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2002-02-21 Cherokee's quarter-brick delivers full output at 500C
The 1.2V to 3.3V, 30A quarter-brick dc/dc converters in Cherokee Int.'s Apollo series are said to perform efficiently at ambient temperatures to 50C.
2003-01-17 Cherokee rolls 70A half-bricks
Cherokee's half-brick Polaris model delivers 1.2Vdc to 5Vdc in six versions at up to 70A.
2004-12-17 2kW front-end readies for advanced SSI apps
Cherokee International's DPS2000 (ac-dc) front-end delivers 2,000W at 48V.
2007-01-08 1U-high AC/DC front ends load 2.5kW
Cherokee International says its CAR2500 series of AC/DC front ends is the industry's first 1U-high, 2,500W supply.
2005-10-19 12V rectifier powers POL systems
Cherokee International's CAR1212 low-profile front-end is designed for compact 12V distributed power architectures, including networking equipment and mid- to high-end servers.
2005-04-19 120A half-bricks tout maximum usable power
Focusing on maximum usable power for next-generation systems, Cherokee's Polaris 2 half-brick dc-dc converter family boasts 20 percent more output than competing (half-brick) modules.
2008-04-07 1U rectifier claims high efficiency at light loads
Cherokee International announced its 2,500W CAR2512 front end intended for low profile, 12V distributed power architecture applications.
2015-03-19 Wireless charging to make headway in 2015
PowerbyProxi unveiled an evaluation kit that supports both Resonant Qi and Inductive Qi modes, enabling OEMs to integrate the WPCs Qi standard into their smartphones and other devices.
2005-01-21 OLEDs now lighting up automobiles, says report
Organic-light-emitting-diode displays are making their way into high-end automobiles as display makers begin increasing production, according to a report by ABI Research.
2016-04-27 IoT security spending to hit nearly $550M by 2018
Gartner forecast that IoT security spending growth will pick up significantly after 2020, as improved skills, organisational change and more scalable service options improve execution.
2014-11-05 Beware of the Thing: Seven alarming IoT what-ifs
Connectivity is desirable, or so they say. Researchers have recently offered a glimpse of potentially scary security scenarios that could unfold in the not too distant future.
2015-10-21 Best practices in guarding the connected car
In this article, we share five best practices to keep in mind when securing the connected car as the automotive industry is playing significant catch-up in connecting vehicles to outside networks.
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