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2003-04-29 Samsung 1GB SODIMMs suit Centrino notebooks
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has announced the availability of 1GB DDR266/DDR333 memory modules designed for Centrino notebooks.
2005-01-21 Nvidia mobile GPUs support Intel Centrino platform
Nvidia Corp., a provider of graphics and digital media processors, announced that its GeForce Go 6 mobile GPU series supports the latest Intel Centrino mobile platform (codenamed Sonoma), taking full advantage of the new, improved PCI Express architecture.
2006-02-01 Next Centrino more power-stingy
Intel touts improvements in battery life and speed in its next-gen Centrino notebook platform, codenamed Napa.
2003-06-10 Linear Tech dc/dc converters power Intel Centrino systems
The LTC3734 and LTC3735 dc/dc converters from Linear Technology Corp. power Intel's Centrino mobile technology for thin and light notebook PCs.
2008-04-08 Intel takes wrap off Centrino Atom, next-gen chips
Intel Corp. has introduced five Atom processors and Centrino Atom processor technology for Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) and embedded computing solutions.
2005-01-21 Intel launches Sonoma as next-gen Centrino
Intel said this week it has begun shipping Sonoma, the next generation of its Centrino mobile processor platform.
2008-05-30 Intel delays Centrino 2 launch
A problem with the integrated graphics controller that assists a computer's microprocessor in rendering video and other graphics has prompted Intel Corp. to delay the release of the Centrino 2 mobile platform until mid-July.
2004-12-10 IDT PC clock devices suit notebook PCs based on Intel Centrino
IDT unveiled what it touts as the industry's first family of single-chip PC clock devices optimized for next-gen notebook PCs based on Intel's Centrino.
2005-06-15 Design chips the Intel way; on Centrino, says Intel
Intel Corp., IBM Corp. and Synopsys Inc. have announced a collaboration to bring EDA tools onto Centrino-based wireless LAN capable mobile computers, aimed at increasing the productivity and flexibility of design engineers.
2003-05-21 Chrontel video chips support Intel's Centrino mobile technology
Chrontel has customized their software support for PC designers using Intel Corp.'s Centrino CH7007/8, CH7009/10, CH7011, CH7017, and CH7019 video devices.
2007-05-22 AMD's Puma combo stalks Intel's Centrino
AMD has developed a new CPU that pairs with its forthcoming Puma platform and boasts a broad range of features.
2007-05-15 Taiwan notebook OEMs cool to Intel's Santa Rosa
Sources at some Taiwan notebook OEMs commented they were being exposed to the threat of eroding profits amid order competition, a Digitimes report said.
2003-03-18 SiS rolls first WLAN chip
Taiwan's Silicon Integrated Systems has unveiled its first wireless LAN chip, fielding a MAC for 802.11b networks.
2005-06-03 Intel, Yoshimoto Kogyo to accelerate digital content distribution
Intel K.K. and Yoshimoto Kogyo Co. Ltd will collaborate to promote the wider utilization of digital home content
2007-05-11 Intel's Santa Rosa chip drives mobile connectivity
Intel claimed its Centrino Pro processor, codenamed Santa Rosa, is "up to five times faster and up to twice the range of the previous-generation wireless technology."
2005-12-16 Intel's next-gen mobile platform promises efficiency
Intel's next-generation Centrino notebook platform offers significant improvements in power efficiency and performance, an Intel executive said.
2006-10-04 Intel's mobile platform to feature Nokia HSDPA modules
Nokia has developed a version of its HSDPA connectivity module that Intel will use in the next iteration of Centrino targeted at PCs.
2005-08-26 Intel unveils new platform for digital entertainment
Intel Corp. has unveiled a new platform brand for home entertainment featuring the latest dual-core technology at the Intel Developer Forum Fall 2005.
2004-11-24 Intel to invest millions more in India
Intel Corp. said Friday (Nov. 19) it is considering additional investments in the tens of millions of dollars to expand its research and development efforts in India.
2004-05-14 Intel releases new mobile processors
Intel rolled out three next-generation Pentium M mobile chipsets, giving the processors more speed than previous mobile chipsets and support for 802.11g.
2003-03-14 Intel launches WLAN solution for mobile PCs
Intel Corp. has introduced its Centrino mobile technology, which integrates wireless capability into mobile PCs.
2007-01-29 Intel draft-n card offers whole-home coverage
Intel's 4965AGN draft-11n module will support whole home coverage with the ability to handle high-definition video, says a company executive.
2007-05-15 Intel Core 2 Duo spices up COM Express module
Kontron AG has added a new module to its family of ETXexpress Computer-On-Modules (COM) that features an Intel Core 2 Duo processor (up to 2.2GHz).
2005-05-31 IDT unveils new PC clock devices for Intel platforms
Integrated Device Technology announced the availability of new PC clock devices that support Intel's next-generation notebook and desktop PC platforms
2003-10-20 Current leakage tool could boost Transmeta's Efficeon
Transmeta Corp. has launched its second-generation x86-compatible notebook processor.
2008-07-24 Low-power DDR3 SO-DIMMs render high performance
Aeneon, the channel and retail brand of Qimonda, introduces its new DDR3 small outline DIMMs (SO-DIMMs) which provide power-saving and high-performance to the industry's first DDR3 notebooks based on the Intel Centrino 2 processor technology.
2008-06-12 Is Intel facing another product delay?
After the delay of its Centrino 2, an analyst says that Intel Corp. has again slipped in its shipment schedule for its Nehalem 45nm microprocessor,
2007-05-07 Intel gears for next-gen notebook market with Silverthorne
Even as it prepares to launch its "Santa Rosa" Centrino mobile platform this week, Intel is making progress on plans to capture an early lead in the next-generation notebook market, its CEO said.
2004-01-13 Intel fab gets reprieve
Intel Corp. has designated its Colorado Springs fab as the site for a mixed-signal process upgrade to produce the next generation of integrated wireless LAN products in its Centrino family.
2008-04-07 DDR3 SO-DIMMs validated for Mobile Intel chipset
Qimonda AG has announced the validation of its DDR3 SO-DIMMs for the upcoming Mobile Intel 45 Express chipset family, bringing its power saving, high-performance memory to the industry's first DDR3 notebooks based on the Intel Centrino 2 processor technology in mid 2008.
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