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2015-07-09 Manage thermal optimisation during PCB design
Learn about the development in computational fluid dynamics technology, which allows modifications to the thermal model, and thus frees up valuable engineering time for higher value activities
2014-10-17 Boost thermal management of electronic systems
Find out how accurate compact thermal models of three-die power packages can be used to improve the thermal management of electronic systems.
2006-12-13 Vishay offers thermal models for optocouplers, SSRs
Vishay Intertechnology is now providing detailed thermal characteristics for its newly released optocouplers and SSRs that have a total power dissipation of 200mW and higher
2005-06-17 Valere's ultra-compact power systems support wireless networks
Valere Power announced new versions of its Mini DC Power System that expand the system's application range to include in-building and other small wireless networking sites.
2014-02-26 Significance of LED thermal characterisation
Learn how improving the thermal characterisation of LEDs will help to spur on the LED lighting revolution
2008-11-03 Compact power supplies are PICMG 2.11 compliant
Murata Power Solutions has introduced three new PICMG 2.11 compliant CompactPCITM high reliability power supplies.
2007-06-18 Applying CTMs on FPGA-based devices
This article discusses better ways to predict temperature for these faster and denser FPGA components in a system environment.
2005-08-17 Easier EMC simulation anyone?
Flomerics released Version 6 of its integrated analysis environment for physical design of electronics, with improved communication between thermal and electromagnetic compatibility simulation
2013-08-05 Murata rolls 12W DC-DC converter with 4:1 wide input range
Murata NCS12 series of 12W DC-DC converters accommodate a 4:1 wide input voltage range and include protection and safety features such as an under voltage lockout feature and a thermal shutdown
2010-10-07 GigaMOS TrenchT2 MOSFETs come in low-profile DE-series packages
IXYS introduced the new additions to its GigaMOS TrenchT2 Power MOSFET portfolio, the IXTZ550N055T2 and the IXFZ520N075T2. These devices combine the high-current ratings of IXYS' GigaMOS TrenchT2 product line with the advanced electrical, thermal and mechanical properties of IXYS' ultra-low profile DE-Series package technology
2009-03-11 DC blowers cool down space-constrained apps
Orion Fans has developed the ODB600PT and ODB9733 series of low-profile DC blowers available in 12-, 24-, and 48V models suitable for a variety of space-constrained applications
2010-03-15 AC/DC power supplies come with four outputs
From Emerson Network Power comes the LPQ200-M series of compact 200W open frame AC/DC power supplies, featuring four adjustable outputs
2005-09-07 1U switcher racks up network gains
Emerson Network Power's Astec LPS120 switching power supply family, in five models, deliver up to 130W for networking and dense rack applications
2009-04-21 100W DC/DC modules target industrial apps
Powersolve has released the TEP-100 family of 100W isolated high performance DC/DC converter modules packaged in a rugged, compact metal case
2011-05-26 Imec, Atrenta develop exploration flows for 3D ICs
Atrenta and Imec have co-developed a design flow for heterogeneous 3D stacked ICs.
2015-02-09 Utilising LEDs for LCD backlighting (Part 1)
Learn about the types of LED LCD backlight units, the market trends and technological developments, the advantages of LED LCD televisions, and the key points in the optical design of LED backlights.
2006-06-16 Switching 350W power supply delivers 54V output
Emerson Network Power's Astec NTS Series line of 350W AC/DC switching power supplies includes new 54V output configurations for front-end and distributed power applications.
2006-03-16 Rx: New test techniques
New measurement approaches require faster and more efficient and reliable instrumentation and software.
2002-11-27 Researchers foresee availability of low-cost Geiger counters
GaAs diodes are being used to build real-time nuclear-radiation detectors that their inventors promise will be as small and cheap as today's non-real-time "dosimeter" badges.
2004-11-23 Pushing the envelope in blade server design
Blade server computing is fast transforming the server industry with a host of advantages in terms of design, functionality and total cost of ownership.
2007-06-12 MOSFETs target low-voltage apps
Fairchild Semiconductor launches seven MicroFET products, which target low-voltage applications in the
2007-04-16 Flexible 350W supply suits telecom, datacom apps
XP Power's MFA350 is a flexible 350W AC/DC power supply targeting telecom and datacom applications.
2011-12-08 Designing 3D-ICs (Part 2)
Here's the second instalment of this series that tackles the tools that can be used to handle a complete backend flow, and enable true 3D design partitioning, synthesis, placement, and routing.
2012-12-04 DC/DC converters boast up to 450W output power
The Murata Power Solutions PAH series measures 58 x 61 x 12.7mm and is geared for power amplifiers, wireless networks and other telecom applications.
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