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What is wireless communication?
Wireless communication is the transfer of information over a distance without the use of electrical conductors or "wires." The distances involved may be short (a few metres as in television remote control using infrared light) or long (thousands or millions of kilometres for radio communications).
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2005-11-21 Zarlink AEC reduces noise in hands-free communication apps
Zarlink's new acoustic echo canceller improves voice quality and reduces noise in hands- free communication applications.
2005-08-26 Voice chips from Zarlink enable hands-free communication
Zarlink Semiconductor unveiled voice processing chips aimed at improving voice quality and reducing noise in hands-free communication devices.
2003-07-02 Vitesse to make communication chips
Vitesse Semiconductor will work with BAE Systems and the University of Illinois Urbana Champain to fulfill a $6M contract from Darpa to develop advanced manufacturing processes and communication ICs.
2003-12-12 Vishay, ObexCode collaborate on wireless communication solutions
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has announced an alliance between its Infrared Data Communication (IRDC) and Sensors division, a supplier of infrared transceivers for the wireless communication market, and ObexCode AS, a provider of wireless infrared software solutions.
2008-09-01 Using the PIC devices' SSP and MSSP modules for slave I?C communication
The purpose of this application note is to provide the reader with a better understanding of the I?C protocol and to show how devices with these modules are used as a slave device on an I&178;C bus.
2009-05-27 Using an I/O port to implement IIC communication
A method is introduced showing how a Holtek 8bit RISC microcontroller and related software can be used to implement a bus controller.
2002-03-19 Universal Communication signs technology deal with Anadigics
Anadigics will give 11 RF testing machines, worth $16 million, to Taiwan Universal Communication and send engineers and technicians to transfer the related testing technology.
2004-12-28 Translators enable communication between incompatible IOs
Texas Instruments introduced four new dual-supply voltage level translators that enable communication between incompatible IOs.
2000-02-07 Toward third-generation wireless communication
New third-generation wideband systems will deliver bit rates up to 384kbps for wide-area coverage, and 2Mbps for indoor or fixed applications, maximizing the efficiency of available radio spectrum. This application note describes the market and technology perspective on third-generation wireless communication. The paper also introduces the wideband wireless.
2007-07-06 TI: HDQ communication basics
This report compares the communication timing specifications for the different battery gas gauge and battery monitor products.
2012-01-02 The lowdown on power line communication
Here's a discussion on power line communication and its segments, applications, and challenges.
2002-11-12 Sunny Communication terminal block rated up to 300V
The 2ESLK terminal block of Ningbo Sunny Communication Electronics has an electrical rating of 300V, 15A.
2005-10-03 Structured communication
People are now becoming familiar with the simple ORID technique, which improves the quality of communication in an organizational setting.
2004-12-08 STR71x UART communication with a PC using RS232
This app note discusses a standard communications interface between a STR71x microcontroller and a PC.
2004-12-08 STR71X I2C communication with M24CXX EEPROM
This app note gives an example of how to use the STR71x I2C peripheral to communicate with an I2C protocol-compatible electrically erasable programmable read only memory(EEPROM).
2004-12-08 STR71x BSPI communication with M25P10-A serial flash
This app note presents a practical example of communication using the BSPI peripheral of the STR71x.
2004-02-06 StarCore DSPs enhance Agere communication products
Apps designers are continuously seeking high-performance embedded solutions for next-gen communications products.
2001-10-02 ST7 software SPI master communication
This application note presents a basic software driver to emulate a master SPI full-duplex communication through standard ST7 microcontroller I/O ports.
2004-07-29 SPIDCOM uses LSI Logic ASIC for communication chip
SPIDCOM Technologies has selected LSI Logic Corp. platform ASIC for use in its powerline physical layer processor, the SPC200.
2001-10-02 SPI communication between ST7 and EEPROM
This application note presents a practical example of communication using the SPI peripheral of the ST7 microcontroller.
2001-03-30 Solutions For Speeding Up Communication Equipment's Time-To-Market
This paper highlights the challenges faced by communication equipment makers in transitioning to advanced IP-based technologies using the current development methods.
2007-03-12 SMBus communication for small form factor device families
This application note describes the SMBus specification, how to configure and use the on-chip SMBus interface, and SMBus debugging techniques. Code examples written in C provide the general framework for most SMBus Master and Slave implementations. An example that interfaces to a 256-byte EEPROM over a two-wire interface and supports multibyte transfers is also included at the end of this note.
2004-03-19 Sigurd set to merge with Universal Communication
Sigurd Microelectronics Corp. is scheduled to merge with Universal Communication Technology Inc. by the end of October this year.
2008-05-23 SH7147: Synchronous serial communication unit master transmission/reception (Writing to/Reading from EEPROM via SPI bus)
This application note Renesas Technology from describes master transmission/reception during four-wire serial transmission using the synchronous serial communication unit module.
2008-05-23 SH7147: Control Area Network (RCAN-ET) Communication
This application note is organized based on sample communication using RCAN-ET, which is mounted on SH7147, and is aimed to provide information users may need during software and hardware design.
2003-06-19 Serial communication with the SMBus
This application note describes the configuration and operation of the SMBus.
2000-11-27 Serial communication controller (SCC): SDLC mode of operation
This application note describes the sequence of events that occurs in the SDLC mode of operation including SDLC transmission, SDLC receive, receiving back-to-back frame under DMA control, and SDLC loop mode.
2008-06-18 SCI software communication with a PC using ST72251 16bit timer
This document presents a standard communication between a ST7 MCU and a PC. It shows how to emulate a SCI communication in half-duplex mode by software, using the ST7 timer resource.
2001-10-02 SCI communication between ST7 and PC
This application note presents a standard communications interface (SCI) between an ST7 microcontroller and a PC.
1999-09-09 SAW filters in CDMA mobile communication networks
Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filters are used in the intermediate frequency (IF) filtering stage for both the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) handset and infrastructure. They are preferred over other types of filter technologies because SAW filters demonstrate high performance yet low cost and small size. This paper describes the evolution of SAW designs to meet the challenging demands of reducing the size and cost for CDMA IF filters.
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