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2002-08-23 CSR launches 2G single-chip Bluetooth solution
Cambridge Silicon Radio has introduced its second generation single-chip Bluetooth solution which is expected to meet or exceed the Bluetooth specification between -400C and 850C.
2005-02-15 CSR expands Bluetooth business in Taiwan
Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR), maker of Bluetooth modules, announced that it will be operating on a new office in Neihu High Technology Park in Taipei, Taiwan, which will provide an in-house test-lab facility.
2002-10-28 CSR Bluetooth-enables Murata modules
Murata Mfg Co. Ltd has launched an extremely small Bluetooth module, the Blue Module, incorporating Cambridge Silicon Radio's BlueCore2 chip.
2002-08-14 CSR Bluetooth solution powers Uniwill voice box
Uniwill Computer Corp. has launched a Bluetooth voice box featuring Cambridge Silicon Radio's (CSR) BlueCore single-chip Bluetooth solution.
2003-07-23 CSR Bluetooth powers Microsoft prototype PC
Cambridge Silicon Radio has announced that its BlueCore single-chip solution has been selected by Microsoft Corp.
2003-05-23 CSR Bluetooth chip connects to all phones
Cambridge Silicon Radio has released the sample design of BlueCore2-Gateway that gives OEMs the ability to make one basic design that can interface to any phone.
2002-08-27 Bluetooth rolls toward deployment in cars
Bluetooth radio moved a step closer to automotive production as one supplier rolled out an automotive-grade Bluetooth chip and carmakers said they have shifted their wireless network efforts into high gear
2001-04-15 Bluetooth chipmaker will ride 802.11a wave
This technical article describes Cambridge Silicon Radio's move to develop an all-CMOS 802.11a chip for 54MHz wireless networking in the 5GHz band.
2002-09-23 Bluetake dongles to feature CSR Bluetooth
Taiwan-based Bluetake Technology Co. Ltd has selected Cambridge Silicon Radio's BlueCore single-chip Bluetooth solution for its USB dongles.
2002-12-13 Audi car features Bluetooth technology thru CSR
Car maker Audi has selected Cambridge Silicon Radio's BlueCore technology to be used on its first car to feature a GSM car phone and cordless handset, both Bluetooth-enabled.
2002-06-24 ATO Tech Bluetooth headset employs CSR technology
ATO Technology Ltd has launched its latest Bluetooth headset featuring Cambridge Silicon Radio's BlueCore chips.
2000-07-01 Wireless future: At what cost?
I recently attended "Bluetooth Geneva," a conference sponsored by UK-based IIR Limited. Bluetooth, a proposal by cellphone makers Nokia and Ericsson along with computer makers IBM, Intel and Toshiba, is now endorsed by over 1,600 manufacturers. That this technology is hot is evidenced by the questions from the Taiwanese engineers at the executive panel discussion, "Interfacing for the Millennium," sponsored by Global Sources during the IIC-Taipei conference in May. Bluetooth was intended to link portable PCs and cellphones with a short distance wireless link. In principle, it will enable you to download an address book from your PC to your cellphone. Though it frequency hops at 2.45GHz, the Bluetooth transceiver was conceived as dumb, low power (10mW), and cheap.
2007-12-19 WiMedia Alliance heads calls for spectrum division
To avoid a fight over bandwidth on unlicensed frequencies, the industry needs to carve up spectrum bands based on what applications best fit in them, says Stephen Wood, president of the WiMedia Alliance.
2008-10-17 Welcoming iPod touch's control enhancements
Semiconductor Insights was eager to identify what components were different between the first- and second-generation touches, as well as compare them with the iPhone 3G, which was released only months ago.
2003-06-23 USI to use Agere chip on portable device module
ODM Universal Scientific Ind. Co. Ltd (USI) has selected Agere Systems Inc.'s Wi-Fi networking chipset to be used on a small-form-factor 802.11b/Bluetooth wireless module.
2007-12-19 USB, Kleer hook up DTVs
The USB Implementers Forum and startup Kleer Corp. are offering two interface efforts as options to link to DTVs.
2004-12-13 Too many radios, too little cell space
Cellphone makers are about to find out how many radios they can squeeze into a handset.
2002-11-26 Tiny Bluetooth module touts integration
Murata Electronics has designed a full host controller interface-level Bluetooth module into a 9.8-by-9.6-by-1.8mm package.
2005-01-18 Taking a walk inside Bluetooth EDR
There's no doubt that Bluetooth technology has started to gain hold in the communication sector.
2013-06-24 Sports, fitness devices to push Bluetooth Smart market
IHS forecasted that Bluetooth Smart will be present in 35 per cent of all wireless sports and fitness monitoring devices shipped this year, up from 20 per cent last year.
2002-11-11 SEMCO purchases 1M CSR Bluetooth chips
CSR has signed a volume price agreement with Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd.
2013-01-25 Reduce power estimation time from weeks to hours
Find out how to automatically generate a chip design's gate-level waveform from the RTL design environment without having to bring up the gate-level environment.
2006-05-01 Processors pack VoIP bells, whistles
The VoIP products shown at the recent Voice Over Networks Conference owe their existence to the ingenuity of chip designers and algorithm developers.
2009-03-24 Process variability gets a second chance
Mentor Graphics Corp. has a new message: process variability is not all bad. In fact, it could be considered a competitive advantage if properly dealt with, according to executives at the firm.
2008-03-06 Phone evolves to become smart widgets
It is interesting to look at the different ways that HTC and Nokia, two companies that have very competitive and successful smart-phone offerings, arrived at their latest products.
2012-10-23 Opinion: Is NFC the successor to Bluetooth?
Are NFCs positioned to follow Bluetooth's path as a massively sold product that is underutilised?
2003-12-12 Megabits and multimedia specs await new Bluetooth road map
The Bluetooth Special Interest Group is setting up a new road map committee to provide broad market inputs on directions and timing for the next version of the short-range wireless link.
2008-05-30 Mature devices shape Rolly's dancing feet
The Consumer Electronics Show in January was rocked by the "dancing" MP3 playerSony Rolly.
2011-05-23 M2M wireless firm set up by CSR co-founders
Founders of the new M2M wireless company claim its terminals will be very low-power and low-cost, while its network will be able to scale to support billions of devices simultaneously.
2008-01-18 Low-power spec to mark Bluetooth's 10th birthday
The low-power spec will allow Bluetooth devices to run off button batteries and enable applications such as watches that can be used to control music players.
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