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2009-06-09 Using CellularRAM to replace UtRAM
This technical note describes the comparative device overview, interface-change requirements, device driver requirements and added benefits of using CellularRAM products.
2009-03-04 Using CellularRAM memory to replace single- and dual-chip select SRAM
This technical note discusses the changes required to convert single- or dual-chip select (CE#) SRAM to Micron CellularRAM memory.
2009-06-09 Using CellularRAM memory to replace Fujitsu 3V FCRAM
This application note addresses requirements for a design migration from 3V FCRAM to CellularRAM devices. It also describes the comparative device overview, interface-change requirements, device driver requirements and added benefits of using CellularRAM memory.
2009-03-04 Using a Micron CellularRAM device with the AMCC PPC405EZ embedded processor
This technical note focuses on the asynchronous/page/burst, 128Mb, CellularRAM 1.5-compliant device, MT45W8MW16B.
2008-04-30 Row boundary crossing functionality in CellularRAM memory
This technical note describes the conditions that exist at the row boundary for the WAIT pin and burst READ/WRITE operations, focusing on row boundary crossing as supported on CR 1.0-compliant devices.
2004-04-23 Renesas joins CellularRAM development team
The CellularRAM specification co-development team which includes Cypress Semiconductor Corp., Infineon Technologies and Micron Technology Inc. has announced the addition of Renesas Technology Corp. to its membership.
2009-03-05 PSRAM 101: An introduction to Micron CellularRAM and PSRAM
This technical note introduces Micron CellularRAM and PSRAM devices; demonstrates their advantages over other memory options for use in mobile handsets; and presents available configurations.
2009-06-10 Low-power options for Async/Page CellularRAM
This application note describes the low-power operational modes available on the asynchronous/page CellularRAM devices and the use of the ZZ# input in conjunction with the configuration register (CR) settings to control these modes.
2002-06-26 Infineon, Micron codevelop CellularRAM specifications
Infineon Technologies AG and Micron Technology Inc. have agreed to collaborate on the development of specifications for CellularRAM memory.
2003-05-07 Infineon, Cypress, Micron rolls out 32Mb CellularRAM products
Infineon Technologies AG, together with Cypress Semiconductor Corp. and Micron Technology Inc., is sampling 32Mb CellularRAM devices.
2005-08-31 Hynix, NanoAmp, Winbond to co-develop CellularRAM specs
The CellularRAM work group announced the addition of Hynix Semiconductor Inc., NanoAmp Solutions Inc. and Winbond Electronics Corp. to its membership.
2009-06-11 Connecting Micron CellularRAM devices with the Atmel microcontroller
This application note describes preferred methods for connecting the following Micron CellularRAM devices to the Atmel AT91SAM9260 microcontroller: Micron MT45W4MW16PCGA, a 64Mbit, 48-ball device referred to as the 64Mbit device; and the Micron MT45W8MW16BGX, a 128Mbit, 54-ball device referred to as the 128Mbit device.
2009-03-03 CellularRAM multiplexed async/burst operation
Micron CellularRAM products are high-speed CMOS PSRAM devices developed for low-power, portable applications.
2006-11-01 Winbond touts 'highest-density' Pseudo SRAM
Winbond Electronics has announced what it touts as the Pseudo SRAM with the largest density in the market.
2005-11-17 PSRAM reduces handset costs
Micron's new pseudo-SRAM further enables a manufacturer's ability to reduce costs within basic-feature handset designs due to additional features incorporated into a CellularRAM device.
2004-07-30 Micron begins sampling 128Mb PSRAMs
Micron announced sample availability of a 128Mb burst CellularRAM device incorporating a v1.5 feature set.
2006-08-16 Finding the right mem for your handset design
This article provides memory recommendations for basic, feature-rich and smart cellphone designs. It discusses memory options including SRAM, PSRAM and Mobile SDRAM, and examines how density, system architecture, caching and burst operation specifications affect your design decision.
2006-03-01 Achieve minimum power consumption in mobile memory subsystems
Use of low-power memories CellularRAM and MobileRAM is key to extending mobile-phone battery life.
2007-03-16 Reduce memory subsystem power consumption in handsets
Less attention has been given to memory components despite the fact that the power demands of memoryat least 20 percent of total power budgetare equal to the demands of the application processor. Reducing the power used by memory can significantly extend handsets battery life.
2009-04-01 QuickLogic platform supports Qualcomm mobile processors
QuickLogic Corp. is developing new platforms tailored for Qualcomm Inc.'s latest Mobile Station Modem MSM7xxx-series and MSM8xxx-series mobile processors, including the Snapdragon family.
2004-07-08 Micron powers into NAND flash business
Micron Technology Inc. is expanding its presence in the memories business with a concerted push into the production of NAND flash memories with which it is targeting memory cards, USB devices and other mass storage applications.
2004-09-16 Micron bets big on pseudostatic RAM, NAND flash
The company has developed 128Mb pseudostatic RAM to boost its memory chip sales going into cellphones and flash memory cards.
2006-09-01 Demand for features boggles portable memory
Handset models are changing yearly as designers strive to balance what end users want and what can actually be designed. Many trade-offs must be considered, including performance and features vs. price, size and battery life.
2007-05-17 Cypress exits PSRAM, sells biz to Taiwan's ESMT
Exiting the PSRAM market, Cypress Semiconductor is selling off the business to Taiwan's Elite Semiconductor Memory Technology Inc. for an undisclosed amount
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