a new USB device for use with I?C and serial peripheral interface communication devices.
2008-03-27 NI expands C Series line for data loggers
NI has announced four new C Series modules for data-logging applications including vibration/acoustical data logging and in-vehicle, structural, temperature and pressure testing.
2007-10-04 New MATLAB software generates C code
MATLAB users can now generate embeddable C code from M-files using Embedded MATLAB, a subset of the MATLAB programming language that supports a wide range of MCUs, DSPs and CPUs.
2006-08-16 New GaN sensor is sensitive to UV-A/B/C radiation
Orion Semiconductor has unveiled the OS100 Gallium Nitride ultraviolet sensor that is sensitive to UV-A, B and C radiation but completely blind to the visible spectrum.
2003-06-25 NenShi thermistors have 5mW/C thermal dissipation
The PTC-5 PTC thermistor series from NenShi Communication Equipment Co. Ltd is claimed to have a high withstanding voltage.
2006-07-25 NEC to enter EDA market with new C-based design tool
NEC began marketing its C-language design tools with an eye on cracking the EDA market.
2004-05-14 Murata ceramic filters withstand 260C
Murata Mfg Co. Ltd's SFSCE and SFSCD series of ceramic filters that feature a nominal center frequency of 10.7MHz to 22MHz and a bandwidth of 600kHz to 2MHz -- twice the value of the company's previous products.
2007-06-22 Murata buys C&D Tech's power electronics division for $85M
C&D Technologies has signed a definitive agreement to sell its Power Electronics Division to Murata Manufacturing for $85 million in cash.
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