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2009-03-11 Xi'an HTDZ rises as China's R&D hotbed
Having pinned many of its plans for industrial transformation on its electronics and information technology industries, China has become an R&D hotbed among domestic and foreign companies alike.
2006-11-10 Vivace Semicon acquires China's General Circuits
Fabless IC company Vivace Semiconductor has acquired General Circuits Ltd (GCI) of Beijing, China that will focus on the market opportunity for video products in China and Asia Pacific
2007-08-30 Symbian opens China R&D center
OS vendor Symbian has opened an R&D center in Beijing, China, its fourth such facility worldwide.
2010-01-11 SEMI: China could double IC production in 10 years
China is committed to narrow the gap between its IC production and consumption, leading to doubling the country's global equipment and materials market in ten years
2010-03-24 Quatrics opens video R&D center in China
Quartics Inc. today has established its center of excellence for video algorithm development and systems engineering in Shanghai, China
2008-12-11 ON Semi fortifies China R&D efforts
ON Semiconductor has opened a joint power laboratory with TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Ltd in China to better serve the needs of customer-focused power solutions for LCD and CRT TV sets
2007-06-13 Omron opens first R&D center in China
Omron opened last week the Omron R&D Collaborative Innovation Center in China, its first major R&D facility outside Japan.
2007-08-28 Nokia Siemens beefs up China R&D center
Nokia Siemens Networks announced it will significantly increase the capabilities of its Chengdu R&D center by the end of 2008
2003-09-10 NEC begins operations at new China R&D lab
NEC Corp. has announced that they have commenced operations at NEC Laboratories China located in Tsinghua Science Park in Beijing
2007-11-12 Motorola fortifies China R&D with new Beijing facility
A new Motorola R&D complex has risen in Wangjing, Beijing that can house three R&D facilities and one lab, and accommodate up to 3,000 employees
2007-04-24 Microsoft to set up R&D parks in China, says Gates
To further expand its business in China, Microsoft Corp. will set up R&D parks in Beijing and Shanghai, said company chairman Bill Gates.
2004-10-19 Hitachi unveils China growth strategy
Japan's Hitachi Ltd has announced a new business strategy for China aimed at achieving a high double-digit annual growth rates heading into 2006
2009-04-07 Continental opens new China R&D center
Continental AG has expanded its presence in China with a new Technology Center in Jiading, which will develop electronic and hydraulic brake systems, motor management systems and electronic controls for the Chinese automotive market
2004-10-01 China to build electronics R&D infrastructure
China is reportedly close to opening a series of R&D centers to focus on product development for mobile phones, digital TV, software and semiconductors.
2007-02-06 China R&D spending up 22% in '06
Recent figures show that China's spending on research and development jumped 22 percent in 2006, fueled by foreign companies' investment in local R&D.
2009-02-10 China details applied R&D projects
The governments of Hong Kong and neighboring Shenzhen, China, will jointly fund eight applied R&D projects.
2007-05-03 AeA report: China pursues 'indigenous innovation
U.S. industry group AeA reports that China is introducing a 15-year research plan targeting "indigenous innovation
2013-03-19 ZTE spent over $1B for R&D in 2012
Chinese telecom firm ZTE has shelled out more than $4 billion in R&D over the past four years, spending heavily on cross-licensing IP
2007-11-12 ZTE sets up industry base in Tianjin, China
ZTE has begun construction on its 550,000m? industry base in Tianjin's Binhai New Area, which is scheduled to be completed in 2011 and with an expected annual output value of more than $1.34 billion.
2008-07-10 ZTE eyes R&D center in Nanjing
ZTE Corp. is reportedly planning to build a R&D center in Nanjing
2003-02-07 Yamaha to withdraw from CD-R/RW business
Yamaha Corp. has decided to terminate its sales of CD-R/RWs for PCs and to withdraw completely from the business by the end of March
2003-05-13 Yageo VP predicts sluggish demand from mainland China
Shal-Ling Yu, VP of Industrial Global from Yageo Corp. predicts shipments from mainland China will decrease starting Q3 of this year because of the SARS crisis
2003-11-12 Yageo to increase investment in mainland China
Yageo Corp., a supplier of passive components products and services, has expanded its investment plan in mainland China
2014-02-26 Xperia Z1 deemed best Android phone in China
Tencent, Qualcomm, and BDTI set out to find out who offers the best Android smartphone to Chinese consumers.
2007-12-14 Xilinx exec: India, China will drive digital convergence
India and China will play a major role in shaping digital convergence, a much-hyped concept that is nevertheless proving to be a big opportunity and challenge for the global electronics industry, according to Xilinx executive Krishna Rangasayee
2002-11-15 Xilinx establishes second China office
Xilinx Inc. has opened a new office in Shenzhen, China the company's second office in the country
2002-03-11 Wireless tech providers see chance for growth in China
Wireless technology companies struggling to recover from a year of record losses continue to turn to China's telecom market for new business
2005-07-28 Wipro targets latest outsourcing trend: R&D
Wipro Technologies, the software and hardware engineering services arm of Wipro Ltd, said it is expanding its product engineering operations - its terminology for outsourced R&D services - into new technology areas and markets
2006-10-13 WiMedia Alliance launches China chapter
The WiMedia Alliance announced the official opening its chapter in China to facilitate work with Chinese regulators in allowing ultra-wideband in their country
2012-09-10 Will a TI-like firm ever come out of China
Local fabless CEOs debate on whether China will ever see the rise of a company that can rival the size and success of Texas Instruments
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