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What is a connector?
A device that connects wires or fibres in cable to equipment or other wires or fibres.
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2008-02-04 High-speed connector platform comes in stacking version
Amphenol TCS has introduced a stacking version of its 20+ Gbit/s XCede backplane connector platform, providing performance headroom for mezzanine card applications.
2004-12-02 High-power connector touts safety
Anderson expanded its PowerMod connector line with a new high-power version that features touch-safe female housings, integral positive latches and cable strain relief.
2005-04-15 High-density differential arrays boost connector performance
New differential pair arrays (DPAM/DPAF series) from Samtec provide performance of up to a terabit per connector with up to 168 usable signal pairs
2008-04-29 High-density connector delivers high signal density
Tyco Electronics has introduced the Z-PACK Slim UHD connector series that is designed to support the increasing demands for higher signal density in small system slot pitches.
2008-10-22 High-current connector enhances overload capacity
Tyco has released a new single-pole high current circular connector for industrial applications, e.g. spindle motors.
2007-06-21 Header-type connector for microSD is thin at 1.6mm
Alps Electric Co. Ltd has developed the SCHD Series header-type connectors for microSD cards with a 1.6mm-thin profile.
2005-07-29 Harting's new push/pull power connector suits high-current apps
A Harting Push/Pull Power interface has been specifically designed for high-current industrial, transport or telecommunications applications where IP65/67 protection is required in a small connector format.
2005-05-16 Harting unveils overmolded version of IP 20 connector
Harting expanded its RJ Industrial product family with the release of an overmolded version of the IP 20 connector.
2005-04-06 Harting unveils new Ethernet connector for harsh environments
The new Han-Max device from Harting is an ODVA conforming, robust Ethernet connector designed for harsh industrial environments.
2002-08-29 Harting RJ-45 connector suits industrial environment
The Han-Brid RJ-45 connector enables the connection of network components into an industrial Ethernet network and complies with the data transmission requirements of DIN EN 50 175 Cat.5.
2002-10-18 Harting modular SC connector integrates 24 contacts
The Han-Modular SC connector allows system integrators to integrate up to 24 SC contacts in one connector.
2005-04-13 Harting expands connector portfolio
Harting disclosed that they expanded their range of hard metric connectors in accordance to IEC 61076-4-101 with the har-bus HM combined module.
2004-04-16 Harting connector suits equipment in harsh environments
Harting has extended its D-sub connector range with the introduction of a new series dedicated to water resistant apps.
2003-12-30 Gospell Digital connector has 0.7dB noise figure
The company has released its GKF-D22T universal twin Ku-Band LNBF device that features input frequency ranges of 10.70GHz to 11.70GHz and 11.70GHz to 12.75GHz.
2004-02-10 Getwell USB connector lasts 1,500 cycles
Getwell Development Co. has released its miniUSB-1 female USB connector that is designed for use in mobile phones, MP3 players and computers.
2003-06-20 Getwell connector has 500Vac withstanding rms voltage
The SC-0102 6-pin connectors from Getwell Development Co. feature a maximum contact resistance of 50 megohms.
2014-03-19 GCT tailors Micro USB connector for 1.6mm PCBs
The connectors come with 2.3mm leads in through-hole A/B types.
2014-02-05 Fujitsu, Furukawa unleash multi-fiber optical connector
The connector can accommodate different lengths of optical fiber with a spring mechanism that removes the need for a polishing process, nearly halving the cost required to connect optical fibers.
2012-01-06 FPC connector offers 0.3mm front flip lock
TE Connectivity's connectors incorporate a low profile height and light-weight features with centerline spacing of 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1mm and 1.25mm.
2006-03-08 Filter connector withstands thermal shock, vibration
ITT Industries, Electronics Components said its Cannon Chip on Flex filter connector technology virtually eliminates all stress from thermal shock and vibration while protecting sensitive electronics in a lighter weight package.
2008-04-01 Fiber-optic connector suits harsh environs
ITT Interconnect Solutions' Cannon PHD SuperLC fiber-optic connector features a small form factor and maintains the same high optical performance characteristics of a standard LC product while operating in severe environments.
2003-01-31 Fiber-optic connector has <0.3dB insertion loss
The MU/PC type of single-mode fiber-optic connectors from Shenzhen Microhard Electronic Co. Ltd exhibits an insertion loss of <0.3dB.
2002-10-09 FCI, MCIL codevelop auto connector solutions
Mitsubishi Cable Ind. and FCI have entered into a long-term development agreement to supply car manufacturers with advanced interconnect solutions.
2002-07-25 FCI USB connector provides additional power lines
FCI Communications, Data, and Consumer division has developed the Slimline USB+Power connector that offers a USB 2.0 Type A receptacle with five additional power lines integrated above the USB receptacle.
2006-10-16 FCI touts 'first' 2mm connector with 0.1mm coplanarity
FCI said it is the first to develop a 2mm pitch modular connector system with 0.1mm coplanarity for all surface-mount parts.
2003-09-15 FCI releases shieldless high-speed connector
The AirMax VS connector system from FCI Communications is suitable for use in the design of high speed computing and network systems.
2002-08-05 FCI PCB connector handles up to 10Gbps
The GIG-Array mezzanine connector from FCI Communications handles signal data rates of up to 10Gbps and accommodates up to 392 signals per connector.
2004-10-13 FCI I/O connector system simplifies PCB assembly
The Densi-Shield I/O connector system from FCI offers 8 pair connectors, which provide a reduced side-by-side pitch of 12.5mm.
2003-10-08 FCI high-speed connector operates to 6.25Gbps
FCI Communications has announced its AirMax VS connector system that is suitable for use in the design of high speed computing and network systems, from 2.5Gbps to 6.25Gbps with built-in scalability to >12Gbps.
2002-05-23 FCI FPC connector increases cable retention
FCI Communications has released the 62674 series of 0.5mm pitch vertical connector that incorporates a cable lock option to provide a higher cable retention force for flexible PCBs.
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