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What is a connector?
A device that connects wires or fibres in cable to equipment or other wires or fibres.
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2015-07-06 400GbE paves the way for PAM4 modulation scheme
The 400GbE project includes electrical interfaces to address chip-to-chip and chip-to-module applications for 100-metre multimode fibre (MMF), 500m single-mode fibre (SMF), 2km SMF and 10km SMF.
2006-08-24 32bit SBC based on AMCC/IBM PowerPC 405GPr processor
Actis Computer SA has introduced the KSBC-0405, a 32bit PowerPC SBC based on the AMCC/IBM PowerPC 405GPr processor at 266MHz.
2010-04-20 32-channel ultrasound AFE simplifies portable designs
Samplify Systems Inc. has launched 32-channel ultrasound analog front-end receiver modules in an ultrasmall, small-outline dual-in-line configuration.
2006-04-03 3.5G wireless tester gets 1xEV-DO phone option
Willtek Communications' existing 4400 Mobile Phone Tester Series is now suitable for use by engineers at manufacturing sites, as well as by technicians at field repair centers.
2009-08-19 20W plug adapters are energy-efficient
Phihong's new compact, energy-efficient 20W interchangeable adapters offer single 12-, 24- and 48V outputs.
2007-05-03 2010 will be the year for micro fuel cells, says expert
Micro fuel cells for portable devices are not expected to become a mainstream product until 2010 despite the plethora of announcements and investments these days.
2005-07-13 1U rack from Phihong provides PoE, network RPS compatibility
With quick-disconnect connectors for three individual loads, the new 1,500W 1U rack from Phihong USA accepts three PSM500 500W power supplies.
2007-01-30 1U powershelf supports standard 19-inch racks
The 1U-high powershelf form C&D Technologies is fully compatible with standard 19-inch rack systems.
2007-04-02 1U industrial chassis rolls for half-size SBCs
Adlink's RK-136 is a 1U rackmount industrial chassis designed for use with half-size industrial cards, particularly Adlink NuPRO-796 energy-efficient SBC equipped with an AMD Geode GX 533@1.1W processor.
2015-06-25 16GT/s PCIe may not be ready until early 2017
Developers in the PCI SIG hope to complete a 0.7 version of the spec by the end of the year, at which stage they expect no major changes to the technology.
2013-08-13 13.5mm solderless LED flashes 1500lm of brightness.
The Soleriq S 13 from Osram Opto can be installed in LED luminaires as a so-called retrofit, replacing halogen spotlights with high wattage.
2012-10-19 12W LED driver eases design cycle for OEM lighting apps
The PDA012A-S from Phihong is available in constant current outputs of 350mA, 700mA, 1000mA and 1500mA, and is ideal for home and small office lighting applications.
2015-05-14 12.1in TFT display targets industrial apps
Data Modul is bringing to market a 12.1in TFT display with 16:10 ratio, 500cd/m2 brightness, and a contrast ratio of 750:1. The TFT display suits harsh environmental conditions and operates up to 70C.
2011-07-27 12-, 14bit ADC devices deliver 65C250MSPS
TI has unveiled eight dual-channel ADC devices that feature 6dB programmable gain option and SFDR up to 91dBc for high receive sensitivity in 3G/LTE wireless infrastructure.
2014-12-08 10W wireless power device enables faster charging
TI's bq51025 and bq500215, both shipping in volume production, enable waterproof and dustproof portable designs and provide a faster, cooler charge to one- and two-cell (1S and 2S) Li-ion batteries.
2007-09-25 10Gbps pluggable transceiver tunes into DWDM band
Mitsubishi Electric Corp. says it has developed the world's first compact and pluggable 10Gbps optical communications transceiver, capable of discretionary tuning of all C Band DWDM.
2009-12-24 10Gbit/s Ethernet hardware demonstration reference design
This reference design demonstrates wire-speed operation of the Altera 10Gbit/s Ethernet (10GbE) reference design component.
2007-05-31 10GbE optical transceiver supports 220m link lengths
Avago Technologies launches a new family of 10GbE LRM transceivers incorporating electronic dispersion compensation and supports link lengths of at least 200m.
2008-04-25 10GbE blasts ahead with new switch, transceiver, card offerings
Three silicon vendors are pushing forward what has been to date a slow transition to 10GbE.
2008-06-04 10G copper interconnects roll from Phyworks
Communications chip specialist Phyworks has demonstrated 10Gbit/s rack-to-rack copper interconnects of up to 30m using technology it originally developed for the optical module market.
2005-03-22 100Mb Ethernet module integrates peripheral-packed MCU
Invector Embedded Technologies introduced a miniature 10Mb/100Mb Ethernet module that includes an integrated microcontroller.
2014-11-11 100G tech enables up to 4Tb/s aggregate throughput
Artesyn successfully tests the industry's first 100G ATCA technology that sets the groundwork for enabling bandwidth-hungry applications in SDN and network functions virtualisation deployments.
2010-10-11 100G Ethernet moves forward
Vendors are preparing to present a live demonstration of 100Gbit/s Ethernet as engineers work on 25Gbit/s signaling technology for a second-generation of 100G Ethernet products.
2006-09-20 1.8-inch PMR HDDs offer 134Gb/in? areal density
Toshiba's new 1.8-inch HDDs deliver an increased areal density of 134Gbits per square inch and offer improved media rates of 356.8Mbps, said to be the best in their class today.
2005-04-20 ?Watt FPGAs enhanced to support 802.11 a/b/g chipsets
QuickLogic teamed up with Atheros by optimizing its ?Watt FPGAs for Atheros' line of 802.11a/b/g chipsets and developing a Wi-Fi connectivity solution for its AR5006XS single-chip miniPCI module.
2006-08-28 ?SerDes upgrade offers more ESD protection
Using the same footprint and base architecture as its predecessor, Fairchild's new ?SerDes device promises enhanced ESD protection and reduced EMI.
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