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2007-07-16 India, China cellphone markets go head-to-head
Big multinational cellphone makers have piled onto India, chasing trendsetters and first-time buyers in remote villages. Expansion in India now rivals China, the world's largest cellular market.
2003-12-10 Setting high hopes for China's microcontroller industry
Zhou expects to build his design house into a strong international player in the MCU application system development market. He hopes to achieve this through collaboration with foreign companies, mutual licensing of IPs and financing on large scale investment
2011-05-04 Samsung, Apple step up pace in cellphone race
Apple and Samsung both posted record cellphone shipments in the first quarter to tighten their hold on the fourth and second spots, respectively, on IDC's Top 5 cellphone vendors list
2006-12-18 No-frills phones gain ground in China
The vision of a billion people equipped with cellphones is creeping toward reality in China, as the market for ultralow-cost handsets begins to build unexpected momentum
2005-08-24 Motorola to expand R&D, cellphone thrust in India
Motorola Inc. said it plans to add 1,000 more employees to its R&D efforts in India and vowed to become a more aggressive player in the cellphone market
2010-05-04 MIPS set to crack ARM-dominated mobile market
MIPS' goal to take a slice of the ARM-dominated mobile handset market is shaping up with a major deal with a cellular baseband/application chip company based in Asia
2009-09-17 iPhone entry in China to boost smart phone market
Market watcher iSuppli says that worldwide factory shipments of smart phones will rise to 235.6 million units in 2010
2005-10-17 Intel spies opportunities for China growth
A $200 million investment seeks to pursue technological advancement and opportunitiesnot just in Asia, but worldwide.
2007-04-10 Huawei, ZTE beef up R&D, production in China
Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp. are planning to build new manufacturing and R&D bases to speed up their expansion in both domestic and global markets.
2006-06-02 Haier selects Philips design for low-cost cellphone market in China
Philips announced that Haier, a handset manufacturer in China, has selected the Philips Ultra Low Cost Reference Phone for its HG-Z1000 cellphone
2004-06-18 Ericsson CEO says China 3G rollout will be 2005
The chief executive of Ericsson said it's anybody's guess when licenses for 3G mobile services will be awarded in China, and he discounted the ability of the nation's indigenous standard to compete
2005-01-06 China sees big opportunities in wireless
The global growth in innovation is moving closer to the consumerswith wireless as the primary driver.
2006-07-13 3G in China taking longer than expected
3G development in China is taking longer than expected, and pundits are exasperated. Its commercialization will depend on the readiness of TD-SCDMA, which is considered the underdog standard. Will it take three generations for 3G to happen
2009-03-11 Xi'an HTDZ rises as China's R&D hotbed
Having pinned many of its plans for industrial transformation on its electronics and information technology industries, China has become an R&D hotbed among domestic and foreign companies alike
2003-03-27 WLANs on unique path in China
China is likely to take a different path toward WLAN proliferation, one that mixes a top-down approach from China's big telecom service providers and a bottoms-up approach from corner store owners trying to make an extra yuan
2008-03-07 Will mobile TV in China be in analog
Telegent Systems claims that analognot digitalwill dominate the mobile TV market, especially in developing countries like China
2003-02-28 UPG to manufacture, market Damax handset antennas
Damax Int. and United Plastics Group have formed a strategic alliance in which the latter will manufacture Damax antennas and assist the company in the distribution of its antennas worldwide.
2002-06-10 TriQuint heeds call for cellphone integration
With consumers clamoring for cheaper, smaller cellular handsets with a longer battery life, integration is emerging as one of mobile phone makers' biggest engineering challenges.
2008-04-01 The mobile handset market 10 years after
Strategy Analytics has gazed into its crystal ball and seen several trends that will be emerging in the mobile handset market over the next 10 years
2003-06-23 System Pro, Sun Japan form business in China
Mobile networking solutions provider System Pro Co. Ltd has signed an alliance agreement with Sun Japan, a developer of e-business solutions with strong backgrounds in China's market
2012-09-19 Spreadtrum moves into WCDMA market
China fabless firm Spreadtrum is seeking to venture into the non-TD-SCDMA market into integrated baseband/apps processor smartphone platforms to compete with major players such as MediaTek and Qualcomm
2003-07-28 Positioning Korean ODM in Chinese market
President and CEO Yang Ki-Gon, advocates spontaneous participation and sense of ownership as key to the company's fast growth.
2006-03-21 PMP needs to merge with cellphone, says Smartwork exec
Smartwork Technology, a distributor of digital home appliances, multimedia and cellphone applications, commented that portable media players need to merge with cellphones to be successful
2007-10-12 NXP solution powers first solar cellphone
China's Hi-Tech Wealth has selected NXP's Nexperia Cellular System Solution 5110 for its solar-powered mobile phone, claimed to be the first of its kind to be commercialized
2007-01-01 Multimedia ICs target China's PMP market
In a bid to woo PMP manufacturers in China, Vimicro Corp. has launched a line of multimedia chips complete with reference designs and software
2004-01-06 Mobile terminal apps: In China, they can
If some of the related technology and application about mobile terminals cannot succeed or make no margin in some other countries, in China they can
2006-03-10 Micrel discuses dual mode power management solution at IIC-China
Micrel Semiconductor presented its technical paper entitled "Power Management for Mobile Products" at the 11th Annual International IC-China Conference & Exhibition this week
2012-06-07 Local companies edge out foreign firms in China
Vincent Tai, CEO of RDA Microelectronics Inc., commented that multinational semiconductor companies are no longer able to compete with China's fabless chips vendors in the consumer electronics IC business
2006-09-15 Lenovo Mobile ramps China production
Lenovo Mobile is beefing up its arsenal with a huge R&D and manufacturing site in the southern Chinese city of Xiamen.
2007-01-31 iSuppli: Nokia rules but Sony Ericsson 'wows' cellphone market
Nokia Corp. reigned last year's mobile handset market but Sony Ericsson made the strongest impact, reports iSuppli Corp
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