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2007-05-08 U.S. jury dismisses fraud claims against Canon
Canon Inc. has announced that a U.S. jury dismissed Nano-Proprietary Inc.'s fraud claims against the company, which involves a patent license for developing surface-conduction electron-emitter display TVs.
2005-06-02 Toshiba, Canon prep SED production
Toshiba Corp. will use a former CRT factory for volume production of surface-conduction electron-emitter (SED) displays beginning in January 2007
2006-03-13 Toshiba, Canon announce SED launch plan
Toshiba and Canon announced that they will start the first stage of mass production of SED panels in July 2007 and launch SED TVs in the Q4 of calendar year 2007.
2007-01-17 Patent dispute breaks Canon-Toshiba JV
A patent dispute has ended a joint venture between Canon Inc. and Toshiba Corp. for producing surface-conduction electron-emitter display TVs.
2012-11-19 Imec, Canon Anelva team up on STT-MRAM
The research focusing on spin-transfer torque magnetoresistive random access memory will run in the framework of Imec's R&D program on advanced emerging memory technologies.
2007-12-27 Hitachi, Canon, Matsushita forge LCD tech alliance
Hitachi, Canon and Matsushita announced Dec. 24 that they have reached a basic agreement on a comprehensive alliance aimed at reinforcing and growing the LCD panel businesses and technologies.
2010-10-04 Hitachi, Canon extend LCD panel joint venture
Canon, Hitachi aim to boost alliance on cutting-edge, high-resolution displays
2003-07-09 CSR, Canon i-tech to offer Bluetooth solutions
Cambridge Silicon Radio and Canon i-tech, a Japan-based software production company, have agreed to jointly provide Bluetooth solutions to customers.
2006-09-13 Canon, Toshiba to start construction of SED TV production line
Canon Inc. and Toshiba Corp. plan to begin constructing a mass production line for surface conduction electron emitter display (SED) flat-panel televisions as early as this year.
2003-12-09 Canon, Toshiba seed venture for SED flat TVs
Canon Corp. and Toshiba Corp. are finalizing preparations for a venture that would produce flat-panel televisions based on surface-conduction electron-emitter display (SED) technology. The two companies intend to demonstate prototypes at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.
2004-09-29 Canon, Toshiba joint venture release SED panels
The Canon Inc. and Toshiba Corp. joint venture effort has released a surface-conduction electron-emitter display (SED) panel prototype last week.
2004-09-17 Canon, Toshiba form join venture for flat-screen SED panels
Canon and Toshiba will begin operating a long-rumored joint venture company next month to develop and produce next-generation flat-screen SED (surface-conduction electron-emitter display) panels for large-screen, flat-panel TVs.
2008-02-29 Canon, Hitachi draw up LCD biz deal
Hitachi and Canon have completed a formal contract related to a comprehensive LCD panel business alliance.
2002-08-02 Canon to integrate Asyst robot in lithography tools
Canon Inc. will incorporate Asyst Technologies Inc.'s UTX-F5500C single-arm wafer-transfer robot for its advanced step-and-scan lithography systems used in 248nm, 193nm, and 157nm wavelengths.
2008-03-11 Canon to hike China, Vietnam operations
Canon reportedly plans to boost the production of its digicams in China and to build a new laser printer plant in Vietnam, in a bid to meet the booming demand in emerging markets.
2005-08-25 Canon to establish R&D center for SED production
Canon Inc. plans to invest about $200 million to establish a surface-conduction electron-emitter display (SED) R&D center to increase the competitiveness of SED panels among other flat panels, such as plasma and LCD displays.
2005-03-24 Canon to adopt organic EL panels
Japan-based electronics maker Canon Inc. announced its plans to incorporate organic electro-luminescent (EL) panels in its products in the next two years.
2004-08-31 Canon purchases Candescent FED patents
Canon Inc. has purchased Candescent Technologies Corp.'s FED (field-emission display) patents and will seek to use the technologies for its future SED (surface-conduction electron-emitter display).
2003-07-25 Canon optical transceivers offer 1.25Gbps transfer speed
Canon Inc. has introduced three optical transceivers that enable the creation of a bi-directional wireless connection for high-speed low-cost data transmission - the CANOBEAM DT-110 and DT-120 with transfer speeds up to 156Mbps, and the CANOBEAM DT-130 with a data transfer rate of 1.25Gbps.
2009-09-23 Canon litho dreams hit price roadblock
The end could be near for Canon Inc.'s lithography efforts, as the company is reportedly mulling plans to cease future, high-end scanner development, according to sources.
2010-03-16 Canon litho dreams hinge on nanoimprint
An analyst believes that Canon's 'great white hope' in lithography rests with an undisclosed relationship with nanoimprint lithography vendor Molecular Imprints Inc.
2003-08-14 Canon KrF scanning stepper realizes 100nm resolving power
The 300mm-compatible lithography tool FPA-6000ES6 from Canon Inc. is a KrF scanning stepper that enables volume production at the 100nm process node.
2012-01-18 Canon invests in new Thai factory
Canon plans to commence construction for the new facility in February 2012 with operations scheduled to begin in April 2013.
2004-01-06 Canon Group undergoes corporate restructuring
2003-06-16 Canon faxphone features L-mode Internet service
Canon has announced the availability of its CF-VL20 facsimile machine that offers a wide range of color operation features.
2007-07-17 Canon builds new image sensor plant in Japan
Canon Inc. will reportedly invest about $451 million to set up new factory in Japan to double its production capacity of image sensors used in digital cameras, according to a Reuters report.
2003-12-30 Canon announces restructuring plans for 2004
Canon has revealed its restructuring plans for three domestic Canon Group companies that will take effect on January 1, 2004.
2004-02-04 Canon aligners have large full-field exposure
The mirror projection aligners from Canon Inc. is claimed has the world's largest full-field exposure size of 1,870-by-2,200mm.
2005-08-26 Canon acquires Anelva, NEC Machinery
Expanding its efforts in the semiconductor- and flat-panel equipment markets, Japans Canon Inc. on Thursday (August 25) said that it has acquired one fab-tool company from NEC Corp. and took a majority interest in another.
2005-07-22 Cadence Encounter RTL to perform Canon's future tapeouts
Cadence Design Systems Inc. announced that Japan-based Canon Inc. has adopted its Encounter RTL compiler for ASIC designs.
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