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2013-07-24 Mid-end, Chinese smartphones rapidly gaining traction
Research firm TrendForce expects the worldwide smartphone shipment for 2013 will increase by about 32 per cent to hit 928 million units, with China-based brands dominating the mid-end market.
2004-12-15 Chinese handset design expertise could extend to other markets
China's handsets are making major inroads into the global wireless market, with companies like Ningbo Bird joining the list of top manufacturers
2006-12-27 Chinese firms make final effort on EVD
Backers of a Chinese optical disc format are trying to rekindle interest in Enhanced Versatile Disc
2015-12-09 Chinese companies ride IoT bandwagon
According to IHS, China is a promising market for many existing and potential Internet of Things applications such as industrial automation, smart cities and connected home.
2006-04-03 Chinese A/V codec rises
A Chinese A/V codec is on the verge of becoming a national standarda domestic rival to MPEG-4/H.264 and WMV-9 that backers say will save China-based manufacturers and consumers millions of dollars in fees and royalties in the next few years.
2005-05-19 ZTE, Andrew Corporation expand production for Chinese 3G gear
China's largest listed telecommunications equipment manufacturer, ZTE Corp., and U.S. wireless infrastructure group Andrew Corporation have outlined plans to manufacture gear for the Chinese 3G standard, TD-SCDMA, raising hopes that the government will soon award licenses for third generation networks
2015-06-24 TV brands to increase dependence on Chinese OEMs
IHS revealed that TVs made by outsourcing specialists are predicted to approach an industry record of 43 per cent of LCD TVs shipped globally this year.
2014-08-28 The big smartphone bet: 4 megatrends in Chinese market
Major Asian display vendors came together at Touch Taiwan, which brought to the fore the question of who will own the display technologies likely to dominate the burgeoning smartphone market in China.
2002-10-29 Taiwanese EE blazes to China with belief in Chinese innovation
Conexant senior executive goes to China to head the company's Shanghai branch.
2012-07-18 Rapid expansion projected for Chinese Telematics market
Recent forecasts by IMS research project that OEM in-vehicle telematics in China will soon become a billion dollar market.
2003-07-28 Positioning Korean ODM in Chinese market
President and CEO Yang Ki-Gon, advocates spontaneous participation and sense of ownership as key to the company's fast growth.
2013-07-25 Non-Chinese foundries to hold 70% of China IC production
IC Insights revealed that IC production in China represented only 11.1 per cent of its $81 billion IC market in 2012 and will increase only about three percentage points to 14.4 per cent in 2017.
2002-12-03 Low-cost FPGAs: A prospect for Chinese OEMs
Altera Corp. and Xilinx Inc. are honing up low-cost FPGAs for Asian OEMs.
2006-01-01 Design transfer takes place in Chinese electronics industry
EE Times-China's China Design Technique Survey 2005 shows R&D activities China focusing on system design are now in full swing in the downstream industrial chain.
2006-10-19 Chinese telecom OEM selects Freescale's multicore DSP
Datang Mobile Communications Equipment has selected Freescale's MSC8122 quad-core DSP based on StarCore technology for its TD-SCDMA Node-B base stations.
2012-10-31 Chinese smartphones to gain >30% of global share in 2013
TrendForce forecasted that smartphone shipments will exceed 650 million units in 2012, more than 40 per cent growth compared to 460 million units shipped in 2011.
2015-09-23 Chinese OEMs to boost smartphone sensor demand
China is proving to be an ideal environment for sensor suppliers seeking to enter the smartphone market and for smartphone OEMs hoping to differentiate their models with innovative features.
2015-08-20 Chinese handset makers dampen MediaTek's smartphone growth
While MediaTek enjoys a market share of about 50 per cent in 3G smartphones, Chinese rivals such as Spreadtrum Communications and Huawei are eroding that position on strong price competition
2012-05-08 Chinese firm builds MEMS wafer fab
Construction of the wafer fab started in March 2012 and the buildings will sit in the Hanking MEMS Industrial Park, which occupies about 647,497 square meters in Fushun Economic Development Zone.
2006-08-30 Chinese electronics maker licenses SigmaTel's Moon-Hwang patent
SigmaTel Inc. announced that it entered into a patent license agreement with a leading Chinese electronics manufacturer for its Chinese Moon-Hwang patent
2006-09-25 Chinese DTV makers form alliance to reduce patent payments
A major DTV alliance is being formed in the country with the goal of developing intellectual property that will help reduce patent payments to United States, Japanese and European companies.
2013-03-07 Chinese battery manufacturer augments European design centre
TWS, the world's third largest manufacturer of lithium battery packs, is ramping up its investment in its engineering design centre in Scotland.
2011-06-24 China white-box market down, manufacturers face challenges
Nomura concludes that majority of China's handset OEMs face structural problems, and manufacturers face challenges due to excess capacity and adverse competition
2003-01-10 Chinese IC design industry needs local support
I am optimistic about China's WLAN market this year, particularly the 802.11a/b/g sector. LHWT intends to step into this market with its own 802.11b baseband product line, said LHWT's Technical Director Yang Jun.
2006-03-08 AMD supports fair competition in Chinese government IT procurement
Advanced Micro Devices announced its supports to a new initiative launched jointly by China's three most influential IT industry associations designed to ensure fair competition in government IT procurement.
2013-04-05 High demand for Samsung phones tighten eMCP/CI-MCP supplies
The large demand for the Korean giant's smartphones is expected to create a negative impact on various Chinese manufacturers' shipments as eMCP supplies become more constrained.
2006-09-28 China's SMT equipment market to reach $3.5 billion in 2011
China's SMT equipment market is predicted to have rapid and continuous growth due to increasing market demand from end-user sectors. However, this industry must also face the challenge of declining SMT equipment prices.
2006-10-02 AVS has yet to gain traction in China
China's AVS Part 2 has yet to gain traction in the market, with the country's largest IPTV service providers using H.264 in their latest IPTV deployments.
2012-10-22 Opinion: Japan needs to bow out of the TV market
The decline of Japanese products in China goes hand in hand with the territorial dispute over the islands in the East China Sea.
2007-05-17 Nokia scores $2.5B order from China Postel
Nokia announced that it has signed a partnership with China Postel Mobile Communication Equipment Co. Ltd, where the Chinese company will purchase mobile devices from Nokia valued at approximately $2.5 billion
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