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2005-06-02 Virage makes memory compilers for TSMC 65nm processes
Virage Logic Corp. has agreed to develop libraries in support of 65nm manufacturing processes from leading foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Co. Ltd
2013-10-23 System limits excessive aggressiveness of compilers
MIT researchers developed a system, dubbed Stack, that automatically combs through programmers' code, identifying just the lines that compilers might discard but which could, in fact, be functional.
2005-03-07 Synopsys ESP boosts Virage memory compilers productivity
Synopsys Inc. announced that Virage Logic Corp. has standardized on Synopsys' ESP memory equivalency checker for the embedded memory components of its IPrima mobile semiconductor IP platform.
2003-07-15 STMicro compilers to run high-performance compute apps
The company has announced the availability of the PGI Workstation 5.0 Fortran and C compilers for workstations.
2006-08-03 SCORE compilers roll for Wind River Workbench
DDC-I's SCORE compilers are available for the Wind River Workbench, an eclipse-based development suite, and Wind River's VxWorks RTOS.
2006-09-22 PGI integrates Fortran compilers with Microsoft Visual Studio
PGI announced the PGI Visual Fortran, which fully integrates the PGI suite of high-performance parallelizing 64bit and 32bit Fortran compilers and tools with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
2007-04-16 Optimize compilers and embedded DSP software
Understanding the workings of the DSP architecture, compiler, and the application algorithms can speed up applications, sometimes by an order of magnitude. This article will summarize some of the techniques that can improve the performance of your code in terms of cycle count, memory use, and power consumption.
2007-08-20 Novelics unveils high-performance memory compilers
Novelics has launched the Web-based MemQuest memory compiler platform allows SoC designers to explore their entire embedded memory subsystem.
2005-07-01 New version of Intel compilers accelerates threaded apps dev't
Intel Corp. announced new tools for software developers to help build threaded applications and extract the best performance from applications on multi-core platforms. The Intel Compilers v9.0 for C++ and Fortran programming languages are designed to help software developers deliver improved performance for their applications running on platforms from handheld devices to desktops, laptops, servers and super computers. These compilers also help improve security protection in Linux and Windows applications.
2005-12-01 New mem compilers keep Moore's Law alive
Memory compilers provide accurate estimation of area, performance, timing and power consumption for thousands of memory configurations.
2008-05-01 Memory compilers, logic libraries support TSMC 40nm process
The availability of memory compilers and logic libraries for TSMC's 40nm process has been announced by Virage Logic.
2008-04-02 IMSL Fortran Library now in PGI Windows compilers
The Portland Group has announced that the IMSL Fortran Numerical Library from Visual Numerics is available for PGI's line of multicore-optimizing parallel Fortran compilers running under Microsoft Windows OS.
1999-01-01 Designing embedded memories using 4G compilers
Embedded memories gain over standalone memories in terms of power consumption, performance, flexibility of use, and test and diagnostics. Use fourth generation compilers to embed memories on a chip to realize the quality and reliability of standalone ones.
2004-08-09 Cray to resell compilers with MPP supercomputers
The Portland Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of STMicroelectronics, has formed a licensing agreement under which Cray Inc. will resell PGI optimizing F95, C and C++ compilers and development tools with Cray's Red Storm-based line of parallel processing (MPP) supercomputers.
2004-02-19 CoWare, ACE bring C compilers to embedded systems
EDA provider CoWare Inc. has partnered with ACE Associated Compiler Experts in a bid to shorten the time-to-market for customers developing embedded processors.
2010-11-24 CAM cores, compilers support 28nm apps
CAM cores and compilers now available from eSilicon for 28nm applications
2004-08-17 BestSystems to bundle PGI compilers, tools in Japan
BestSystems Inc. and Portland Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of STMicroelectronics, have signed an agreement under which BestSystems will bundle PGI Fortran, C and C++ compilers and development tools and utilities with all of its high-performance workstations.
2002-03-01 Automatic units tracking in compilers
This article describes some of the manipulation tips in C++ software to create a units data type that makes unit conversions simple.
2014-04-11 ARM adopts open-source platform for upcoming compilers
Licensed under LLVM, ARM's open-source compilers are expected to enable end-to-end developments, and foster collaborations with partners, as well as academic communities.
2002-09-27 AMD processors feature STMicro compilers
The Portland Group Compiler Technology team of STMicroelectronics has collaborated with AMD to provide its PGI CDK Cluster Development Kit package of compilers and tools for the upcoming AMD Athlon and Opteron processors.
2007-06-18 Achieve better DSP code from compilers
Compilers can't generate efficient DSP code without help from the programmer thus learning how to coax efficient signal processing object code out of a compiler is an important skill and can reduce (or eliminate) the amount of time you'll spend optimizing at the assembly level.
2007-08-09 Virage Logic to acquire Ingot Systems
Virage Logic has entered an agreement to acquire privately held Ingot Systems, a provider of critical functional IP and design services.
2002-08-27 VeriSilicon platform optimized for SMIC CMOS process
VeriSilicon Microelectronics Co. Ltd has released the Standard Design Platform optimized specifically for Semiconductor Mfg Int. Corp.'s 0.185m CMOS process.
2006-10-11 Synopsys announces new semicon design tech
Synopsys Inc. unveiled new MinChip technology that analyzes physical design complexity and identifies the smallest routable size for semiconductor designs.
2004-10-11 STMicro presents latest advances in embedded systems
STMicroelectronics has published a new issue of the ST Journal of Research, which focuses on processor architecture and compilation for embedded systems.
2006-12-21 RTL synthesis tool speeds up run-time
Cadence Design Systems has released Encounter RTL Compiler version 6.2, which promises a 10 percent improvement in quality of silicon and a 30 to 50 percent run-time speedup.
2007-11-01 PGI compiler suite for HPC gets upgrade
The Portland Group, a subsidiary of STMicroelectronics, has announced the availability of Release 7.1 of its suite of Fortran, C and C++ compilers and development tools.
2013-08-07 Memory-oriented optimisation techniques (Part 1)
This series examines how to overcome system performance bottlenecks with memory-oriented programming and compiler techniques. Part 1 focuses on loop transformations and a variety of global-, cache-, and scratchpad-oriented optimisations.
2014-12-22 Memory access ordering in complex embedded designs
The simple act of loading, storing, and transferring data between processor and memory is much more complex than it used to be. This article focuses on memory accesses, specifically the order in which they happen.
2004-01-20 Magma to focus on silicon compilation
During a recent visit to India chairman and CEO Rajeev Madhavan affirmed that Magma Design Automation will soon offer an automated silicon compilation system.
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