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2003-11-13 Sony names California Micro as 'Green' partner
Sony Corp. has granted a Green Partner certification to California Micro Devices, a supplier of Application Specific Integrated Passive devices.
2009-07-09 MicroSD interface filter fits mobile, computing devices
California Micro Devices Corp. has announced the CM1624, an application specific microSD interface protection filter for mobile and computing devices.
2009-09-03 ESD protection devices keep HBLEDs lit up
This ESD protection solution for HBLED applications is the first to feature a 100V breakdown voltage.
2008-06-02 ESD devices evolve to meet trends
Key parameters to consider when looking to protect system circuitry from ESD strikes include clamping voltage, capacitance, dynamic resistance, contact discharge and packaging. But it's not enough to acknowledge these parameters; sometimes you have to look at them a little more closely.
2005-07-05 CMD's ESD protection devices tout highest levels of protection
California Micro Devices' new CM1215 and CM1216 diode arrays are said to be the industry's first low capacitance devices to offer 15kV of contact ESD protection, exceeding IEC61000-4-2 level 4 standards.
2003-06-25 CMD ESD protection devices suit USB 2.0 spec
California Micro Devices Corp. has released the CM1213 PicoGuard family of ultra-low capacitance ESD protection arrays that are suitable for USB 2.0.
2005-06-03 California Micro sells fab to Microchip
California Micro Devices Inc. announced that it has sold its shuttered fab in Tempe, Arizona to Microchip Technology Inc. for $1.9 million
2008-08-06 California Micro Devices unloads LED driver assets
California Micro Devices has sold the assets related to its line of LED drivers for mobile handsets to a third party buyer for a cash payment of $1.3 million.
2004-05-11 California Micro Devices pushes lead-free products
California Micro Devices is offering lead-free packaging options for its products starting with its ESD protection arrays.
2007-11-30 California Micro Devices opens design center in India
California Micro Devices has established a design center in Chennai, India, part of its continuing collaboration with its ASIC design partner GDA Technologies, which has established presence in the country.
2002-10-11 Alliance to begin testing 802.11a wireless LAN devices
The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced that it will begin interoperability certification testing of 5GHz IEEE 802.11a-based WLAN products.
2004-10-13 Zener diode arrays provide ESD protection for high speed I/O ports
CAMD unveiled what it claims as the industry's lowest capacitance families of Zener diode arrays for electrostatic discharge protection.
2006-12-14 Tiny flash LED driver suits advanced handsets
California Micro Devices has unveiled a new family of PhotonIC white LED drivers capable of supporting a wide range of high-current flash LEDs in advanced handsets.
2005-09-05 Smallest EMI filters save board space for wireless handsets
California Micro Devices said its new 0.4mm pitch CSP Centurion electromagnetic interference filters set a new price/performance standard for the industry.
2006-05-08 Power saving tech boosts efficiency in white LED apps
CMD's new power saving technology and PhotonIC products were designed to increase efficiency in white LED apps at the lowest BOM and the smallest footprint.
2006-09-26 Port protection solutions support HDMI 1.3
California Micro Devices has introduced two new MediaGuard devices optimized for the latest HDMI capabilities including higher speed and cable length support.
2004-11-19 Linear regulators eye SoCs, DDR memory in digital consumer apps
The new devices from CMD are touted to be the industry's first family of fully-integrated, all linear regulator solutions optimized for powering SoCs and DDR memory in digital consumer electronics
2005-05-16 LED driver turns on all the lights
California Micro Devices' CM4600, the first of the company's new PhotonIC family of highly integrated LED drivers, can drive all the LEDs in a wireless handset.
2005-04-22 LED driver suits wireless handsets
California Micro Devices unveiled PhotonIC CM4600, the first member of its new PhotonIC family of highly integrated LED drivers, that is capable of driving all the LEDs in a wireless handset.
2004-10-11 Filter arrays with 15kV contact discharge ESD protection
CMD released the first products in its new family of packaged electromagnetic interference filter arrays with electrostatic discharge protection.
2007-12-07 ESD protectors safeguard high-speed handset interfaces
CMD has expanded its product portfolio for mobile handsets with the addition of two ESD protection product families that address the needs of high-speed data interfaces in advanced handsets.
2005-04-07 ESD protection array with high integration, low capacitance
California Micro Devices has launched its latest addition to its Centurion-based family of ESD protection devices for wireless handsets and LCD modules.
2005-12-23 EMI filters pack performance in small footprint
California Micro Devices' new CM1418 and CM1419 EMI inductor-based filter arrays with ESD protection are aimed at audio applications in wireless handsets.
2006-03-06 EMI filter targets wireless handsets
California Micro Devices has launched its next generation of Praetorian EMI filter with ESD protection for wireless handsets.
2006-01-19 EMI filter protects camera modules
California Micro Devices has expanded its Praetorian ASIP inductor-based filter array family with the CM1470 EMI filter for camera module interfaces in wireless handsets.
2006-04-06 EMI filter housed in tiny package for wireless handsets
California Micro Devices offers its new generation Praetorian CM1452 EMI filter with ESD protection for wireless handsets.
2007-01-26 CMD, SPEL collaborate on small profile packages
California Micro Devices announced it has completed a joint agreement with SPEL Semiconductor to expand the capacity of SPEL's Leadless Molded Package lines.
2005-07-06 CMD's ASIP filter arrays offer superior EMI filtering performance
CMD has unveiled a family of packaged Centurion ASIP EMI filter arrays that promises superior EMI filtering performance combined with robust ESD protection in the most compact package available for use in mobile handsets.
2003-04-08 CMD USB transceiver features internal voltage level translator
The company's CM2400-01 USB transceiver features an internal level translator, which permits USB signals to correctly interface with core chipsets.
2006-12-15 CMD unveils linear regulator for DDR memories
CMD has announced a dual-output linear regulator for powering DDR memory in digital consumer and PC peripheral applications such as digital TVs, STBs, DVD players and game consoles.
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